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I came home Christmas Eve just after noon but knew Corey would be home a little later. It gave me a little free time to have everything in order after a chaotic past three days. Now the fact I was engaged was beginning to set in with me. I couldn’t be happier and felt more loved than I ever have. 

I cleaned our place up and did our laundry since that hadn’t been a priority since Friday night. Our bed was a mess with multiple cum stains littering the sheets but those made me smile.  

Corey came in the door about three and walked up to me. He put a sweet kiss on my lips. “How’s my fiancé doing today?” he asked.

“Much better now that you’re here and I’m off work. How was your day?”

“Actually pretty quiet with everyone leaving for the holidays,” Corey replied.

“Boy, I’m sure glad you talked Marie and Larry into coming to my folks for Christmas day. That would have been hell driving to both again and then squeezing in Kris and Melissa at the end,” I said.

“Since I had to work they didn’t have much choice.”

“I don’t guess so. It will work out fine since Mom won’t have to cook as much,” I said.

“I know Linda and she won’t cut back. How excited is she to see you?”

“Oh I think very excited now,” I replied. “Marie?”

“I think she’s excited. At first, she thought I was crazy but you know it’s not that far for her and Larry to go for our wedding WHEN we decide what day that will be,” Corey said.

“I told you that maybe we can get with Kris and Colt and see when is a good time for them,” I said.

“Fuck them. This is our wedding, not theirs,” Corey said, showing a little temper.

“Okay then, we’ll decide. If they come, fine. If not, we’ll get married anyway. How’s that?”

Corey smiled and kissed my cheek, “Again, you’re right. We just need a general time so we can ask for our week off.”

“Corey, it’s not one hundred percent necessary we go on a honeymoon right after we’re married. We could wait a few months and really go somewhere we want to go rather than somewhere we can go. Does that make sense to you?”

“Hell, just get us a room. It’ll serve the same purpose,” Corey laughed.

“Better yet, we’ve been practicing like hell for that night here lately,” I said about our abundant sex life.

“We sure have and will be ready for that night,” Corey laughed. “So when are the newly engaged hot fucks exchanging gifts?”

“Errr… I was thinking we eat first and then open our gifts to each other. We need to start a new tradition for just us,” I said.

“That’s sound good to me. Let’s eat then so we can open gifts.”

“Corey, you already know what most of yours are,” I said, shaking my head.

“Still, I want to give you mine.”

“You’ve given me the best one already so the others can wait.”

Seeing Corey was a little more anxious than I was, I suggested we find something to eat. It was just some sandwiches with some lunchmeat we needed to eat. It was quick and easy. Corey cleaned everything up and moved to sit near our tree. I came and sat across from him with our presents divided.

One by one we began opening them. Corey hated that the first two were jeans since he knew what they were. Now he had to be with me to try them on to make sure they fit over his legs and were comfortable. My first two were some nice shirts that were needed. Now we came to our big gifts. It was a struggle to think of anything to get him. I handed him a small box. He opened it and smiled seeing a nice necklace I had bought. He took it out and had me place it around his neck.

“It doesn’t have the impact I was hoping for after Friday,” I said.

“I still love it,” he said and kissed me. He handed me a box. I opened it and found a new camera. It was smaller than my old one and would fit perfectly into my pocket. “You know this will be used,” I said.

“Your other one was old and bulky. We can use it on our honeymoon.”

“We can.”

I reached over and handed him a big box. “Corey, I have to say there wasn’t much I could think of.”

He opened it and found a new air mattress. Like my camera, our old one wasn’t doing the job now and was beginning to leak out air. “Matt, it is great. We can use it if we go camping with Kris like he wants. Hell, what do we really need now?”

“You’re right there,” I said with Corey handing me a box. I opened it and found some very nice and sexy Andrew Christian underwear. One was designed with an opening in the ass with the other two to accentuate my bulge.

“Ummm… I want to see you in each of those,” he said. 

“Only if you will take a picture of me in them,” I said.

“For damn sure, I’ll do it,” he said.

I stood and dropped my clothes. I grabbed a pink one that was a brief to give it a try. Once on, they felt so comfortable and really showed off my endowment. Corey was unboxing the camera and getting it ready.

“Fuck!!!” he exclaimed. “Do you like em?”

“Oh babe, they are the best,” I replied.

“Matt, I just thought I loved seeing you naked but you look fucking incredible in those.”

“They feel incredible too and make me look even bigger,” I said and grabbed the crotch. 

Corey snapped a few pictures while I posed. We took a look at the shots. I loved how I looked in each one. I changed to a pair of blue boxers with the same feel and look. Corey took a few more before I changed into a red one that was called an air jock since the ass was gone. 

“Each one is fucking fabulous,” Corey said.

“I know. I just love ‘em,” I said. “I have one more gift for you.”

He took out a small box. It was a new iPhone that he needed since his screen was cracked and the rest was beat up. Also I had a protective box to keep it new.

“Matt, this is far too much,” he said.

“Corey, they gave it to me at work. We each got one but mine was still good so I’m giving it to you,” I said.

“Thank you. Man, they’ve given you a ton lately,” he said.

“It is a small perk,” I said. “You know they gave us the tablets we’re giving everyone.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Corey said.

“They did it so we could see their product and make apps. They are the cheaper ones,” I said.

“Still they are pretty tight,” he said. He leaned over and kissed me.

It was just the spark we needed to get start making out next to our Christmas tree. With the lights blinking, we kissed and kissed until our clothes were thrown across the room. Corey turned off the other lights to have just the lights on the tree shining. It was incredibly romantic to make love to him near the tree with just those lights. 

After we cleaned up and were still glowing, Corey sat on the couch with the lights still off. I came over and sat on his lap.

“Matt, what would you like Santa to bring you this year?” Corey asked in a deep husky voice.

“Santa, I have everything I want,” I replied.

“So have you been a good boy this year?”

“No Santa, I haven’t. I have a hot boyfriend and fuck his ass all the time. Santa, next year when you come we will probably be married,” I said going with this.

“Oh Matt, boys shouldn’t fuck other boys, nor should they marry them,” Corey said in his Santa voice.

“Fuck you, Santa! I like boys, especially him. We love each other and should be married like you and Mrs Claus. Santa, do you fuck Mrs. Claus’ nasty pussy?”

Corey laughed, “Ho Ho Ho! How do you think we got so many elves? I still fuck her but that shit is worn out now.”

“I bet she’d love it if your dick was a big as mine. My boyfriend loves it.”

“Oh I know she would. Can I touch it?”

“Santa, you’re a bad boy,” I said and playfully slapped Corey’s hand.

“I can be,” he said and kissed me. We ended our little fun. I stayed on his lap and loved doing so.

I woke Christmas morning with my present sleeping next to me. Every day, it was beginning to register with me that we would be more than just regular boyfriends fairly soon. However, I couldn’t foresee much change in our lives as far as what we did or how we acted. I think about all my dear friends and how hard it has been for them to find the right one. It was luck that Corey and I found each other right after starting our freshman year and even more so that we had stuck it out for the past four plus years. It’s hard to even think about the other’s struggle to find someone when I stopped looking so quickly. I think I made a great choice in Corey. He confirms it every day now that we are living alone. At times, I’ve heard that Kris would have been better, but for me we are better as best friends and not lovers. Sure, Kris is one hell of a guy but he’s not the person I saw as one who would be completely committed like Corey has since his one slip up. 

Corey rolled over and grabbed me for a great morning kiss.   “Merry Christmas,” he said.

“Merry Christmas to you,” I said.

“Just think this time next year we’ll wake up together as a married couple unless things don’t work out.”

“Corey, they will work out. I have a feeling after today seeing our parents and then Kris we’ll be more determined than ever to have a date. However with all the changes I’d say we wait on the location just in case,” I said.

“Boy if Utah can approve gay marriage, I see no reason this state can’t,” he said.

“That’s why I want wait until say a month or so before,” I said and laughed. “Hell, we might wait too long and do it on the courthouse steps.”

“That’d be fine with me. It’d be over and done with.”

“Now waiting will be hard, but there will be so much to do,” I said.

“Matt, promise me you won’t do it completely alone. We’re doing this together. You give me things to do and don’t do it all,” Corey said.

“Okay,” I said and kissed his cheek. “Scott said he’d help and you know our Moms will too.”

“True, but we’re not doing it here so we’ll need to have a lot of it planned ahead, which means we’ll have to do that,” Corey said.

We got up and had a small breakfast before showering. Corey donned his new jeans and had his new necklace around his neck. I put on one of my new shirts for the day. We gathered up our gifts and headed out the door.

Mom, Vince and VJ were at their house waiting on us with Corey’s mom coming a little later. We got big hugs, a few tears and congratulations all around from each one. After things settled down, Mom motioned to Corey and me to follow her to the kitchen.

“Boy, everything smells so good,” I said.

“It does,” Corey said.

“We do need to talk just a moment in private,” Mom said.

“Okay,” I said and was expecting this.

“First off, I’ve been so happy and proud of both of you. It’s a big step in your lives together whether you realize it or not. You can’t just walk away at the first sign of trouble,” Mom stated.

“We know that, but we’re ready. Hell, we’ve managed to make it this long,” I said.

“I know that, but that needed to be said as your mother and a concerned parent,” Mom said and stirred the green beans. “Vince and I are prepared to pay for this wedding within reason.”

“Oh Mom that is so nice,” I said.

“I said within reason. Matt, don’t go all out and have some big sit down dinner and open bar either,” Mom said.

“Honestly, we haven’t thought that far ahead, Linda,” Corey said.

“Mom, a big sit down formal dinner is not us. I thought you’d know that. My vision is something very simple, plus we’re not sure how many will come since there is travel involved,” I said. “I figured something like your and Vince’s wedding would be killer.”

“Okay, but I know your friends and their passion to consume alcohol too,” Mom said.

“Yes, we drink, but I think it will be more like our graduation party… it might be a small reunion where we’ll be interested in socializing and not drinking that much,” I stated.

“Okay then Matt. Where’s the honeymoon?” Mom asked.

“That’s not decided either. Once the holidays are over with, Matt and I will sit down and plan out everything together. Date, honeymoon and all of it…” Corey said.

“We’ll confer with you and Vince just as we will Kris and Colt to make sure the date is okay with everyone,” I said.

“And Marie and Larry as well,” Mom added.

“For sure,” Corey said.

We talked just a little while longer. I had to take a few pictures and saw how handy my new camera was. Once we walked back out, VJ and Vince were sitting in the living room. 

“Corey, once your parents get here, I have some wine for all of us to celebrate with,” Vince said. 

“Okay,” Corey said.

“Hey, you two wanna kick it upstairs for a little bit while we wait?” VJ said.

“Sure,” I said and followed VJ up the stairs. He now had a scrubby beard and short hair. He had really filled out since going to college but it was a good thing like it was for me.

“What do you think?” Corey asked with me and him on the couch.

“I think it’s fucking dope as hell. Was it something you were planning on?” VJ asked.

“It was a spur of the moment thing. We had said we would do it but just didn’t know when,” Corey replied. “The moment I saw the news I just couldn’t get it off my mind and wanted to do it.”

“I don’t blame you. Y’all have been together forever,” VJ said.

“I guess we have,” I said. “VJ, I was hoping to meet your girl.”

“She went home for the holidays. We’re gonna live together next semester,” VJ stated.

“You finally found one,” Corey laughed.

“Just like you with Matt, she just can’t get enough of my big dick,” VJ said.

“I know how she feels then,” Corey laughed.

“I think that’s awesome, VJ. You didn’t say you were at Thanksgiving,” I said.

“We decided after that. Hell, I’m with her every night or had been ‘til this break,” VJ said. “I hope I don’t end up like Chase’s dumbass.”

“I hope you don’t either. If you do, I hope you’re with her after you knock her ass up,” Corey said.

“In a way I feel sorry for Chase since he won’t be able to see his boy much, but then again he was a complete dumbass,” VJ stated.

“Do you ever talk to him?” I asked.

“Matter of fact, I talked to him Sunday for like an hour,” VJ replied. “I need to make a road trip and see those dudes again.”

“Let us know when you do and we’ll head to Kris’s for the weekend too. Now that the football season is over we’ll need a good excuse to go there,” Corey said.

We talked about VJ’s major, international business and more about his girlfriend. We heard the doorbell ring and headed down to greet Marie and Larry. They had gifts and said there was food in the car that needed to be brought inside. Corey and I got our big hugs and congratulations before we helped out. Between Mom and Marie, we had plenty of food for the day and several days afterwards. 

Once the food and gifts were inside, Vince opened the bottle of wine. It was a dark wine that tasted okay. Vince made a very nice toast to us and our engagement. Inside, it felt so good to be so accepted by all.

Just before eating, we gathered around and exchanged gifts. I got some clothes for work, which was needed, as did Corey. We got a Crock pot from his mom and a blender from mine on top of everything else. I gave Mom and VJ a tablet but not Marie since I wasn’t sure she’d use it. VJ said he’d use his and would love playing games on it. The big gift was to Mom from Vince. It was a very nice fashionable charm bracelet with all of our birthstones on it, including Corey’s and VJ’s. I enjoyed taking pictures all around the room.  

We headed to the table and began eating our Christmas lunch. Mom had a great peppered ham cooked with Marie bringing some great sides to add to the feast. I was stuffed but left room for one slice of Mom’s chocolate pie.

Having Larry and Marie really worked out great. Naturally, Corey and I were the center of the conversation. We sat around with Vince and VJ finishing off the bottle of wine.

We left about 3, in time to see Kris and Melissa before they drove back to their place. I called Kris and told him we were on our way.

We were able to unload our gifts and leftovers before we heard a big knock at the door. Corey and I held hands and went to open it together. 

Kris was standing there holding Melissa’s hand. He quickly let go of her hand and grabbed me. “Bro, I can’t fucking believe it,” Kris said hugging me. “My buddy is getting married.”

“I can’t either,” I said, squeezing him. I looked at Kris and saw tears running down his face while Melissa was waiting after hugging Corey.

“I said I wasn’t gonna cry, but damn, I’m so happy for you two. Come here, Corey,” Kris said and extended his arm. “Fuck, I love you two so much.”

“We love you too,” Corey said with tears in my eyes.

I finally got around to getting a big hug from Melissa after we shut the door. We walked to our living room and grabbed a seat. It was almost funny that Kris sat with us while Melissa sat in a chair.

Kris grabbed my knee, “Bro, are you still in shock?”

“I am, but not as much as I was Friday night,” I replied.

“Corey called and wanted to know what I thought. I was like hell yeah go for it but I just knew you knew you could just go a short distance and get it done,” Kris said.

“He didn’t know, Kris. He thought it was a joke,” Corey said.

“I had no idea,” I said.

“Bros, I want a full re-enactment. I’m fucking pissed I wasn’t here and almost drove here Friday night to see Matt’s face,” Kris said.

Corey and I stood and did our best to re-enact the scene in the exact spot. We tried our best to remember the exact words and give Kris a full feel of the scene.

“That’s really sweet,” Melissa said. “I can see how happy they are now.”

“Hell, they’ve been happy forever,” Kris said. 

“Your ass is next,” Corey said after we sat back down.

“Since that night, we’ve done some serious talking about it. It makes sense that we get married since we are living together,” Melissa said. “My parents brought it up this morning when we got up.”

“First let’s get these two hitched then we’ll start on ours,” Kris said. “I’ll need time to recover from that first.”

“Any date yet?” Melissa asked.

“We’ll decide shortly,” Corey replied. “That’s the main question from everyone.”

“Bros, I have one request. It can’t be between August and the first of November,” Kris said. “I don’t think I could get time off.”

“Okay, we’ll rule those days out,” Corey said.

“So much for a fall wedding,” I said.

“Bros, I like the idea of doing it before our trip. I’m glad I didn’t reserve that house yet,” Kris said.

“Kris, let them decide. They might not want you around on their honeymoon,” Melissa stated.

“Get real. It’d be so much fun,” Kris said.

“Maybe,” I said. “Kris, don’t count on it.”

“Okay,” Kris said.

“Kris, are you going to ask them?” Melissa asked.

“Hell, I’ll just tell ‘em. I’m coming back Sunday and staying with you two fucks for the week. I about went crazy at the apartment Monday and Tuesday,” Kris said. “Is that okay?”

“Of course it is,” I said.

“Yeah, but you might go crazy here,” Corey said.

“He might, but I’m going to have work some crazy hours at the hospital next week. I did that so I could be here today,” Melissa said.

“Then you’ll graduate nursing school in the spring?” I asked.

“Finally,” she replied.

“It’ll be a crazy week here,” Corey stated.

“I’m glad I have to work,” Melissa said.

“So how was your Christmas?” I asked.

“Bro, you know how it is now. You get some clothes and you’re happy with that. That’s one thing that really sucks now about growing up. There are no more fun toys and shit like that,” Kris replied.

“I’m sure y’all had one hell of a Christmas,” Melissa said.

“It really turned out to be that,” I said. “Funny but we got a blender and Crock Pot too.”

“Both of those are useful,” Melissa stated.

“The blender will be next week. I’ll whip up some fire drinks with that sucker,” Kris said.

“And he’ll cook some thing for us in the Crock Pot,” Corey laughed.

“I might but don’t count on it,” Kris said.

We sat around until just before time for them to head back. I went over and handed them my gift.

“Bro, we said no gifts,” Kris said.

“Kris, it ain’t nothing,” Corey said.

Kris opened it and found a new tablet. “Corey, it is something,” Melissa said.

“No, they gave us a bunch at work. I’ve got one for you to give to Colt and Faith. They aren’t top of the line but you can watch Netflix and play some games on them,” I said.

“I’ll use it, or try to if I can keep Melissa’s hand from it,” Kris said.

“I hope one of you use it,” I said. “Boy it is so good to see you two.”

“Bro, you know how great it is to see you. I’m glad things worked where I can come next week and not just stay a few hours,” Kris said.

We said goodbye and watched the two leave from our front door. Corey shut it behind them. “Looks like another Christmas is in the books. It sucks we have to work tomorrow,” Corey said. “What do you wanna do the rest of the night?”

“Ummm… fuck my fiancé’,” I replied while walking back to our living room.

“You horny dude,” Corey said.

“At least I was honest,” I laughed. “Do you think we’ve fucked too much lately?”

Corey sat down. “I don’t really think so. You’ve said it is another way of expressing our love towards each other and we’ve have a big occasion as well. Ummm… honestly, I love fucking sex with you. Here lately I can’t seem to get enough and want you more and more.”

“Corey, we might need to think about somewhere very secluded for our honeymoon if we think getting engaged is a reason to fuck,” I said.

“We might. All I know is we’ll be two sore married guys after that trip,” Corey laughed.

“Very sore,” I said.


My hope is everyone will have a great 2014!!

Hope you enjoyed this chapter!!!
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