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With the beginning of practice here in early August, my real work was done for the summer. Now it was
up at 6 and off to practice. It also meant extremely long days while I was learning the ropes, so to
speak. Coach Warner had assigned me to both varsity and freshmen teams where I could really learn
everything I needed to make me a better coach. It meant about 3 months of solid work but it was
something I really wanted in life. The summer had been fun while helping everyone with their strength
and fitness training. Seeing my enthusiasm endeared me to the head coach while some of the other
coaches weren’t so thrilled. I think they wanted to watch and continue to expand their waistline
without exerting the effort.

After the first full day I grabbed the schedule and really had never looked at it or taken the time to
do so. Glancing over it, I mumbled, “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

“What’s the problem, Coach Kris?” Jackson asked me and must have heard me.

I pointed at the schedule to one of my prized students. “Right here. The first game.”

“It’s always on a Friday night,” Jackson said while we walked out of the locker room.

“Bro, the problem is I promised I’d be at the first game,” I said.

“You will,” he said.

“You don’t get it, Jackson. We play that night too,” I said with my mind going a hundred miles an


I smiled, “My college team here. You know…”

“It sucks they play on Friday too. I guess we’ll miss it.”

I shook my head. “I was going to stay with my old roommates and really enjoy the game. Now I’ve got to
tell ‘em I won’t make it.”

“Coach Kris will miss the partying with his old friends,” Jackson said, laughing. “I’m sure you can
find one here if you’re willing to party with high school kids.”

“You’re not helping me there, Jackson. I thought we were tight,” I laughed and teased him.

“I was messing with ya, but I didn’t realize how much the other game meant to you,” he said at his
nice truck.

“Bro, it’s not so much the game but everyone at the game. You know, I only just graduated but I miss
all those guys. One day maybe you’ll know what I’m talking about,” I said.

“Maybe… I’ll catch ya tomorrow,” Jackson said and hopped in his truck.

I headed home in a foul mood after really enjoying my first full day of practice. While driving, my
mind was thinking of every way I could try to get out of the game. In the end there was no way I could
possibly do it. It was ruining my entire fucking day.

I walked in and tossed the sheet on the table. Melissa walked up and greeted me with a nice kiss.
“Tell me all about the first practice.”

“It fucking sucked ass! We play the same Friday we were supposed to be staying with Matt and Corey!”

“You just realized that?”

“I did grabbing that schedule. I never even thought to look at ours. I don’t know whether to cry or go
completely crazy. You know how much that means to me,” I replied.

“Welcome to the real world, Kristopher! Everything can’t be perfect. Just tell them to come the next

“I was going to do that anyway. Now, I’ll be the only one not there for the first game,” I said.
“Fuck! I’m missing the first game of the year!”

“Kris, honey, it’s not the end of the world. You said last week the team would be lucky to be win five
games all year without Ted, Luke and Myles. They’ll understand that you have to be at your game and
you can’t be two places at once. You know how much this job has meant to you and will continue to mean
to you. Once it’s all said and done, you’ll wonder why you’re so upset.”

I sat there for a minute and did know my job was the most important thing to me at this moment.
“Excuse me a minute while I go next door.”

“Colt will completely understand,” Melissa said.

I headed out the door and as luck would have it I spotted Myles getting out of his vehicle. He saw me
and came across the parking lot at a fast pace. 

“Kris, wassup? How was your first practice?” Myles asked, dressed in his dress shirt and slacks.

“Let me grab Colt and I’ll tell ya how my first day went,” I said and knocked on Colt’s door. He
answered it in his shorts. “Bro, I got bad news. Why don’t we talk about it out here?”

“Damn, something must really be horrible,” Colt said and shut his door to come outside.

“Where’s Faith?” I asked.

“Working,” Colt replied.

“Hell, let’s go inside then,” I said.  

We went and took a seat with Colt heading to the fridge. Colt handed me a beer, which was so needed at
this time, while knowing Myles didn’t drink. “I’m so anxious to hear what this is all about,” Myles

“Yeah, what’s up? Did you fuck up like Chase did?” Colt asked.

“Fuck, I wish that was my problem. Get this shit. Guess who plays the last Friday night of the month?”

“We know and we’re going to Matt’s,” Colt replied.

“Kris, don’t tell me you just realized that your team plays that same night,” Myles stated.

I took a big drink. “You got it! I’m fucked!”

“Are you serious? You didn’t look earlier and just realized it?” Colt said.

“Bros, it never crossed my mind until I grabbed a schedule today. I was thinking we started the next
week and everything would be great. I’m fucking pissed,” Kris said.

“Oh man, you’re really gonna miss a great time. Ted is coming since they play Thursday before the
game,” Myles said.

“Don’t rub it in, bro! Right now, I’m not one bit happy about it. Both of you know what a great time
we all had over the Fourth, now my ass is going miss that!”

“Kris, I said I’d be at your first game so it doesn’t look like I’ll be going either. We’ll make for
sure they come the next weekend since we said we all wanted to be together for the first home game,”
Colt said.

“I guess you’re right. It sucks. You know that first game all I’ll be doing is thinking of that game
and not mine,” I said in all honesty.

“Kris, it’s part of your job,” Myles said. “We’ll be together the next weekend as well.”

“Besides they owe us a return trip,” Colt stated.

“I don’t guess there’s shit I can do about it,” I said. “Myles, y’all have to make it without us.”

“We’ll try, but you know a big part of us will be missing,” Myles said. “It happens now that we all
have careers. I realize with Ted and Luke in the league that nothing will ever be the same again.”

“I’m beginning to realize that as well. Damn, I want it to be just like it was but there’s no way that
is possible,” I said.

“It’s not,” Colt said. “This is only the beginning of so many changes ahead of us. I’m just about
ready for a good break myself.”

“Why’s that?” Myles asked.

“I just don’t feel right at my job. I know I just started but something just ain’t right. The thing is
it really doesn’t interest me that much,” Colt stated.

“Bro, you knew that going in when you took a job with the company supplying food to different
restaurants,” I said.

“You may be like me. My job isn’t perfect but I’m gaining so much experience in shipping…” Myles

“How’s Juan doing?” I asked.

“He’s great and just became a supervisor over his shift. I think they love him there,” Myles replied.
“Man, his little girl is getting so big and is so cute.”

“I bet she is,” Colt said. “I’m glad everything has worked out for him. I really wish something even
close to that would happen for Chase.”

“I hope they will get their shit together. They need to think of the child more than themselves,”
Myles said.

“Myles, maybe you should talk to Chase since you were adopted. Maybe they could give it up for
adoption since there’s little chance they’ll get back together,” I said. “Other than the last few
years I believe that worked out okay for you, or do you have a bad taste in your mouth?”

“I’ll fucking answer that,” Colt said. “It sucks for your parents to divorce even if you’re out of the
house like us. It almost makes you wonder if they stayed together for the sole purpose of raising

“That’s a good thing if you ask me, but I’m not in either one of your shoes,” I said. “I’ve seen the
bitterness you both have and would be pissed too if that same shit happened to my parents. However,
we’re adults now and should be able to understand shit better.”

We heard a knock at the door. Colt opened it to find Dillon standing there. “Oh my God, look what the
dog has dragged up,” Colt said.

“I feel really welcome now,” Dillon said and laughed. He was dressed in athletic shorts and a tank
top. “Melissa said you were over here but she didn’t say anything about Myles being here.”

I stood and gave him a warm hug. It probably was the first time I’d seen him except for maybe one
other time in passing since we graduated. 

“What brings your ass around?” I asked.

“I had to get out just minute,” Dillon replied. “My fucking head is spinning like a top right now.
Finals start tomorrow.”

“That’s right, you’re in law school here. How’s that treating ya?” Myles asked with Dillon sitting
next to him.

“Undergrad was a cakewalk but Dad warned me,” Dillon said. “I feel like I’ve been under a rock all

“You wanted to get ahead,” I stated. 

“It makes sense why we never see ya,” Colt said.

“So how is everyone? I know you guys talk to Matt, Corey, Scott and Shawn. How are they?” Dillon

“Well… Matt and Corey are doing okay now. Matt said they had a rough spot but now things are better.
Y’all know how Matt is about studying and being overly prepared for shit,” I said.

“I know,” Colt said shaking his head. “Dillon, you want a cold one? I’ve heard this story.”

“I don’t mind if I do,” Dillon replied. “I see Myles still doesn’t drink.”

“I see it as living as healthy as possible,” Myles said.

“Well… I think Matt pretty much ignored Corey until Corey put his foot down. It took a weekend away to
solve their problems,” I said.

“Here I thought they never fought,” Myles said. “I thought they were perfect.”

“They’ll tell ya. Living with a guy or girl ain’t easy but damn they’ve been together forever,” Dillon
said and took the beer from Colt.

“They have been. If this state ever allows gay marriage those two will be waiting in line,” Colt

“I’ll be happy when they do,” I said. “Shawn and Scott are doing okay. I think Shawn likes his job in

“I don’t see that,” Myles said. 

“Me either, but you never know about some people,” Colt said.

“Bro, I hate to even ask but do you ever talk to Sergio?” I asked Dillon.

“I do. He just got a job at a security company selling and analyzing stocks, bonds and mutual funds,”
Dillon said.

“Good for him,” Colt said. “Where at?”

“South of here,” Dillon stated and did tell us the location.

“We really like that area,” Kris said. “Matter of fact, Matt and Corey were just there at the nude
beach as Matt’s make up gift to Corey. Myles, remember when we went?”

Myles laughed, “I do and really enjoyed it. I’d go again.”

“Fuck yeah!” Colt yelled.

“Myles, do you ever talk to Ted? I heard he signed a nice contract over the summer,” Dillon asked.

“I do. He’s in camp right now. Did y’all see him Sunday night on TV?” Myles asked.

“We were glued to the TV until they took him out,” I said, pointing at Colt since we had watched it
together and then called Matt and Corey to talk about it.

“Boy, he looked fucking awesome,” Colt said. 

“He did,” Myles said. “There’s one human that is driven to succeed on the field. He was saying how he
had it made here in college compared to the QB that won the Heisman.”

“Sorry, but I’m clueless about that,” Dillon said.

Myles and Colt went on and on about all the things the guy did, including signing autographs for money
and partying like a rock star. Ted said it made him appreciate his college experience that much more. 

We sat around talking and having a great time. Once Faith came home we knew it was time to part ways
after staying around for over an hour. Before leaving, Dillon suggested we hit the town after his
finals were complete so he could let off some steam. We agreed and said goodbye to each other.

I walked inside with Melissa eating dinner in front of the TV. “Babe, I’m sorry I stayed so long.”

“Kris, I know how you are but I was hungry,” Melissa said.

I walked over and saw she had made a nice salad with lots of fruits and sandwiches. I grabbed a plate
and went to join her on the couch.

“Is everything settled now?” she asked.

“It is. Not shit I can do about it. I have a job,” I replied. “What took so long was the fact I saw
Myles when I left and then Dillon came over as well.”

“Now I see why you stayed so long,” she said and kissed my cheek. “I hope you never change.”

“I hope I don’t either,” I said before starting to eat.  

I finished and sat with her. She loved night time TV and had me hooked on a few shows as well. I
normally tried to flirt with her and be very nice, with soft gentle touches and a few well-placed
kisses. Wooing a woman was so different than a guy. It never took much loving and tenderness to woo
Colt into having sex. Melissa enjoyed the chase, which was probably the case for most women. I believe
she saw sex as a reward for me.

About ten, we headed off to our bedroom. I stripped down and was hopeful we’d have sex. It was my
lucky night with Melissa in the mood. When she is, the night was fucking awesome. We knew what turned
each other on now and did everything within our willpower to do so. 

After we both had a great orgasm, Melissa laid her head on my shoulder. I ran my fingers through her

“I knew without a doubt you’d wanna have sex tonight,” she said.

“I do every night. I love you,” I said.

“I love you too, Kris, I always have. I just knew you’d want sex to cure your hurt,” she said. “Do you
ever think maybe you’d wanna get with a guy again?”

I didn’t answer immediately and wondered if this was a baited question. “I don’t know. I am bisexual,
but you fulfil my every desire and want.”

“I was just checking. You know I’m okay with the fact you are.”

“I know, but why should I when you are one hell of fuck.”


“It’s the truth,” I laughed. “I love you.”

The next day, I missed part of practice to attend a session for new teachers at the school. I was
excited to be an assistant in PE while getting my own class in weight training for two periods.
Somehow I believe Coach Warner and Coach Henderson, the head trainer, had put in a good word for me to
get what I considered a great spot. 

While driving home, I made the dreaded call to Matt. I started things pleasantly with us discussing
our jobs. Without a doubt he had chosen the right field for his smarts and I had done the same for my
strengths. Then I came to the bad part. He was stunned and didn’t say much at the beginning. Now I was
in the position to explain things just like Melissa and Colt were the previous night. He did
understand and said he and Corey would be there for the first home game just as originally planned. 

The week was hectic between orientation and practice. With Coach Warner and another coach, I was
learning so much on the fly, trying to digest everything bit of their knowledge and experience. They
really liked how I interacted with the players and did my best to boost the energy and morale of the
team despite the warm temperatures. However, there were times when players needed an ass chewing for
lagging or not being into the practice. 

Friday, I headed home and called Matt to see what was on tap for his weekend. I was happy to hear the
ones there were planning to get together again as they had the previous month, with Aaron coming to
visit Bruce and Shawn. I was able to brag that Colt and I were heading out with Dillon and Myles to
celebrate Dillon’s end of finals. It would be a weekend alone however, with Melissa gone to visit her
aging grandmother and to spend time with her parents.

It was great going out with Dillon, Myles and Colt. I never understood quite why Myles would go and
never was tempted to ask. However, the three of us like always were grateful that he did go and get us
home safely. It did give me a chance to drill Myles about plays and schemes he ran or had seen during
his playing days. He, along with Colt, was very insightful and gave me much to consider and suggest.
We did our best to include Dillon in all our talking while enjoying the night.

The best part to me was the four of us getting out and enjoying a few cold ones as I had envisioned
when I was younger. It wasn’t crazy or wild like some other times when a bigger group was gathered. It
still didn’t keep us from having a blast.

Saturday, it was strange waking up alone and really caused me to miss Melissa more than I thought I
would. However, it was nice to be able to get up and do things without waking her or worrying about
her. I text Matt to see if he was up since it was just after nine. He called me rather quickly with
Corey gone to work. I wanted to chat with him to keep our connection going strong. Being unable to
attend the first game was behind me so we talked about our jobs before talking about our
relationships. I was really glad to hear that he had resolved things between the two of them. When I
heard about it I was pissed he hadn’t called, but he told me it was between the two of them and there
was little I could do. I was proud of him yet saddened to realize how much was changing in my little

After a nice long talk on this rather nice sunny day, I donned my bikini to catch a few rays. The
bikini hadn’t been worn in a while but today just felt like a good chance. I called Colt to invite him
and Faith to join me by the pool and have a relaxing day. He said they’d join me later once they got

While sitting and enjoying the sun by the pool, I heard a voice behind me. “I don’t know if they allow
your kind around here.”

I turned my head around. “Jess, what the hell are you doing here? Did you just move in?”

He laughed, shook my hand and took the chair next to me. “I’m great, Kris. I knew you lived here.
Actually, I’m helping Rico as the assistant manager here while I finish up this semester.”

“That is so awesome. I didn’t know there was such a thing but I can see where it is needed around

“I didn’t know either but saw there was an opening. I jumped on it while I had the chance.”

“You’ll do great,” I said.

“I hope so. How much harder can it be than being an RA to a bunch of damn freshmen?”

I laughed, “Bro, it’ll be a breeze since you don’t have to do room checks and be like a father to
some. Wait until Chase, Tabor, Deer and Levi hear about this… oh yeah Colt too. I’m excited and
excited for you. You know we’ll have your back.”

“I appreciate that and hope it isn’t needed, but I realize things happen,” Jess said. “I’ve seen the
police report on this place.”

“Bad, huh?”

“Well… just like things like domestic violence and shit like that. I better run. Rico will wonder
where I went.”

“I’ll see ya around,” I said with Jess walking away.

Not five minutes after he was gone, Deer and Tabor came walking up in their board shorts. They spotted
me and started laughing.

“Seriously Kris,” Tabor said, gesturing at my bikini.

“Bro, when you get a body like mine, you can wear one,” I stated.

“I do,” Tabor said gesturing at his taut body that was well developed. “I just don’t have that kind of

“Me either,” Deer said sitting down. “I can see Gavin and Dan wearing one though.” Deer wasn’t rooming
with Chase, Tabor and Levi. Instead he was rooming with Gavin and Dan who they became friends with
last year.

“Yeah, Deer’s roommates are gay,” Tabor said.

I leaned up. “Deer, did you know?”

“Hell no! Not until I walked in Monday and saw them smacking,” Deer said. “I don’t know what I’m gonna
do now.”

“What difference is there with them than say Matt and Corey?” I asked.

“Yeah, what is so different?” Tabor asked.

“I didn’t live with them and knew right off the bat. I feel like they tricked me,” Deer replied.

“They said it happened over the summer. I didn’t see it either, but to me they haven’t changed,” Tabor

“You room with them then,” Deer said.

“There are worse things. They could be druggies or something like that,” I said. “Hey, where’s Chase?”

“He stayed over at some fucking whore’s place last night,” Tabor spewed out. “You’d think he’d have
learned his lesson by now.”

“So he’s not reconciling with the mother of his child?” I asked.

Tabor laughed, “No, he’s not. If you ask me, he’s the whore. I enjoy having sex but that dude is
obsessed with it. He’s not happy unless he’s with a girl that puts out. He’s taught me a lesson.
Honestly, knocking that girl up hasn’t even fazed him like it should. I’d be freaking like crazy
knowing I was gonna be a daddy.”

“He’s really been drinking a lot too,” Deer said.

“Yeah, when he gets home he starts drinking like crazy until he’s fucked up,” Tabor said. “I’m worried
about him.”

“Does Colt know this?” I asked.

“I don’t have a clue,” Tabor replied.

“Oh, by the way, I just saw Jess right before y’all walked up. He’s assistant manager here,” I said.

“Man that’s fucking awesome,” Tabor said. “I’m happy for him to get out of the dorm.”

We headed to the water to cool off and swim around a little. While we were in the water, Colt and
Faith came walking up. Faith looked great in her bikini while Colt was wearing board shorts. I got
out, as did Tabor and Deer. Colt was shaking his head seeing me walk towards them.

“I can tell Melissa is gone, but you do look nice, Kris,” Faith commented.

“Thank you. See there, girls like to see guys in bikinis,” I said, grabbing my towel to dry off.

“Maybe I should drag mine out,” Colt laughed.

“I wish you would,” Faith said. “I’d have no problem at all with it.”

“Maybe next time,” Colt said. 

I sat down in my chair. “Bro, they were telling me a few things about Chase…”

“I know… I know, but he will not listen to his older brother. He claims this girl is a real keeper,”
Colt said. “He tells me there’s no difference in what I’m doing.”

“It’d be different if he didn’t have one girl knocked up already,” Tabor chimed in.

“You tell him that, Tabor. I’ve tried,” Colt said. 

“Bro, also they said he was really drinking a lot,” I said.

“I know that too. We talked this week but he says he’s just having fun,” Colt said.

“True, but every night?” Tabor asked. “Colt, we all drink our fair share, but in the past two weeks
he’s really drank a lot. It has me worried.”

“I’m worried too, Tabor,” Colt said.

“We tried talking to him but he won’t listen,” Faith said. “Colt is worried about him.”

Colt leaned up, “Deer, I heard about your roommates.”

“I’m not real happy about it,” Deer said.

“Chase said it wasn’t a surprise at all to him. Really it is no big deal at all,” Colt said. “I loved
rooming with Matt and Corey.”

“Deer, give it time. You’ll probably see they aren’t any different than you are. You’ve seen that with
Matt and Corey,” I said.

“I guess you’re right. Nothing did change. I was just in shock,” Deer said.

“We partied with them last night,” Tabor laughed. “I didn’t see any difference. Dan is still crazy as

“He was,” Deer said.

I told Colt about Jesse and his new position here. We agreed that he would do just fine. We got lots
of sun, though I wish I’d been sunning in the nude rather than this bikini. 

The next day, I waited and waited until finally Melissa came in the door. When I stood and greeted her
with a big kiss, she knew I had missed her. I truly did and now loved being with her.


Here's another chapter for you.   I hope you enjoyed it.   The next few chapters will be a few weeks
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