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“That was Mom.  They said they’d be here in about two hours,” Corey said hanging up his phone on this
Christmas Eve.

“Okay,” I said.  “I’m excited for her to see our house.”

“I’ll just be fucking glad when this is over,” Corey spewed out.

I leaned my head back with us on the couch.  “Don’t be like that.  It’ll be nice.”

Corey slumped his big broad shoulders in his long sleeve tee.  “Matt, whatever you don’t mention a word about
your bonus.”

“I wasn’t planning on it.”

“You did with your mom but just keep quiet about it,” Corey said.

“That’s no problem,” I said and put my arm around him. 

“There’s something you should know.  Now don’t get all pissed off because I haven’t told you this before
now,” Corey said.

“Alright, what is it?”

“Ever since we went to their house for Thanksgiving, Mom has been calling me and asking to borrow some money
to help out with some bills,” Corey answered.

“Ummm… and you did.”

“I did.  I’m just so embarrassed and ashamed over it,” Corey said.

“That’s why you didn’t tell me?”

“Exactly.  She said borrow but I doubt I ever see that money again. I don’t trust a word that she’s says. I
wish I could but I can’t.  Every time I put a little trust in her she lets me down,” Corey stated.

“Is Larry not working?” I asked.

“Hell, he does when he feels like it.  That’s the thing.  They work when they feel like it.  That’s what
fucking pisses me off.  Work, dammit!  Then your ass wouldn’t be calling and asking me to borrow money!”
Corey angrily spouted. “So now you see why I want the day to pass as quickly as possible.”

“Knowing all of this, I’ll be glad too.  I wish you wouldn’t have told me all of this,” I said.

“Maybe I shouldn’t but it’s been killing me.”

“Another lesson in our marriage.  If you have a problem, I have a problem then.”

“I know… I know but it’s just so embarrassing,” Corey said, shaking his head.  “What’ll do if she ask me
before she leaves?”

“Just tell her you’re tapped out right now from everything going into the house,” I replied.

“I can do that.”

“Just don’t let her and Larry be stranded somewhere where we have to go pick em up.”

“That’s for damn sure.  The last thing I want and need is for them to be here more than one day!” Corey said.

“Are you ready to exchange gifts?” I asked to change the gloomy mood.

“This should be fun since we only got each other one thing.  Let me say we better have only got each other
one thing,” Corey replied.

“Well… just one present,” I said and headed off to grab his gift.  Buying something for him at this moment
was nearly impossible.  We agreed to make it personable and nothing for our house.

I returned with Corey holding a small box.  My present to him was a little bigger.  We exchanged our gifts. 
I opened mine to find a bottle of cologne that I was wanting.  Corey opened his to find a nice gym bag that
he could carry to work along with some new lifting gloves.

“You nailed it.  I really needed both of these.  My bag was getting a little ragged and my gloves were shot,”
he said.

“You don’t think I didn’t notice that.  I really do like this cologne,” I said and squirted some of the
Versace on my wrist.  “Smells awesome.”

Corey sniffed my wrist.  “Wow, it really smells great.  It’ll make you even more irresistible.”

“Great!” I said.  We shared a long kiss. 

We watched a Christmas movie, Elf and enjoyed laughing at it.  It was great in passing the time and getting
my mind off what Corey had just laid on me. 

Nearly at the exact time, we heard our doorbell ring.  We stood together and walked to the door.  Corey was
shaking his head and mumbling.  It was his mom Marie and Larry standing there.   They had their hands full
with gifts and two dishes.  Corey and I grabbed what they had so they could return to grab other stuff. 

“Oh Corey, this house… it is so beautiful.  I’m so proud of you,” his mom said entering. 

Corey leaned over and kissed her.  “Thanks.  Let me show where you can put your stuff.”

“Matt, it looks great,” Larry said and patted me with a free hand.

“I appreciate that.  Y’all make yourself right at home.  We’re really glad to have you,” I said putting on my
best face.

Corey showed them to the back bedroom before beginning to show them the rest of our house.  Marie had a big
smile on her face when they passed going to our end.  Corey returned back through and showed them the back.

“Matt, you did a nice job with the yard from what I can tell.  I know damn well Corey didn’t do it,” Larry
said, sitting in one of our chairs.

“Actually, he’s been working every minute of daylight out there,” I stated with Corey sitting next to me on
our new loveseat while Marie had gone to the back.

“That’s a real shocker.  He used every trick in the book when he was home to get out of working in the yard,”
Larry stated.

“I guess since it’s mine that I have the desire.  The outside is mine while the inside is Matt’s,” Corey

Marie walked back in carrying her purse.  “Before I forget, here’s the money you loaned us.  Man it was a big
help to us.”

“It was,” Larry said.

Corey looked in total shock.  “Matt, if it’s alright with you, I’m gonna let em keep it in case there’s
another need.”

“No Corey, you take it.  I can see so much that you and Matt will need for your house,” Marie said shoving
the hundred dollars towards Corey.

“Just look at it as an extra Christmas gift,” I said.

“Actually, we’re doing so much better now.  Larry got a really nice check yesterday and I’ve been working
some overtime.  We’re okay now,” Marie said sitting down.

“Okay then,” Corey said and stuff the bills in his pocket.

“You boys have it looking really nice.  I like the tree,” Marie said with her eyes going all around.

“Corey picked that one out and bought most of what you see here,” I said.

“Marie, can you believe that he worked in the yard?” Larry asked.

“I can’t but it looks nice from what I could see,” Marie replied.

“I’m sorry.  Would you like something to drink?” I asked.

“A big glass of tea would be great,” Larry replied.

“It would if we had it,” Corey laughed.  “About all we have is water or beer.”

Marie nodded her head, “I’ll take some water.”

“Grab me a beer,” Larry said.

I headed and grabbed us some drinks.  I took water and got Corey a beer as well.  I handed them out with
Marie commenting how we needed coasters for our end tables.  I sat back down.

“Corey, Marie has something to tell you,” Larry said.

“Is it bad?” Corey asked and took a drink.

“I don’t know how you’re gonna take this,” Marie replied.  “Just before I got off work today, a man came
through my check-out line.  I’m ninety nine percent sure that he was your biological father.”

“Do what?” Corey said and nearly spit out his beer. “Let’s get serious here for a minute.  You said 99
percent sure.”

“Corey, this is very hard for me too,” Marie said.  “You’ve known for a while that I didn’t know the guy that
got me pregnant.  It was just drunken night of sex where I got blessed.”

I was shocked to say the least hearing this and put my arm around Corey.  “So how are you that sure he’s my

“Corey, this has been really hard on your mom,” Larry said and reached across to grab her leg. 

“Here’s what happened.  I was checking out the few things he had.  He must have seen my name tag and asked if
I was Marie Teller.  I said that I was but didn’t have a clue who he was.  He gave his name and said that
we’d met once many years ago.  Corey, I looked up and really looked at him.  You favor him so much.  I was
floored that after all these years I was face to face with your father.  I asked him if he remember when we
had dated.  He said it was about 25 years ago before he was about to go to prison…”

“Wonderful.  My real dad is a convict,” Corey said.

“I didn’t know at the time.  He said now he’s a minister and was in town visiting his sister, Terri Tuggle,
for Christmas,” Marie said. “The thing is I don’t a Tuggle.”

“Are you sure he didn’t say Teague?” Corey asked.

His mom pointed at Corey and replied, “He very well could have.  Corey, I was so distraught then.”

“Wow, Teague is my cousin,” Corey said and took a drink. “Mom, this man has no idea that he fathered a child
with you.”

“He has no idea.  Right then and there wasn’t the place.  Corey, are you alright with everything I’ve told
you?  Would you like to get to know him?”

“Right now, I’m in total shock.  Inside I’ve got very mixed emotions.  For one, with him being a minister, he
may not care to know that his son is gay,” Corey said while I was taking all of this in. “Two, he may not
wanna know that I even exist.  Hell, he hasn’t known for almost 24 years.”

“Corey, he might. You just never know,” Larry said.  “If I had a real kid out there, I’d like to know.”

“Mom, I have such a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that you don’t even remember if it was him
that got you pregnant,” Corey said.

“I said it was drunken sex.  Naturally it was unprotected as well,” Marie said. “I wish I could remember more
but I really don’t.  Those were my wild days.”

“Mom, now that I’ve thought about it, I really wish you wouldn’t have told me.  I’ve been this long without
knowing and could have gone another 24 years without having a clue,” Corey stated.

“If this would have happen say 10 years ago, I may not have.  Now you’re an adult and should be able to
handle this,” Marie said.

“Corey, it might come in handy one day.  Say you need to know your medical history or something,” I said.

“I guess but I have no intention of meeting him right now.  I might change my mind one day,” Corey said.  “If
I do, I’m sure Teague can get us in touch.”

Marie walked over and gave Corey a big hug and kiss on the cheek.  “Son, this hasn’t been easy on me either. 
I’ve got very mixed emotions, too, but now you know.”

“I guess I do,” Corey said, hugging his mom.  “I definitely need another one.”

“She’s been crazy since she got home.  Thank goodness it was long ride here so she could calm down,” Larry
said to me.

I just nodded and smiled before Corey came and sat back down.  We talked about Christmas, our jobs and this
house with Corey off in another world, which was totally understandable.  Larry and Marie were off to bed
about 9:30 and said they’d see us in the morning.

“Matt, I still don’t see how the hell you can’t remember…” Corey said.

I cut him off, “Look.  Does that really matter at this very moment?”

“It does to me.”

“I’m very happy that it happened,” I said.

“What the fuck?” Corey asked tight jawed.

“Corey that moment gave me you.  Without that happening, I wouldn’t be as happy in life as I am right now.”

“Thank you for putting that in the proper prospective,” Corey said and kissed me.  “I needed to hear that.”

“As far as not remembering… I’ve been there and you have been too.  I had no clue what I did that night at
Scott’s house so I can see how that happened.  Hell, everyone in that house could have fucked my ass that
night.  I would have no clue,” I said.

Corey smiled, “Again thanks.  I’ll stop questioning her.  Hey, there was one good thing about tonight.  I
nearly shit my pants when she gave me back that money.”

“I could tell,” I laughed.

“Now we have a slight problem that we need to deal.”

“Hold on, this is your problem, not mine.”

“You said four hours ago if I have a problem then you have a problem.  So, we have a problem.”

I inhaled, “I guess we do. Corey, I’m not going to force you to do anything like meeting him or such.”

“I know.  I’ve been going over all the different scenarios in my head.  First off, I’m not sure if I even
want to meet him.  I just don’t know what good it would do either one of us at this time,” Corey said.

“You could have brothers and sisters… well step brothers and sisters,” I said.

“I might.  The being a minister scares me,” Corey said.

“Damn, I’m married to the son of a minister.”

“That’s really scary once you think about it.  I wish there was some way to get this shit out of my head. 
Matt, let’s keep quiet on this for now.  Don’t tell your mom and for damn sure don’t tell Kris either when he
gets here.”

“If that’s your wish, my lips are sealed,” I said.

“Matt, would you just hold me?  I need to feel some warm arms around me from someone that truly loves me as
much as I love them,” he requested.

I wrapped my arms around him and held him close.  “No matter what happens, I love you.”

“I know.  It could have been worse,” he said looking up at me in a position that I’d been in so many times. 

Christmas morning I woke and swore that I had only slept a few hours.  I did my best to hold Corey close to
me but it was useless with his tossing and turning.  I looked to my left and saw Corey’s eyes wide open.  I
leaned over for a kiss.

“Merry Christmas,” I said after our kiss.  “I know you didn’t sleep.”

“I did.  Sleeping on things help.  There are a lot worse things that Mom could have told me.  Maybe one day,
I’ll wanna meet him and if he’s willing get to know for what that’s worth.  It’s not like he knows and was an
absent father…”

“Like mine was for many years,” I added.

“I might actually have more family.  They really can’t be any worse than the one I know about.  Look in the
dictionary under white trash and you’ll see our family portrait,” Corey laughed. “Hell, Teague is my cousin
and he’s not white trash.  He’ll be shocked to know that we’re cousins.”

“As I said, you’re in complete control here.  I’ll be fine with any decision that you make and not question

“I know.  Last night really made me appreciate a loving and supportive husband.”

“To me, that’s just part of the deal.  I was happy to there for you.”

We got up out bed and started our day by showering together in our nice tiled shower.  It was unusual for us
to put on clothes to start our day but it was necessary.   We walked out with Marie and Larry sitting on the
couch watching TV. 

“Merry Christmas,” Marie said.  “Would my boys like some breakfast?  I see you have some eggs and bacon.”

“I guess so,” Corey replied in his tee and sweat pants.

“Corey, you should be proud of yourself.  This is really a nice place that you and Matt have here,” Larry
commented with Marie heading to start breakfast.  I walked with her to show her where the pans were.

“Thanks.  We’re still stunned everything happened so quickly but I couldn’t be happier,” Corey said.

“I got a good look at the yard.  You need to burn all those limbs you’ve got piled up in the back,” Larry
said with me returning with juice.

“Larry, we can’t burn here.  I’ll drag out to the curb and they’ll pick em up next Friday,” Corey said.

“That’s a shame that you can’t burn em,” Larry said.

“We might have fires everywhere,” I stated.  “Hey, let me call Mom and have her bring some tea.”

“Good idea,” Corey said.  “Tell her to bring sugar too.”

“You boys don’t use sugar, huh?” Marie said from the kitchen since it was open to the living room.

“It’d just sit since we don’t bake,” I said and grabbed my phone. 

I was lucky to catch my Mom since she and Vince were about to leave their house.  She did tell that we were
having another person join us with VJ coming as well.  We missed seeing him at Thanksgiving since he was at
his Mom’s house.

Marie cooked us a nice breakfast.  After we finished, Corey and his mom walked outside to talk.  I was happy
to see that and hopefully they could express their feelings. 

While they were outside, Mom, Vince and VJ came to the door.  They came bringing the ham and other dishes for
our meal.  I helped out since they said there were a few presents in the car.  It wasn’t surprising that
there were a few gifts for me and Corey.

“Sweet house, Matt,” VJ said with us getting out some presents.

“Thanks.  It’s great to see ya again,” I said. 

“Same here.  It seems like we’ve been missing each other lately,” he said.

“That happens,” I said and did notice that VJ had filled out and was sporting a trimmed beard and short nice

Once inside and placing the presents around our tree to make it look so much like Christmas.  Corey and Marie
walked inside with big smiles on their faces.  Corey gave me the thumbs up signal while they greeted
everyone.  Our moms were bragging about the house while Larry and Vince watched TV. 

We sat around and began passing out gifts.  VJ was left to watch us open them.  Corey’s mom gave us things
for the house such as an ottoman with storage, storage containers for the kitchen, picture frames, warmer for
scent cubes and throws with our school logo on them.  We gave our parents the same thing with cologne for
each and few odds and ends.  Mom had a gift for Marie.  It was a nice bracelet with our initials on it and
just like the one the she was wearing.  Marie was very excited and put the bracelet on her small wrist.
Once the presents were opened, our moms went to the kitchen and began warming up what they had and started in
making other sides for our dinner.  It was excruciating not knowing what Corey and Marie had said but Corey
seemed more at ease than earlier.  While we were waiting, Vince had some wine for us to enjoy.  It was funny
how we only had four wine glasses so the younger three of us drank from regular glasses.  I was thankful that
it was white wine rather red.

When our moms announced dinner/lunch was ready, we gathered around our new dining room with mismatched dishes
and silverware.  We began passing around the ham, baked beans, mashed potatoes and salad that was prepared. 
It was really nice having our families here to enjoy the holiday. 

Once everyone began eating, Corey spoke up and told my family what he had discovered.  He spoke clearly and
frankly about the possibility of knowing the identity of his birth father.  My hand was holding him while he
spoke with strength. 

“Corey, what do you plan to do about it?” Mom asked once he was finished.

“I’m not sure right now what the plan is.  I don’t wanna hurt him or be rejected,” Corey replied.

“You did mention that he’s a minister,” Vince stated.  “That changes things a little bit.”

“I know.  That’s what worries me a little about confronting him,” Corey said.

“You know we’re behind ya whatever you decide to do,” Mom said. 

“VJ, what would you do?” Corey asked.

“I don’t know, man.  It is a hairy situation where both of you could end up being hurt,” VJ said.  “It is a
good thing Dad brought some wine.”

“We have other stuff, too,” I joked.

“Larry, I’d like to know if I had other children out there,” Vince said.

“I said the same thing last night but everybody is different,” Larry said.

We finished up eating and went to relax.  I insisted on cleaning up the table since our moms had done so
much.  Corey made some coffee so we could have it with our desserts. 

Kris sent me a text while I was putting the dishes in the dishwasher.  He said he’d be over in a few hours. 
I texted back okay and look forward to seeing him.

Corey figured it was Kris but did ask me.  VJ overheard us and said he hadn’t seen Kris in forever.  I told
him that he was welcome to stick around and say hi.

We sat around eating the dessert and letting our big meal digest.  Marie and Larry announced that they were
leaving and getting back home before it got too late.  We gave them big hugs with Corey hugging his mom for a
long time. 

Mom and Vince were next to leave after her dishes were cleaned.  VJ was sticking around to see Kris and hang
out with us since his college friends were back at home.

“VJ, it is so great for you to stick around,” Corey said and stood.  “My guess is you want a cold one.”

VJ laughed, “How did you know?”

“I remember,” Corey laughed.

“Yeah, it is nice of you to stick around.  Kris’ll be excited to see ya,” I said. 

“It’s no problem.  Like I had shit else to do,” VJ stated.  “Where’s the bathroom?”

“The closest one is around the corner there,” I replied and pointed in that direction.

Corey and I shared a nice kiss before VJ came out of the bathroom and was zipping up his jeans.  He grabbed
the beer and took a drink while Corey and I sat together on the couch.

“What did you get for Christmas?” Corey asked.

“A new suit was my big gift,” VJ replied.

“A suit?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’ll need one for interviewing this spring,” VJ replied and took a drink.

I nodded, “That ain’t right.”

“Hell, it’s not right that I’m sitting in your new house either.  It’s big boy stuff now,” VJ laughed. 
“Speaking of big boy stuff, how are Chase and his boy doing?”

“Alright I guess,” Corey said.  “Matt, grab your computer.  I know Chase has pictures of Hunter on there.”

“I’ve got Facebook but I’m rarely on it.  I mostly do Snapchat and Instagram,” VJ said with me heading off to
grab my laptop.

I returned with Corey on one side and VJ on the other.  It had been a few weeks since I’d been on.  I pulled
up Chase’s page and saw some really cute pictures of Hunter including one with Santa. 

“Man, he’s getting big,” VJ said pointing at the pictures.  “Chase looks very happy.  I know it’s hard on

“I think so too but he manages.  We’ll see how things go once he graduates college,” I said.

“I wonder if Corey’s real dad is on Facebook,” VJ mentioned.

“I do too.  Actually my curiosity is running rather high now that I’ve accepted the fact that there is now a
face associated with my DNA,” Corey said.

“Okay,” I said and went to search for Teague.  “Ummm… what’s Teague’s first name?”

Corey laughed, “Billy, Bill, William…”

I searched for Billy Teague and found nothing.  Then I decided to search for his mom, Terri Teague.  She had
a page and it was accessible.  I clicked over and saw a picture that she had posted.  It was a picture that
she said was her two brothers.  Both could have been Corey’s dad by the looks of them. 

“They favor you, Corey,” VJ said pointing.

“Scary as hell but they do,” Corey said while I saw she had tagged them.

The first one I clicked was Kevin McAllen and saw his job.  I went back and clicked on the other one, Phil. 
His profile appeared before our eyes.  He was a minister at Second Chances which was located about 2 hours
south of us.  Corey jumped up and walked to the kitchen.

I sat my computer aside and saw that I was needed.  Trailing Corey, the doorbell rang. 

“VJ, get that and keep quiet for just minute,” I said.


I trust everyone had a nice Christmas.  Thanks for all your warm wishes.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter!  It is still a joy to write this story.   Even today, I love the emails from
the ones that just find the story on Nifty.  

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