Posted:  November 28, 2014

Leaving Mom’s on this Thanksgiving meant our long Thanksgiving Day was over.  It was such a relief to have Thanksgiving behind us.  The day started early for us with a trip to Corey’s family back at his home and then the journey to my Mom’s house for Thanksgiving with them.

“Corey, are you as tired as I am?” I asked while backing out of driving.

Corey laughed, “I gave you the keys, didn’t I?”

“You dog,” I said.  “We’ve got to find a solution for the future. This going to both places is wearing us out.”

“We had the perfect solution but they wouldn’t go for it.  I don’t see why both our families can’t come to our house for both Thanksgiving and Christmas in the future.”

“I know but let’s be thankful that they are coming to our house for Christmas…”

“I think Mom is dead serious about coming Wednesday night too before Christmas,” Corey said about his mom’s suggestion of such.

“I don’t mind that at all.  We can put them in the far bedroom and be okay,” I stated.  “She’s excited about us getting a house and coming to see it.”

“I guess so,” Corey said with us now on the road.

We talked about our time with both families for a short while. 

“Damn Corey, we have so much to do between now and Christmas,” I stated.

“Right now Matt, don’t worry about it.  Everything will fall into place like it always has…just like our wedding did,” he said.

“I’m just so ready now to move.”

“No shit.  You’ve got practically half our apartment in boxes,” Corey said.

“I still don’t see what takes so long.  We’ve had the inspection and our loan is approved,” I said.

“We are waiting on the termite and survey,” Corey said.  “I’m sort of interested to see the survey and how much land is included.”

“I just see it as another expense,” I said.

“What if the fence includes part of that park land?”

“Ummm… I guess we might have a problem then,” I replied. 

“We might,” Corey said.

We made it back to our place and unloaded some leftovers that Mom had sent with us.  It would be nice and we wouldn’t have to cook.  We sat down on our couch together.

“I hate that you have to work tomorrow,” I said and leaned up against him.

Corey shrugged his shoulders, “It’s just one of those things.  I hate not seeing Kris but you’ll get to see him all day.”

“You’ll see him when you get home.  Knowing Kris, he’ll have us lined out since we weren’t able to go without him when he was here.”

“Seriously?  It’s a given he’ll have something for us to do.  The only problem is everyone is gone home…”

“Sort of like we’re back in college,” I laughed.

“True since no one has settled down but us,” Corey said.

It wasn’t long before we went back to our bedroom.  We got some lip time but no sexual play since Corey was tired.  He was asleep no more than five minutes after the lights were turned off.

For some odd reason with no explanation, my eyes opened at just 5 here on Friday.  I tried like hell to return to sleep and finally got out of bed just before 6. 

It was a few hours later before Corey came walking in and sat next to me.  He leaned over and kissed me.  “What you are doing?” he asked.

“Just dreaming more than anything,” I replied with my laptop in front of me. 

“That’s good that you’re dreaming and not buying,” Corey said.

“I really can’t decide whether I wanna buy stuff or wait until we’re in the house.  I’m not sure what color scheme I want to have,” I stated.  “Do you have a color in mind you want?”

“Matt… you didn’t just ask me that,” Corey laughed.  “Not to put it bluntly but… I don’t give a fuck.”

“That was blunt.  I thought I’d at least ask.”

“I don’t care.  Whatever you think is fine, I’ll go along with it.”

I started laughing.  “Aren’t we too fine gay men? Our decorating skills are nil.”

“The best if you ask me,” Corey said.  “I need to get ready.  Love ya.”

“Love ya,” I repeated.  “Want something quick to eat?”

“Ummm… if you don’t mind,” he replied in the hall.

I went to the kitchen and started making us a quick breakfast.  We had eggs that needed to be used before they expired.  I cooked some sausage as well.  We ate together before Corey was out the door.

About 10:30, Kris came to the door.  I knew he was close and yelled for him to come inside.  He walked in wearing a long sleeve tee and jeans.  We exchanged big hugs.

“It’s just us today, huh?” Kris asked before sitting next to me on the couch.

“Until after 5,” I replied.

“Bro, I can’t remember the last time it was just me and you.”

“I can’t either.  So what do ya wanna do?”

“Just hang out, I guess.  Sure beats the hell out of shopping.  The traffic was awful out there today.”

“That’s one reason that I don’t have any desire to go shopping.”

“Hell, Melissa and her sisters went last night.”

“Yeah, I guess they could,” I said.  “Remember when we went with Mom that year at midnight?”

“Of course I do,” he replied but I wasn’t sure he did.  “Are you getting excited about moving into your sweet new house?”

“You know I am.  I can’t wait.  Just like you’re getting excited about your marriage.  Have you decided on your honeymoon spot yet?”

“No but I damn near got her to go to a nice resort in Caribbean that was a couple’s nudist resort.  Melissa was all for it until she saw it was clothing optional… Speaking of, when do I get to meet your new friends?”

“Hopefully tomorrow,” I replied about Cale and Daniel.  “Do I need your approval on them as well?”

“Of course you do.  I can’t let my best bud hang out with two nasty ass dudes,” Kris laughed.

“I think you’ll hit it off them just fine.  Honestly, they are really great guys.”

“It’s about time though.  Here I was worried that you and Corey wouldn’t have any new buds and would need my help again when I move here.”

“What’s the latest on that?” I asked.

“Well, bro,” Kris replied and tilted his head a little.  “Right now, it doesn’t look as if Melissa will be transferring at the first of the year…”

“It takes time just like it does to buy a house,” I said.

“It’s good in a way.  You know my ass would go crazy there alone.”

I laughed, “I know full well what you’re talking about especially if Colt moved before you did.”

“I’d kill his ass if he did.  We’re both ready to move and get away from that college shit.  They are ten times worse than we ever thought about being.  It’s nothing to hear loud music at 3 in the morning,” Kris stated.

“I’m glad that we moved,” I said.

“Bro, did you ever wonder if you and Corey were making a big ass mistake before you got married?”

I moved back a little and looked at him.  “No, are you?”

“Hell, it’s scary thinking about being married…”

“You’re already living together so there shouldn’t be any adjustment as far as that is concerned.  Other than… well the sex, there’s not much difference,” I stated.  “Kris, are you thinking maybe you jumped the gun so to speak?”

“Ya just never know.  I know I love her with all my heart…”

“That’s the key and I’m sure she feels the same way.  What’s scary is growing up.  That’s vastly overrated,” I said.

“Bro, I like that part.  Being at school makes so thankful I don’t have to deal with that shit again,” Kris said.  “We had it so easy.”

“I know I did thanks to you,” I said. “Are you still working with the gay group?”

“That’s what I’m talking about.  There are a lot of people that need grow the fuck up these days.”

“So you think you’re making a big ass mistake?” I returned to the question.

“It’s just the unknown that scares…”

“When has that ever stopped you?”

“I know but this is so different plus all the trouble that goes into getting married.  Bro, be thankful that you married a guy,” Kris said.

I laughed.  “Actually the thought of marrying a girl hasn’t ever crossed my mind.”

Kris laughed as well.  “I don’t guess that it ever has.”

With us talking, I think and hoped Kris’s questioning was more about the wedding part than the actual act of getting married.  He went on and on about how Melissa had everything planned out and how everything had to be perfect despite their wedding being in June.  I could relate to that part and was thankful my engagement was short.

After we’d been sitting a while, my stomach began growling.  “Kris, I’ve got a lot of leftovers that we can eat.”

“Bro, if I eat any more turkey, I’m gonna start clucking,” Kris said.

I broke out laughing.  “Chickens cluck.  Turkeys gobble.”

“Same fucking difference,” Kris laughed.  “You knew what I meant.  How about we go grab like a juicy burger and a brew?”

A burger did sound tempting so we headed out.  Kris wanted us to go to the brew house where we’d been the last night that he was here before I got married.  I didn’t object and went along with his suggestion.

On the way to the brew house, we passed a billboard advertising a nearby casino.  “Bro, we need to go there Valentine’s weekend.”

“Kris, we tried that one time…”

“Ah damn, I forgot.  Scratch that idea.  I was just trying to think of something fun for us to do,” Kris said.

“First let me see how things go in our new house.  If they go okay, I probably should do that.  I need to get that association of when Dad first got sick away from that weekend,” I stated driving.

“I’ll leave it up to you then,” Kris said.

We arrived at place.  I swear Kris’s mouth was watering.  He sampled a few before deciding on the microbrew he wanted.  I took an ale and one which I knew I enjoyed.  We enjoyed sitting and eating while we enjoyed a nice refreshing one.

We headed back and fought the traffic.  Melissa did call Kris while we were on our way back.  He hung the phone and was all smiles. 

“Bro, you heard that right.  She said if I drank too much not to even think about driving home,” Kris said.

“I heard.  You’ve got a good one there and don’t you ever forget either.  Basically she’s letting you stay the night with us,” I said.

“Hell, it’s my reward since we have to leave tomorrow,” Kris said.

“I think you left that part out,” I said.

“No, she was basically calling to tell me that she got called to work early Sunday… fucking sucks if you ask me,” Kris said.

“I hate that since you’re gonna miss Cale and Daniel,” I said.

“I know but what can I do?” Kris stated.

When we got home, Kris turned on our TV.  It was more less background noise while we continued to talk and really catch up on everything going on.  Since we didn’t see each other face-to-face, we didn’t run out of things to talk about.

Just after five, I heard the front door open.  Corey walked in and was carrying a big 24 pack of beer.  “I really need about 10 of these tonight,” Corey said, heading to the kitchen.

“That bad, huh?” I asked but could see that he was tired.

“You don’t know.  I swear every guy in town thought it was a good day to come work out…” Corey said.

“Bro, they were getting away from their wives.  I know for a fact they were,” Kris stated.

Corey appeared with three beers in his hand.  “Maybe that explains it.”

“I was telling Matt earlier how lucky he was that he didn’t marry a girl,” Kris laughed taking the beer.  “You don’t know the shit they put us through.”

“I guess I got lucky then,” Corey said and leaned over to kiss me.

“I did too,” I said before Kris stood and gave Corey a big hug.

“Bro, are you as excited about the new house as Matt?” Kris asked sitting down.

“Kris, I’d come in the door doing cartwheels if I was,” Corey laughed.


“Hell, look around.  Half of our stuff is already packed,” Corey said and pointed at a few boxes in the corner.

“He didn’t wanna wait til the last minute,” Kris said.

“Thank you.  If it was left up to you two that’s exactly what would happen,” I said.  “See Kris you are lucky to be marrying a woman.  Your ass needs someone to look after you.”

“Bro, you got me there,” Kris said.  “Corey, good news.  You two are stuck with my ass tonight.”

“That’s cool.  Is Melissa sick of you?” Corey asked and took a drink.

“She told him not to drive if he was drinking.  Now, you’ve given him an excuse,” I said.

“Like I needed one,” Kris laughed.  “Now I can tell the truth.  It’s my reward since we’ve got to leave tomorrow.”

“I thought you were here til Sunday,” Corey said.

“Me too.  One of the perks of having a nurse,” Kris said with a knock at the door.

Corey and I looked at each other.  I got up.  “I don’t know who this is. Everyone we know is out of town.”

I went to the door and opened it.  Cale and Daniel were standing there. “Come on in.  You’re back early.”

“I know.  We were sick of our family,” Daniel said with a bottle of wine in his hand.

“We tried to call but you or Corey didn’t answer your phones,” Cale said.

“Well, you’re in luck,” I said with us walking in.  “Kris is here.”

Kris stood and walked over to them.  I politely introduced them.

“We finally get to meet the famous Kris,” Daniel said.

“Bro, it’s an honor,” Kris said, shaking their hand.  “Now what’s with the wine shit?”
“I already can tell I like him,” Daniel said. 

“We were being nice plus we know Matt and Corey don’t keep any around,” Cale said.

I took the wine and poured Cale a glass.  Daniel said he wanted a beer. We sat around a few minutes with Kris asking them about their jobs.  In return, they got to hear all about Kris’s job as a coach and P.E. teacher.  As we were talking, I was really thankful our new living room would be much more accommodating. 

“Matt was telling me y’all meet at a nudist party,” Kris stated.

“We did,” Cale said.  “We hear that it was you who got them into it.”

“I can’t take all the credit,” Kris said.  “If they keep this heat cranking, I’ll be nude in a matter of minutes here.”

“Kris, I get the hint.  You’re basically ready to shed your clothes,” I said.  “It’s up to Cale and Daniel if they want to.”

“Matt, you know the rules.  It’s the host choice,” Daniel stated.

“I was actually wondering when we’d get to this point,” Corey said. 

We began undressing with me heading to retrieve some towels.  It wasn’t anything I didn’t expect and knew even if Cale and Daniel hadn’t come over that we’d be like this.  

Kris had a big smile on his face with his nice body showing.  “Now if I can get my finance to see there’s not shit wrong with this.”

“Man, give it some time,” Daniel said.

“I think she’s crazy but he’s right…”

“Bro, what are you trying to say?” Kris laughed.

“Kris, you more than anyone know how good you look nude,” I said and laughed.

“Hell, we all do,” Daniel said sticking his arms straight out. 

“As I was saying, it took me some time to get comfortable being nude around others,” Cale stated. 

“I was all for it and enjoyed it but nothing what I hear y’all did,” Daniel said.  “I was just talking about being nude at home on a regular night.”

“My problem exactly,” Kris said.  “So how y’all two hook up?”

“Basically, we met, if that’s what you meant, at a bar.  We were there with some buddies,” Cale said and took a drink of his wine.

“You meet at a bar?” Kris asked.

“Not the normal bar thing,” Daniel replied.

“Excuse me but would anyone care for another one,” Corey offered and stood.

“For sure, bro,” Kris said and handed Corey his empty bottle.

“I was there with some buddies that were trying to cheer me up…” Daniel said.

“It was a straight bar, too,” Cale added.

“Yeah, I was sort of down and like y’all had some good straight friends that really wanted to get my ass drunk.  Well, naturally they were interested in chasing tail so I saw this cute guy sitting at the table next to mine…”

“We started talking.  Then I was really questioning my sexuality,” Cale stated. 

“Been there, bro,” Kris said with Corey passing out some beer.

“Basically, over the course of the night, we just talked and I asked him out,” Daniel said and took a drink.

“You were brave,” I said.

“I knew he was gay since he had mentioned a boyfriend.  I figured what the hell and accepted.  We’ve been together ever since minus a few months where we needed a break,” Cale said.

“You’ve heard that Matt and I had a short break,” Corey stated.

“How about a month of living hell for me,” Kris stated. 

“I wasn’t that bad,” I said.

“I was ten times worse and really considered dropping out of school,” Corey said.

“Now look at ya,” Daniel said.

“Bro, where have y’all been nude?” Kris asked. “You know like place where you’ve camped or hiked. Matt said y’all like that stuff.”

“I guess our biggest adventure was a week in Colorado two summers ago.  It wasn’t intended to be a nude vacation but it ended up being,” Daniel replied.

“No one caught ya?” Corey asked.

“Two people saw us and didn’t say a word,” Daniel said. 

“We went to Amsterdam and got nude in a park,” Kris said.  “Actually fucked in one.”

“Damn!  Kris, did y’all have a threesome?” Cale asked.

“No, he was with Colt,” I replied.  “That was pretty sweet.”

“I bet.  So Colt is the ‘C’ on your tattoos?”

“You bet.  He’s gonna be so jealous right now.  His future wife is like mine.  We’ve got em nude a few time but it was like pulling teeth,” Kris stated.

“I’ve got to ask.  Corey, have you ever been jealous of Matt and Kris?” Daniel asked.

“I really never have been.  I knew in the beginning that they were best friends and thought Kris was straight…” Corey replied.

“Bro, we were like one big ass family and still are in a way,” Kris interrupted. “It wasn’t like Matt and Corey really did their thing.  We all did stuff together.”

“We did have dates but usually did that when everyone else did.  I never gave him much of a chance to be jealous,” I added.

“Man that is so cool.  Y’all are so damn lucky,” Cale stated.

We talked a little longer before I demanded everyone eat our leftover so it wouldn’t be thrown out in the trash.  Cale and Daniel said that they had their fill of Thanksgiving food but did eat a little. 

Kris did call Melissa once we were finished eating.  He said she was tired and thus he didn’t have to beg to stay the night with us.  To me it was a given that he was or else there would have been one nasty argument.

Cale and Daniel were very interested in our college days.  It gave me the chance to show off my vast collection of pictures as well as letting them view the DVD that Scott had made.  They easily laughed at the crazy times that we enjoyed.

“No one would ever believe all the shit that y’all did,” Daniel said sitting with Cale.

“Bro, it’s all true.  As you can see, Matt has most of it documented,” Kris said.

“They probably hated me with a camera in my hand but now I’m glad that I did,” I stated.

“No doubt,” Cale said.  “I can see why y’all are so close.”

“We are very tight knit,” Corey said. 

In the distance, I heard my phone ringing.  I ran to grab and smiled really big seeing the name of Ted appear on my screen.  He was calling to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving and had heard about us buying a house.  I assumed word filtered through Reese to him.  Without a doubt, I had to put him on speaker phone so Corey and Kris could speak to him as well.  The three of us talked to Ted with only a slight mention of his fine season.  He asked our new address so he could have and pay us a visit after his season was completed.  I hung up and sat back down.

“Damn!” Daniel said.  “Here I watched him Thursday make a few tackles even though they got that ass beat.  Matt said he knew him and proved it but that’s so awesome.”

“Bro, Ted’s the best,” Kris said. 

“I just wish that we had the time to see him play in person.  It seems like I think of it every time Matt and I watch him,” Corey said.

“I’m more impressed by the fact that he’s so accepting.  Was he always that way?” Cale asked.

“Ummm… I think so,” I replied.  “He’s nephew is gay.”

“Still dude you can have family members be gay like mine and not be fully accepting,” Cale stated.

“So they don’t accept you?” Kris asked.

“They do,” Daniel replied.

“I’d say tolerate it more than fully accept,” Cale stated.

“It took my Mom a hell of long time to completely accept me,” Corey said.

“It was really hard for my Dad to accept me when I came out in college but now he’s great,” Daniel said.

We continued to sit around and talk with various ones going to the bathroom for a needed break.  Just after ten, Cale and Daniel decided to leave.  We thanked them for coming over. 

After they were gone, I had to ask, “So did they meet your standards?”

“Bro, they were great guys.  I most certainly approve,” Kris replied.

“I knew he would, Matt,” Corey said.

“I was just checking,” I said with a smile.

Kris was able to hang around until about one on Saturday.  As always, I hated seeing him leave but cherished our time that he was here.  He said he’d be back and help us move in two weeks and would bring Colt along as well.


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