This is a fantasy chapter written by Big D. This chapter is total fantasy and did not really happen. 
Written by Big 'D' and posted on 5/19/12

“Bro, this is shit,” Kris said, looking at Colt.

“I know, but what else is on?” Colt asked.

“I don’t know, but there’s got to be something better than this.”

Kris and Colt were sat watching television. It was Saturday afternoon and with Matt and
Corey gone for some ‘alone time’ somewhere and a two hour workout at the Rec already
having occupied their morning, they found themselves bored and looking for ways to
entertain themselves.

“I’m so tempted to go back to the Rec,” Kris said.

“I am too, bro, but then we won’t be able to walk in the morning.”

Kris laughed, “Sometimes I have the same problem when you fuck me.”

Colt laughed along with Kris until there was a knock on the door. He jumped up to open
it and was surprised to see Ted standing there.

“Hey guys,” the huge football player said.

“Hey, what’s up?” Colt asked.

“Oh, well Luke and I were down in our room bored out of our minds. Usually Saturday’s
are spent training, but with football season over we’re kind of bored,” Ted said.

“Dude, we were just saying the exact same thing!” Colt exclaimed.

“Yeah? Well I was just coming by to see what was going on.”

“Very little,” Colt said, looking back at Kris. “Matt and Corey have gone off somewhere
and a few of the other guys have gone home for the weekend, so it’s just us.”

“Well in that case do you want to come to my room to hang with me and Luke for a bit?”
Ted asked. “Or we can come here.”

Colt turned back to look at Kris, “Hey, Kris, do you want to go to Ted and Luke’s room
for a while?”

“Too fucking right I do,” Kris said, getting up and walking towards them. “Beats
sitting around here doing fuck all, and it gets us out of this room. I get sick of it

“Awesome,” Ted said. “If you have anything you want to bring along then please do. I’m
gonna go back, just come down when you’re ready, we’ll leave the door open.”

Kris and Colt looked at each other and shrugged. They quickly unhooked the Playstation
from the TV and carried it down the hall to Ted and Luke’s room. When they pushed open
the door they both stopped suddenly, with Kris almost dropping the computer. What they
saw was nothing out of the ordinary for their room, they just never expected it in Ted
and Luke’s. Luke was sitting on the sofa in nothing but a thin pair of blue shorts that
were low on his hips, not only showing off the cuts he had just above the waistline,
but also showcasing his hard abs with a trail of hair leading up to his belly button,
and his chiselled pecs glistening with a thin layer of perspiration in the warm room.
Ted had taken off his tee and flip flops he had been wearing when he knocked on their
door and was sitting on the sofa next to Luke with one of Luke’s big, muscled arms
around his shoulder. Ted was a lot bulkier than Luke, but his body was still good, with
a mixture of hard muscle and a little extra flesh. Still, his pecs were well defined,
covered in a light sprinkling of dark hair, his abs just visible every time he breathed
in. They looked so hot as they both turned toward Kris and Colt and smiled.

“Hey guys,” Luke said, holding up his free hand. “Set that up and we’ll have a few

Kris and Colt went about setting up the computer on Ted and Luke’s TV, which was much
bigger than their own. When they looked for somewhere to sit once it was all hooked up
and switched on, Ted and Luke spread their legs wide as they still sat side by side,
giving Kris and Colt the hint that the hot football players wanted them to sit on the
floor between their legs. Kris and Colt shrugged and got into position.

They played on three different games that had multiplayer options for the next hour,
with Kris and Colt coming out of their shirts after the first game. During the third
game, Kris was battling against Luke when Ted started running his foot up and down
Kris’ bare side, causing Kris to lose his concentration so Luke could take advantage
and pick up the win.

With the game lost, Kris turned to Ted and slapped him playfully on his large thigh,
“That was your fault!

“What did I do?” Ted exclaimed.

“Rubbing your foot up and down my side, trying to distract me,” Kris said, now facing
Ted, his hands on Ted’s thighs, still kneeling between Ted’s legs.

Ted smiled and wrapped his legs around Kris, pulling him closer. He reached up and
playfully slapped Kris on the side of the face, which had Kris trying reach out to
return the favour, trying to wrestle his way out of the grip Ted’s legs had around his

Colt then got up and started tickling Ted, almost allowing Kris to get the upper hand
but Colt was quickly tackled away by Luke, who had Colt on the ground, rolling around,
each one trying to get control of the other. Colt’s strength from all the working out
and weight training he had been doing, really surprised Luke, who had a real fight on
his hands.

Kris had managed to stand up, and he was bent over with Ted’s legs still wrapped around
him. He pushed forward, which started to bend Ted over, giving Kris access to Ted’s big
bubble butt, which he swiftly slapped.

Ted screamed at the stinging pain from the contact.

The distraction enabled Luke to take advantage of Colt, pinning him to the ground
before he turned to look at Kris and Ted, “Aww, look, Kris is giving Ted a good

“Yeah, and he likes it,” Kris grinned, slapping Ted’s ass again.

“Fuck!” Ted said, loosening the grip his legs had around Kris and quickly pulling Kris
up so their bare chests were pressed against each other.

They remained in that position for about ten seconds, their flesh touching, chests
rising together, Ted’s covering of hair softly tickling Kris’ smooth pecs as they
looked into each other’s eyes and Kris finally leaned in, pressing his lips against

Ted wrapped his arms around Kris, trying to pull him even closer as he gave in to the
kiss and opened his mouth just enough for Kris to slip his tongue inside, exploring the
new territory.

“Oh yeah, look at that, Colt,” Luke said as both he and Colt watched Kris and Ted make

Luke started grinding his hips against Colt’s, whose arms he still had pinned to the
ground. They were both hard and moaned as their covered shafts rubbed against each
other. When he released his hands and Colt made no move to throw him off or attempt to
get away, Luke grinned and leaned down to place his own kiss against Colt’s lips as
their tongues met in a wild dance and Colt brought his hands up, running them all over
Luke’s hot body, remembering their time together in the hotel room.

Luke moved his lips down to Colt’s neck, nuzzling in against the skin, pressing kisses
all the way down until he was using his lips and tongue to caress the hot pecs that he
was also working with his fingers as Colt purred beneath him.

Over on the sofa Kris was sitting back on Ted’s big thighs. He reached down, slippeding
his thumbs under the waistband of Ted’s shorts and pulled them down, along with the
boxers beneath, hooking them under Ted’s heavy balls, freeing his hard dick, which
bounced in the air and then settled down on his stomach.

Kris wrapped his hand around the thick cock and almost couldn’t believe the size of it
when his hand barely closed around it. Slowly he started stroking up and down the
length of the shaft and then he lifted himself up, pulling his own shorts down and off
before sitting back on Ted’s thighs.

Now naked and straddling Ted, Kris brought his own hard cock in to contact with Ted’s
and used both of his hands to press the cocks together, holding them close as he
started to thrust his hips back and forth, letting their hard shafts run up and down
each other, so much so that they were moaning with their heads thrown back as Kris
continued to fuck into his own fists.

Hearing the moans, Luke looked up and saw the hot scene of Kris riding Ted, jerking
their cocks together. It made him hot for Colt, so as he slid down Colt’s body, kissing
and licking his abs, Luke pulled Colt’s shorts down and off so the hot country boy was
naked beneath him. He quickly stripped off his own shorts, but, instead of doing what
Kris was doing, he went straight for Colt’s dripping, veiny cock, which was laying
against his abs, leaking precum all over them.

Lifting up the hard cock, Luke leaned down to lap up the precum that was smeared over
Colt’s skin, before slowly licking his way up Colt’s shaft, finally taking the head
into his mouth and working it with his tongue, pushing hard against the slit with the
tip of his tongue, wanting to taste as much of Colt as possible.

Colt groaned and put his hand on the back of Luke’s head, stroking the hair at first,
encouraging him in his efforts as his mouth felt so good on his cock. Then as Luke
started really getting in to sucking his cock, Colt started adding pressure to the back
of Luke’s head until his nose was in Colt’s trimmed pubes, all seven inches of Colt’s
hard, cut cock was buried deep in Luke’s throat.

With Kris still jerking their cocks at the same time, Ted reached up and managed to
pull Kris down into another kiss. The position was uncomfortable for Kris so he stopped
jerking the cocks, using all his effort to passionately kiss Ted as he slid his hands
back up the bigger man’s body, running them through the fine hair.

Kris then started to hump his cock against Ted, never breaking the kiss. Ted held on to
the back of Kris’ head, keeping their lips pressed together as he himself started
thrusting up to meet Kris, building up a nice rhythm as they moaned into each other’s

Luke was doing a wonderful job on Colt’s cock, but Colt pushed him off and rose to his
feet. With Luke still on his knees, looking up at Colt to see why he stopped him,
almost with a childish innocence in his eyes, like a hurt puppy who just had its
favourite toy taken away from it, Colt smiled down at him, placed his hand on the back
of his head and pulled him forward until the dick slid back between Luke’s lips.

Luke reached around to cup Colt’s nice ass, kneading the cheeks in his hands as he
bobbed up and down on Colt’s cock. Gently Colt started to thrust forward, holding on to
Luke’s head so he could start to use his cock to fuck Luke’s lips.

“Oh fuck yes!” Colt moaned.

That got Kris’ attention. He broke the kiss with Ted and turned around to see Luke on
his knees servicing Colt. He thought it was so hot, so he climbed up off Ted and took
Ted’s hand in his, pulling him to his feet. They walked the short distance to where
Colt was and stood on either side of him.

Luke pulled back, with only the head of Colt’s cock resting on his tongue, his mouth
hanging open for the three guys above him to see. Looking up, he saw all three of his
friends looking down at him with nothing but lust, their hard dicks throbbing in front
of his face.

He went back down on Colt, using his tongue to caress the shaft. Pulling back, he
kissed the tip of Colt’s cock and then turned his head, sucking Ted’s thick dick into
his mouth without a moment’s hesitation. Since their night in the hotel room he had
gotten very used to the feel and taste of Ted’s cock in his mouth, getting to feel that
hot ass wrapped around his cock at least once a week now Ted had discovered the glories
of bottoming.

Luke put his hand up to his face as he continued to suck on Ted’s thick cock, wiping
the spit from his chin. Then he moved the hand down and as he suckled softly on the
head of Ted’s dick, he slid his finger into Ted’s ass, causing his whole body to shake
and the dick in Luke’s mouth to jump.

Seeing Luke sucking Ted’s hot cock and finger fucking his ass had Kris’ own dick
begging for attention. He placed his hand on Luke’s shoulder.

“How about sucking my dick now?” Kris asked. “See if you can make me feel as good with
your mouth as you did with your ass.”

“What?” Ted asked, pushing Luke off his cock. “Did you just say what I thought you

“What?” Kris asked.

“You said you’ve had your dick in Luke’s ass.”

“Yeah, and?” Kris said.

“You fucking shit,” Ted said, looking down at Luke. “When did this happen?”

“A few weeks ago,” Kris said. “He fucked me and then I fucked him. What’s the problem?”

“The problem is that Luke’s been fucking me for the past couple of months and he said
he doesn’t bottom so I couldn’t fuck him. Turns out he’ll give up his ass to you but
not his best friend. What about you, Colt, have you fucked his ass?”

“No,” Colt said. “You’ve both fucked me but I haven’t been inside either of you.”

“So come on then,” Ted said, slapping his hard cock against Luke’s face. “What is it
about Kris that makes you want to give up your ass to him but not to me or Colt?”

“Nothing. It was spur of the moment and I was just in the mood to get fucked,” Luke
said. “Like now…”

“Oh really?” Ted asked.

“Yes. Let’s take this in to the bedroom and we can all fuck anyone we haven’t fucked
yet,” Luke said, looking around at the three naked studs towering over him.

“Sounds good to me,” Colt said.

“Come on then,” Ted said.

“Awesome,” Kris added, leading the way into the bedroom, closely followed by Ted.

“Damn, would you look at that ass?” Ted said. “I get first dibs on that.”

“Works for me,” Luke said, closing the bedroom door behind them. “That just means I get
me some more of Colt’s hot cock.”

Colt didn’t have a chance to say anything in reply as Luke pushed him back onto his bed
and sank down between Colt’s legs, sucking the still spit-covered cock back into his

Moving his head up and down, Luke used his lips and tongue to go all the way down
Colt’s shaft and then pulling back up, using the tip of his tongue to almost tickle
Colt’s dick.

Luke then pulled off Colt’s cock and spat onto his hand. He used the hand to slowly
make circles with his palm around the head of Colt’s dick while he leaned in to run his
tongue along the shaft, moving down until he was tonguing Colt’s balls.

“Oh fuck yes!!” Colt moaned, gripping the sheets beneath him.

Kris and Ted went over to the other bed and wrapped their arms around each other again.
Ted reached down and put his hands on Kris’ muscular ass, actually lifting him off the
floor by his ass so Kris was face to face with him and they could make out again, like
they had been doing in the living area.

Ted then sat down on the bed, taking Kris with him so Kris was straddling Ted, his legs
either side of Ted’s waist as he threw his arms around Ted’s shoulders and continued to
kiss him. 

Eventually Kris broke the kiss and started making his way down Ted’s beefy body with
kisses, using his tongue every now and then, especially when he focused on Ted’s
nipples, getting a deep growl from the hot linebacker.

Meanwhile Luke had managed to deepthroat Colt’s cock again and was holding Colt’s balls
in one of his big hands, rolling them around and using his thumb and index finger to
tease and pull on them.

Colt held on to the back of Luke’s head and thrust into the mouth, even though he was
buried almost completely down Luke’s throat and Luke could barely breathe.

Colt’s thrusts moved his ass further off the bed, so it was hanging over the edge and
Luke seized an opportunity as he slid his finger into his mouth beside Colt’s cock,
getting it nice and wet before he moved it down and slid it deep into Colt’s ass,
pushing it as far in as it would go.

“Holy shit!” Colt screamed as the finger was driven inside him, grazing his prostate
and causing him to release his grip on Luke’s head, arching his back as pleasure surged
through his body.

Luke went back to sucking on Colt’s cock, moving his head up and down and twisting and
rotating it to really work Colt’s dick as his finger fucked in and out of Colt’s ass,
with only spit lubing its path.

Kris had gone from kissing down Ted’s body to kissing up his huge thighs, which, like
his chest, were covered in a thin dusting of hair. He had missed out Ted’s dick
entirely, making the gentle giant grown, wanting nothing more than for Kris to suck his
cock into his mouth.

When Kris got back to Ted’s cock, he extended his tongue and used it to gently lift up
Ted’s balls, tonguing them softly and then sucking each ball into his mouth, rolling it
around on his tongue and pulling on them slightly.

Ted’s cock was throbbing and leaking more than he ever thought it had before. He was
done with the teasing and reached down, using his strength to pull Kris up to where he
wanted him. He pushed his thumbs in to Kris’ mouth, opening it up and then slid his
dick between the open lips.

When he removed his thumbs, since his thick cock was already stretching Kris’ mouth,
Kris made no objections and used his tongue to circle the head, teasing the slit and
then moving it up and down, trailing the shaft.

“Oh yes, oh yes,” Colt moaned as Luke continued to suck his cock and finger his ass,
having added a second finger.

“You like that?” Luke asked, pulling off.

“So fucking good! The friction is amazing. Oh God, fuck me, fuck me with that big cock
of yours.”

Luke smiled and slowly pulled his fingers out of Colt’s ass. He got up and walked
across the room to a drawer, pulling out a box of condoms, which he dumped out on the
top. He then took out a bottle of lube and poured some on his fingers.

Walking over to Colt, who was lying back on the bed with his legs pulled toward his
chest, exposing his hole, Luke bent down and ran his lube covered fingers around the
opening before pushing them inside, fucking Colt with them again.

Kris had stopped sucking Ted’s cock and they were both watching Luke slide his long
fingers in and out of Colt’s tight hole. The sight had their dicks so hard they almost

Luke pulled his hand back, his fingers leaving Colt’s ass with a pop and then he
grabbed the lube again, poured more onto his hand and the three others watched on in
shock as he reached around and pushed his fingers inside his own ass.

He chuckled as he saw the look on their faces and then he turned to Ted and said, “for

Ted smiled and watched as Luke ripped open a condom packet, tossed the wrapper aside
and rolled the magnum down his huge cock. He poured lube all over it and then rubbed it
in before bending down to place the tip against Colt’s hole, slowly pushing inside.

“Oh fuck!” Colt screamed. “Yes! Fuck me!”

Ted looked down suddenly when he felt Kris wrap his hand back around his thick cock.
Kris was looking up at him with a smile on his face.

“That is so fucking hot, man,” Kris said. “I want you to fuck me with your fat cock
while Luke drills Colt over there.”

Ted smiled. He would never pass up an opportunity to get his dick inside Kris’ tight
ass. He never thought it would happen, but he was so glad that it was. He quickly
grabbed a condom of his own and got it nice and slick with lube while Kris prepared his
own ass for the thickest cock he had ever tried to take up his ass.

Just a few feet away, Luke was sliding his long cock deep in to Colt. Letting Colt feel
all nine inches of the hard cock as it moved further in to him, pushing past the usual
depths any dick reached and plunging even deeper, sawing straight through him.

When their skin came together, Luke ground his hips against Colt’s, getting as much of
his cock inside Colt as he could, holding on to the condom to keep it on his cock.

He then pulled back, slowly withdrawing his cock from Colt’s ass, the ridges on the
head of his dick really pressing against Colt’s insides so he felt the dick on every
inch of his insides, throwing his head back and moaning at the amazing feeling, and
yelping when the head of Luke’s cock ran over his prostate.

Kris was on all fours on Ted’s bed, his head turned so he could see Luke push all nine
inches of his big cock back into Colt’s ass. Ted climbed up onto the bed behind him,
also having a clear view of the action, and slapped his hard, covered cock against
Kris’ ass, before using his hand to tease the tight hole with his cock.

Ted pushed forward gently and was amazed when Kris’ hole seemed to open up to swallow
the head of his cock, sucking it inside. They both moaned as Kris’ tight hole stretched
to accommodate Ted’s thick cock and Ted quickly put his hands on Kris’ hips to steady
himself, holding still for fear of shooting too quickly as Kris’ ass really squeezed
his cock.

Gently Ted started to ease his cock in to Kris’ hole, bit by bit, until he bottomed out
and had to hold still again because he had never had his cock worked over so entirely
by a hole, it was like it was massaging him and he felt his load bubbling up in his

Luke on the other hand, after another slow, deep thrust in to Colt, pulled his dick all
the way out, which surprised Colt, who raised his head from the mattress, only to throw
it back again, letting out a scream, as Luke drove his dick back into Colt, going balls
deep with a sharp, hard thrust.

Colt was panting as Luke pulled back about half way and started fucking him, going
slow, but quickly building up to a medium paced rhythm that had Colt moaning with every
inward thrust as his ass was drilled faster and faster.

Hearing the groans and seeing Luke begin to pound Colt’s ass had Ted hornier than he
had ever been and as Kris’ ass twitched around his cock, his orgasm having faded, he
knew it was time to really fuck Kris like he’d never been fucked before.

Pulling almost all of his thick dick out of Kris’ ass, with Kris moaning, feeling the
walls of his ass being pushed against and stretched by the big invading cock, Ted drove
it back in.

“Oh fuck!” Kris screamed. “Yes! Ted! Fuck my ass! Oh God fuck my brains out.”

Ted smiled and started moving back and forth, quickly picking up the pace and
increasing the tempo until he was pounding Kris’ ass, their skin slapping against each
other as he pulled Kris back onto his cock and thrust forward, impaling Kris hard on
his throbbing cock.

Meanwhile, Luke had placed his hands behind Colt’s knees and had pushed his legs back,
lifting Colt’s ass off the bed. It gave him such good access that he fucked even harder
and faster than before, fucking Colt’ into the mattress as his ass was pulverised by
Luke’s cock.

Even though Colt had bottomed for Luke before, he was still amazed at how big the dick
that was fucking him felt. It went deeper than any other ever had and was pretty thick.
It felt like the cock was sawing straight through him and would come out of his mouth.
Still, the feelings that were being created inside his ass were so good he couldn’t
find the words to describe them.

Kris lowered his head down to the bed, almost biting on to the pillow as Ted fucked him
so hard with his thick cock he wanted to scream, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of
Colt being fucked my Luke’s big dick. The look on Colt’s face was pure ecstasy.

Ted rotated his hips, hitting Kris’ spot, which made Kris jump, pulling his ass off
Ted’s dick. Even though his dick popped out of Kris’ ass, that didn’t stop Ted from
thrusting forward and when he pulled Kris back toward him he shoved his dick back
inside with one swift move, sinking deep inside the ass as Kris moaned and gripped the
sheets as Ted tightened his hold on Kris’ waist and started fucking hard and fast

When Luke heard Kris yelp and looked over to see what was happening, he was so turned
on. He pulled his big cock out of Colt’s ass, walked over to Ted and leaned over,
whispering in his ear. Ted nodded and pulled his thick dick out of Kris’ ass.

Kris and Colt both looked on, wondering what was going on, when Ted hopped off his bed
and helped Luke pull it out from the wall. Ted jumped over the bed so he was standing
on the other side of it and he pulled Kris toward him so Kris was now facing Luke and

Luke then pulled Colt to his feet, gave him a passionate kiss and stroked his throbbing
cock, before guiding him over to the bed. Without saying a word, Luke pushed Colt down
onto the mattress and used his strength to put Colt in position, directly beneath Kris.

“Suck each other,” Luke said.

Kris and Colt didn’t hesitate, leaning up and down respectively to take the cock near
their face into their mouth, sucking on it with hunger and passion. They loved the way
the other’s dick felt in their mouth and could never get enough of sucking it or being
fucked by it.

As Colt was sucking on Kris’ cock, Luke approached the bed again and lifted up Colt’s
legs, pushing them back so Colt’s ass was up off the bed. Luke then moved Kris’ arms so
that Colt’s legs were pinned back by them, which were supporting his body weight.

With Colt in that position, Luke stepped up and slid his long cock back into Colt’s
ass. Kris watched, forgetting about the 69 he was in with Colt as his face was only
inches away from where Luke’s cock ploughed into Colt’s ass. Kris was mesmerised.

He was soon brought back to his senses when Ted’s hands took hold of his hips and Ted
quickly buried himself back inside Kris’ ass, fucking him hard, which in turn fucked
Kris’ cock in to Colt’s mouth as he was sucking Kris with great hunger as he was being
worked into a fucking frenzy with the dick in his ass as well as the one fucking his

Luke grabbed Kris’ head and pushed it back down on Colt’s cock. It was such a hot
sight, seeing the two hot studs engaged in a 69 with each other while getting their
asses pounded by the two football players.

“Just imagine if Chase and Tabor saw you two now,” Luke smiled.

Kris and Colt just moaned, they weren’t even really paying attention to what was being
said because the feelings in their bodies was just too much for them, their asses being
fucked so good by amazing cocks, while their own dicks were being sucked by what was
now an expert mouth.

Just as Kris felt himself getting close, Ted reached over Kris’ back and placed his
hands and Kris’ shoulders, pulling him up so he had no choice but to let Colt’s dick
slip out of his mouth, release Colt’s legs and pull his own cock out of Colt’s talented

When his back came to rest against Ted’s hairy chest, Ted wrapped his arms around Kris’
body and ran his hands over the hard pecs and the cut abs, reaching down to stroke the
throbbing seven inch cock that was covered in Colt’s saliva.

“You’re so sexy, Kris,” Ted moaned, running his hand up and down the length of Kris’
shaft. “I want you inside me.”

“Really?” Kris asked, turning his head to look at Ted’s face.

“Really,” Ted grinned. “Come on.”

With that Ted slowly pulled his thick cock out of Kris’ ass and went over to the
drawers for another condom and the bottle of lube. He handed them to Kris as he pulled
the condom he was wearing off and tossed it in the trash. Then he climbed up onto the
bed on all fours, beside Colt, who was still getting drilled by Luke, even more so now
that Luke could have Colt any way he wanted him.

Kris dropped the condom on the bed and moved in behind Ted. He placed his hands and the
huge cheeks of Ted’s muscular bubble butt and spread them, looking at the tight pink
hole that was winking back at him. He couldn’t resist and dived in, extending his
tongue to lick at the entrance and probe inside it.

Ted was whimpering as Kris ate his ass. It felt so good. His breath seemed to be caught
in his throat and he was panting heavily as his whole body trembled and he felt his ass
start to open.

“Don’t get him too ready,” Luke said.

“What? Why?” Kris asked.

“Because he likes a bit of pain. He’s a punishment junky. I think it comes from his
football training.”

“Yeah?” Kris asked.

“He’s right,” Ted agreed. “I do like it more when he’s a little rough, though not like
you’re raping me. I don’t want you to make love to me Kris, I want you to fuck me.”

Kris smiled and quickly had the condom on his cock. He poured on just a little lube,
adding some to Ted’s ass by just pouring it on and then pressed the tip of his cock
against Ted’s opening.

Luke reached forward and grabbed Kris’ arm, pulling hard on it to force Kris forward,
burying his dick deep inside Ted, plunging the whole cock into the depths of the star

Kris didn’t even give Ted time to get used to the invasion, he just started thrusting
his hips back and forth, fucking the hot ass that was wrapped so tight around his cock
he thought he could feel Ted’s rapid heartbeat through his ass.

Ted himself loved the feeling of Kris drilling his ass and used his position on his
hands and knees to rock back, forcing Kris as far inside him as possible, completely
impaling himself on Kris’ cock.

For Luke, watching Kris’ amazing body tense, his abs especially looking incredible,
glistening with the layer of sweat covering Kris’ body, made him even hornier and he
fucked down in to Colt harder than he ever had before, almost bending Colt in half.

Colt couldn’t believe how wild the fuck with Luke was. His ass was being pummelled and
he loved it. He knew his ass would be sore in the morning but it would be so worth if
for the climax that he had no doubt would explode out of him.

Luke continued to drill his hard cock into Colt’s ass as Colt used his muscles to
clench his ass tight around the long shaft, squeezing and massaging it as the dick
pulled out of his ass.

Ted leaned up and reached behind him, pulling Kris’ head close so his ear was near
Ted’s mouth. He said, “I want to ride you.”

Kris smiled and kissed Ted’s neck, gently withdrawing his cock from Ted’s ass. Ted then
hopped off the bed, allowing Kris to climb on, with his back flat on the mattress and
his legs dangling over the side since he was lying sideways on a single bed.

Ted looked down at the stud, his chest glistening with sweat, tiny droplets pooling in
the deep valleys between his rock hard abs, the throbbing cock that was being held up
toward the sky, being waved around slightly to entice him. Climbing up onto the bed, he
straddled Kris and without a moment of hesitation he sat down on Kris’ cock, impaling
himself completely on the gorgeous dick, feeling it stretch him again.

Kris immediately put his hands on Ted’s big waist and pulled him down onto his cock as
Kris used the grip for better leverage as he fucked up in to Ted’s ass, burying his
cock inside it. The sight of the huge football stud who towered over him, and
definitely out-weighed him, in the submissive role, riding his cock was almost more
than Kris could take.

Luke watched Ted rise up and down on Kris’ cock, fucking himself. He thought it was so
hot to watch Ted get fucked by someone else, just as it had been hot to see Kris get
fucked. His dick was throbbing inside Colt’s ass and he had to slow down the pace
because they had both grown close when they watched Ted mount Kris.

Colt was writhing around on the bed. Luke’s cock had been slamming against his prostate
for about five minutes, keeping him almost constantly on edge. His whole body was
tingling and he knew that if he tried to speak it would sound as if he was speaking in

When Ted leaned down to kiss Kris, still moving up and down on his cock, Luke saw Ted’s
hot hole swallowing Kris’ cock and he wanted a piece of it, even though he had fucked
it a good half a dozen times since the first night they fucked.

Luke quickly pulled his cock out of Colt’s ass, surprising Colt, who had expected them
both to cum from the fucking since it had gone on for quite a while. Instead Luke took
the condom off his cock and tossed it in the trash, quickly picking up another and
rolling it down his big cock. He lubed it up so it was nice and slippery and then moved
in to position.

Colt’s eyes were wider than they had ever been as he watched Luke lube up his cock and
move toward his target. Once he realised what Luke was going to do he couldn’t believe
it, moving around on the bed so he could watch.

Luke put his hand in the middle of Ted’s back, holding him down. Ted tried to push
himself up to see what was going on but Luke had him held down firmly, moving toward
his goal.

Ted screamed as he felt Luke’s covered cock press against his asshole, sliding along
the length of Kris’ cock and then forcing its way into his ass. With Luke pinning him
down, Ted had no choice but to accept Luke’s cock as it stretched him wider than he
ever thought possible and pushed inside. He buried his head against Kris’ neck to
muffle the screams and cries as tears streamed down his cheeks from the pain.

“Holy fuck!” Colt shouted. He was in shock. He had heard of double penetration, he had
even seen it in a couple of straight porn movies, but a pussy was designed to stretch a
little, an ass was not, and he wouldn’t be surprised if Luke and Kris were actually
tearing Ted’s ass open.

When Luke had his dick buried inside Ted’s ass, or at least as much of his cock as he
could, he held still and ran his hands over Ted’s back, trying to calm him down and give
him time to adjust to being double stuffed.

“Damn,” Luke breathed. “He took it.”

“Fuck!” Kris screamed. “Oh God, I can’t believe how fucking tight his ass is now. Shit!
We’re both inside his ass.”

Ted couldn’t speak. All the air had been driven out of his lungs when Luke kept pushing
into his ass. The pain he had felt was unreal and eclipsed anything he had felt before,
whether on or off the field.

With neither Kris nor Luke moving, though, Ted’s ass started to grow used to the feeling
of the two being inside him and it started to feel kind of good. His ass tightened at
the thought, causing both Kris and Luke to moan as their dicks were squeezed.

“I can’t believe you’re both inside me,” Ted finally panted.

“How’s it feel?” Colt asked.

“Kind of good now the pain has gone,” Ted replied.

“Oh yeah?” Luke asked, pulling back slightly so his cock moved out of Ted’s ass, only to
slowly push it back in. “It’s so fucking tight, I can barely push my cock back in.”

“I can’t move mine!” Kris laughed. “You’re gonna have to hump my cock while it’s inside
his ass, Luke.”

“That I can do,” Luke said with a smile as he started moving, actually fucking in to
Ted’s ass with Kris’s cock still inside as well.

All three guys were moaning loud as Colt watched, stroking his hard cock. Suddenly he
had an idea and got up from the bed. The other three were too caught up in the sex to
register what he was doing as he opened a condom and slid it down his cock, lubing it

Seizing his opportunity, with Luke bent over Ted for added leverage as he fucked into
his best friend, Colt moved in and rammed his dick up Luke’s ass.

Luke screamed, barely having time to register that Colt’s dick was inside him before
Colt started hammering Luke’s ass, really pounding him, which in turn sent Luke’s cock
crashing in to Ted’s ass, his cock rubbing against Kris’.

Ted’s ass tightened again and it was all too much for Kris. He threw his head back,
screamed and his cock started to unload into the condom deep within Ted’s ass. It was
one of the most intense orgasms of his life and he couldn’t even pull his cock out when
he finished as it began to grow sensitive since his dick was trapped inside with Colt
still drilling Luke’s ass, with Luke screaming like a bitch in heat.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh FUUUUUUUUCK!!” Kris screamed. “Please let me pull out, my dick
can’t take it anymore.”

Colt slowly pulled his dick out of Luke’s ass, which let Luke pull gently out of Ted,
who groaned the entire time, his ass feeling empty as Kris’s spent cock slipped out and
he pushed Ted off him.

Kris collapsed onto the bed, totally spent. Ted was on his back just next to Kris,
covered in sweat. Colt looked down at Ted to see that his hole was open, looking so
inviting. He quickly ripped the condom off, rolled another down his cock and without
saying a word sank it deep inside Ted’s ass.

“Oh fuck!” Ted moaned. “Fuck me, Colt!”

Colt went straight to work, throwing Ted’s massive legs up onto his shoulders as he
drilled his cock in and out of Ted’s ass, fucking him hard.

Ted was moaning as Colt’s cock pounded him and Luke thought he needed to quieten Ted
down so he pulled off his condom, climbed up onto the bed and rubbed the head of his
cock against Ted’s lips. Ted opened his mouth and sucked Luke’s cock inside.

Colt held nothing back and was really hammering Ted’s ass, hearing Ted’s high pitched
moans that were muffled by Luke’s cock. Seeing Ted being so submissive, having his big
ass fucked while sucking on Luke’s huge cock was so hot Colt could feel the cum bubbling
up in his balls and he quickly pulled out, threw off the condom and shot his load all
over Ted’s stomach, groaning as each blast flew out of his cock.

After the final shot, Colt sat down on the bed beside Kris, who leaned up to him for a
kiss. Ted let Luke’s cock fall from his mouth and took it in his hand.

With Luke looking down at him Ted smiled. “It’s time for you to take my fat cock in your

“Oh really? And you think I’m just going to bend over and let that happen?” Luke

“You’d better, especially after you’ve had their hot cocks in your ass.”

“I’m sorry, Ted, but I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Luke said, standing up. He
started walking away from the bed.

Before Luke could get more than two feet away, Ted jumped up from the bed and tackled
him to the ground. The two started wrestling, trying to flip each other over as they
rolled around on the floor until Ted finally had Luke pinned to the ground.

He reached over and grabbed a condom, quickly rolling it down his cock, but as he was
doing that he let his grip on Luke go and was flipped onto his back. Not wanting to let
Luke win, Ted started fighting back, wrestling with him again as his hard cock throbbed.
He loved the physical contact with Luke and was having fun, the bodies rubbing together
only making him even hornier.

With a quick dodge, much quicker than a man his size should be able to move, Ted had
Luke pinned to the ground again, but this time instead of letting Luke get away, he
pinned his arms to the ground and, moving forward, started pushing his thick cock inside
Luke’s tight ass.

“Oh fuck!” Luke moaned as he lifted his legs to give Ted better access as Ted slid
further and further in to his ass.

“So tight,” Ted said, leaning down to kiss Luke as he started moving his hips back and
forth, fucking Luke’s ass slowly.

Breaking the kiss but holding Ted close, Luke said, “You’re dick so fucking thick! Fuck

Ted smiled and leaned back in for another kiss as Luke threw his legs around Ted’s
waist, opening himself up even more as Ted started moving faster and faster, driving his
dick deep in to Luke’s ass.

Luke was moaning as his ass was being drilled by Ted’s fat cock. It felt so good
pounding in and out of his ass, stretching him wide and rubbing against his insides,
creating a friction that was so wonderful, especially when it rubbed that special spot
inside him.

Just as Luke thought he might be getting carpet burns on his back as Ted was fucking him
so hard they were actually moving across the room, Ted forced Luke’s legs apart, pulled
his cock out of Luke’s ass and flipped him over so he was on his hands and knees.

Without so much as a word or a moment’s pause Ted thrust his cock back into Luke’s ass
and went back to fucking him hard as he held on, occasionally slapping Luke’s ass with
his big mitt-like hands.

Luke was growling and moaning as Ted continued to hammer his ass. Ted was pulling back
on Luke’s hips, while Luke himself was throwing his ass back against Ted, wanting as
much of the fat cock inside him as possible.

His own cock was so hard, he almost couldn’t believe how big it looked as he lowered his
head to see his nine inch cock twitching and flailing around, slapping up against his
stomach, leaving drops of precum all over the carpet.

Suddenly the door opened. Ted and Luke froze, Ted’s cock buried deep in Luke’s ass, as
they looked up to see Myles standing in the doorway, his mouth hanging open in shock.

“HOLY FUCK! I knew Kris and Colt fucked around but you two do as well?” Myles asked.

“Shit…” Ted breathed and started to pull his cock out of Luke’s ass.

“No,” Myles said, “don’t stop on my account. I just can’t believe big Luke is on his
hands and knees taking that fat cock out yours.”

Ted left his dick with just the head still inside Luke’s ass and was amazed when he saw
Myles reach down to adjust himself in his pants.

“Why don’t you take off your clothes and slip your dick in Luke’s mouth?” Ted smiled.

“Is he any good?” Myles asked.

“Only one way for you to find out…” Luke replied, opening his mouth.

“Damn! I can’t believe I’m gonna do this,” Myles said, pulling off his shirt and pushing
his pants to the floor.

Kris, Colt, Luke and Ted all stared in awe as Myles stripped naked. His body was
incredible, so cut and toned. He gave Kris a run for his money in every department and
his seven inch cock was standing straight up, the purple head glistening with precum.

Dropping to his knees, Myles moved forward and slid his dick in to Luke’s mouth just as
Ted drove his cock deep in to Luke’s ass. Luke started sucking Myles’ cock as soon as it
passed his lips.

“Oh yeah, suck that cock,” Myles said, taking a handful of Luke’s hair as he thrust
forward, fucking the stud’s face.

“Feels good, huh?” Ted asked.

“Damn right it does!” Myles said, reaching out to high five Ted.

Ted slapped his hand against Myles’ and then laced their fingers together, pulling Myles
forward to drive his dick further into Luke. Myles smiled and then pulled back on Ted’s
hand, forcing his dick harder into Luke’s ass. They used their grip on each other to
fuck Luke harder from both ends, totally dominating him in the spit roast.

The sight of Myles’ body tensing and his muscles flexing, his abs looking so hard and
tight as his hard cock fucked Luke’s mouth, brought Ted to the edge and he quickly
pulled his dick out of Luke’s ass, ripped off the condom and with just a few strokes
shot his load all over Luke’s back.

Ted sat down on the floor as soon as his cock finished shooting. He leaned back against
his bed, trying to catch his breath. All the time he kept his eye on Myles and Luke as
Myles continued to thrust his cock into Luke’s throat, who was gladly blowing him, using
his hands to play with Myles’ balls while he sucked on the cock.

What happened next shocked everyone but Myles as he pulled his cock out of Luke’s mouth
and slapped him across the face with it. Then he pushed Luke down so he was facing Kris,
Colt and Ted, with his ass pointing at Myles. Looking down Myles admired the hole and he
knew he had to fuck it. He grabbed a condom, slid it over his cock and drove his dick
into Luke’s well lubed ass, not giving Luke any time to adjust as he fucked frantically.

Luke knew it was going to be a rough, quick fuck, but he didn’t care. Myles’ dick felt
so good in his ass and he was so close himself after all the fucking that he didn’t
care. Being fucked doggy style meant he could thrust back against Myles and soon they
were both moaning.

“Even after taking Ted’s thick cock, your ass is still so tight!” Myles moaned, drilling
Luke’s ass as hard as he could.

“HOLY FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!” Luke screamed, pushing himself up off the floor just enough for
Ted, Kris and Colt to see his dick throb and explode, hands-free, shooting cum in every
direction as Myles continued to fuck hard into his ass.

Luke’s ass twitched around Myles’ cock as he came, squeezing Myles’ cock and pushing him
over the edge. Myles pulled out, removed the condom and, just like Ted, covered Luke’s
back in a thick layer of cum.

When they both finished shooting they sat back, enjoying the afterglow of their sex and
the amazing orgasms.

“That was fucking awesome, man,” Myles said. “I never knew you were in to getting your
ass fucked.”

“I don’t bottom often. In fact tonight was only the second time,” Luke said. “I prefer
to top.”

“Yeah?” Myles asked. “Well you certainly loved our cocks pounding you.”

“Both feel amazing, but I love having my big cock in a tight ass that little bit more,”
Luke smiled.

“You should try fucking Corey,” Colt said from his place on the bed.

“Yeah?” Luke asked.

“Yeah, he takes Matt’s big dick all the time, I bet he’d be the fuck of your life,” Colt

“Well, then,” Luke grinned. “I guess I know who’s next on my list…”


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