Scott re-entered the room just as Matt was sitting down, having been the final one to use the
bathroom. Kris had five fresh beers laid out waiting for them.

“Everyone okay?” Kris asked.

“Yep, my cock’s gone down now,” Scott smiled.

“Is that why you went back to your own room?” Colt asked. “You wanted to jerk off quickly?”

“Fuck you! I went back to use my own bathroom and to see if Garrett was still being a bitch.”

“And is he?”

“He always is,” Scott said, rolling his eyes and then pointing to Matt and Corey, “Not that
things between these two love birds have always been good, be thankful you weren’t around when
they broke up, Colt.”

“Why? What happened?” Colt asked leaning forward.

“I went down to Corey’s room, wanting to see him,” Matt said, “but when the door opened Corey
wouldn’t let me in and I saw that he didn’t have a shirt on so I pushed on the door to try to
force my way inside because I knew something was wrong.”

“I take it you were right?”

“Yeah!” Matt laughed. “Corey tried to hold the door closed but I managed to get it open and
saw a guy I vaguely recognized from the rec center in Corey’s bed with a sheet covering his
clearly naked body. I thought I could actually feel my heart break.”

“Damn, Corey. I’m surprised Matt here took you back,” Colt said. “That shit is low.”

“I know that now,” Corey said. “Well I knew it at the time but I’d just had my eyes opened to
the world of gay sex and I thought I owed it to myself to get out there and fuck as many guys
as I could.”

“And what’s wrong with that?” Colt asked. “That was my philosophy with girls.”

“Yeah, but I realized when I was fucking that guy that he wasn’t as special as Matt, and the
sex wasn’t anywhere near as good. I knew I’d made a mistake and I hoped Matt would never find
out but there he was. I couldn’t even deny it because he had seen the guy with his own eyes.”

“So what did you do?”

“I tried to explain but Matt wouldn’t have any of it. He said he guessed he wasn’t good enough
for me and then slammed the door in my face as he ran out. Through all the shit I’ve dealt
with over the years, that was by far the worst I’ve ever felt,” Corey said, hanging his head.

“I have to say I felt the same way,” Matt said. “I ran straight to my room and just screamed
at the top of my lungs.”

“FUCK!” Kris screamed, imitating Matt and making everyone in the room jump.

“Jeez, Kris, you just about made me jump out of my skin,” Colt said.

“That was my reaction when he came into the room and screamed like that while I was with Liz,”
Kris smiled.

“So, yeah, our relationship hasn’t been without its bumps,” Corey said.

“You don’t have to tell us, dude, your sorry ass blew up on Matt for nothing when we first
moved in here,” Colt said.

“Yeah, and all over studying,” Corey said.

“Well, it was a lot more than that, babe, but that was what made you snap,” Matt said, kissing
Corey’s cheek.

“I’d just come in from a great time with these guys,” Corey said pointing to Kris and Colt.
“No sooner was I in the door than Matt was on my ass wanting me to study. I know he was just
being helpful and I totally love him for it, but at the time I just wanted him to get off my
back. I guess we all need some alone time to just chill out.”

“I know I do,” Matt agreed.

“Too right, and you two fuckers wouldn’t speak for days,” Kris said.

“Yeah, but I came to my senses just in time,” Corey said. “I don’t know what I would have done
if I’d have lost Matt.”

“It would have made living here total Hell,” Colt said.

“I guess I could have switched rooms with someone, but it would have sucked big time,” Corey

“You could have swapped with me,” Scott said. “I’d happily take Matt’s dick every night.”

“Yeah, well this dick is all mine,” Corey said, reaching down to grip Matt’s big cock, rubbing
it through Matt’s pants.

“Wasn’t that part of the problem?” Colt asked.

“What was?” Corey asked.

“Matt’s dick. It can’t have been a coincidence that you going off on his ass came pretty soon
after we watched Matt fucking Kris. That fucked with your head, didn’t it?” Colt asked.

“Yeah it did,” Corey admitted. “I knew that Matt had wanted to fuck Kris for so long and I
guess I was scared that when it finally happened he would think it was better than fucking me
and he’d leave me.”

“Aww, babe, fucking Kris was amazing, as I’m sure the others will agree, but I’m in love with
you and you are super hot, it doesn’t get any better than when we fuck or make love,” Matt
said, pulling Corey to him for a passionate kiss.

“It’s not just Corey’s stupid ass who has caused problems between those two,” Kris said.
“Remember what Matt was like at Scott’s house during the summer?”

“Oh man, he was totally wasted!” Scott laughed. “He was shouting for Corey to fuck him outside
by the pool with everyone else watching.”

“That wasn’t what got to me though,” Corey sighed. “It was what Matt said about me that nearly
ripped out my heart.”

“You made that pretty clear on the car ride home,” Matt said. “Do you remember what you said?”

“How can I forget?” Corey asked. “I said, ‘Next time you call me a low life bastard son of a
bitch that is lucky to have you as their boyfriend, your ass is history. You said the only
reason we stayed together was because of how much I love getting fucked by your big dick…’”

“Damn dude!” Colt exclaimed.

“I deserved that,” Matt said. “There was no way in hell I should have talked to the man I love
like that. I tried to apologise but I could see how hurt and pissed off Corey was and I was so
scared that I’d fucked things up between us. I really don’t think that, babe.”

“You’d better not!” Corey laughed. “I’ve got three hot guys here who would love a piece of my
thick cock, so the day you decide to kick me to the curb, I’ll just jump into bed with one of
these studs.”

Matt laughed but then turned to look Corey in the eye, “I love you so much, Corey. I know
we’ve had some bad times but we’ve had far more good times. Every relationship has its ups and
downs and moments of total chaos.”

“Those are the fun ones,” Scott said. “There’s nothing worse than a boring relationship where
everything is perfect ALL the time.”

“True,” Matt said, still looking into Corey’s eyes. “I drove three hours in the middle of the
night to be with you. If I didn’t love you with all my heart I wouldn’t have done that,”
punctuating his words with a deep kiss.

The kiss continued with Matt moving to straddle Corey’s waist as Corey’s hands travelled down
Matt’s back until they were cupping his ass.

“Umm… guys?” Kris said, followed by a fake cough. “Unless you’re planning on sharing some of
that action with the rest of us, either cool it down or go to one of the bedrooms.”

Matt climbed off Corey’s lap and sat down next to him, cuddling up close.

“Is Little Kris feeling left out?” Scott said in a mocking tone, glancing down at Kris’s

“Fuck off!” Kris laughed.

“Yeah, let them have their fun, what else is college for?” Colt asked.

“Don’t get Matt started on that one!” Kris laughed.

“Even with the bad times here, college has certainly been a hell of a lot more fun than
anything that happened before it,” Corey said.

“Was your life really that bad?” Colt asked.

“Yes,” Corey said, looking to Matt as if for guidance. “I’ll tell you something now that only
Matt knows, if you promise to keep it between us.”

“Of course,” Scott said.

“Totally,” Kris agreed.

“Roommates code and all that,” Colt said.

“When I was six years old I was molested by a male friend of my stepfather. Later, when I told
my mother, she just laughed it off like I was joking or it didn’t matter. Since then my life
has been really bad and I’ve never really trusted my mother since then, not fully, and I never
felt safe. That finally changed when I came here and even more so now that I’m living with you

“In high school, JJ, the total jock everyone in the school looked up to, suspected I was gay
and he thought it would be funny to write ‘fag’ on my locker. He though it was hilarious to
strip me naked and leave me stranded on the football field with no idea what to do. He thought
it might have turned me on. But he wasn’t even the worst; that had to be his friends Ben and
Josh, probably in part because I’d always had a crush on JJ since the very first time I saw
him. Every night I’d go home and jerk off thinking about him and I even wrote a love letter to
him in my notebook, telling him how much I loved him, but somehow Josh found the notebook and
the letter and gave it to Ben, who made sure the word got out to JJ, and then everyone in the
school knew I was gay and didn’t want to even acknowledge that I existed.”

“That must have been awful,” Scott said, slipping an arm around Corey’s shoulder. “I know my
brother had a tough time for being gay. He was beaten up by a football jock for it.”

“Yeah, but did he come on to the jock?” Kris asked.

“Probably!” Scott laughed. “Trevor used to see a hot guy, unzip his pants and offer up his ass
no matter where he was.”

“You fucking liar!” Colt laughed.

“Okay, maybe he wasn’t that bad, but he was an idiot,” Scott smiled. “He’s much better now
though and we had a talk over the summer and we’ve got a much better relationship now.”

“Hearing you guys talk makes me regret some of the bullying I did in high school,” Colt said
with sadness. “You don’t realize at the time how bad it can hurt some people.”

“That you realize it now is a good sign, though,” Matt said.

“Yeah, we’re not the same people we were in high school,” Corey smiled.

“And thank fuck for that!” Kris laughed.

“I came to college and it forced me to grow up. I was a bit scared at first, but I met Matt,
who showed me that there was a guy out there who was perfect for me and I was lucky enough to
have found him. And then I met Kris, who restored my faith in straight men, even if he did
fuck my ass and then end up on the receiving end of just about every dick in this room.” Corey

“You can talk!” Kris laughed. “You’d go stir crazy if Matt’s dick wasn’t up your ass almost
every night.”

“Too fucking right I would!” Corey chuckled.

“What was your favorite fuck?” Scott asked, “If you have one?”

“They’re all amazing,” Corey said, “but if I had to pick one, I guess I’d have to say
Valentine’s Day. It was so special and it was the first time we ever had sex without a condom.
We were truly joined as one that day and it’s a moment I’ll never forget.”

Matt smiled and leaned in to kiss Corey as his hand ran down his body, coming to a stop at the
huge bulge in Corey’s pants.

“You couldn’t believe I wanted us to fuck bare,” Matt said as his tongue circled Corey’s ear.
“We both wanted it so bad. I lightly slapped your muscular ass and saw your pink hole. With my
tongue extended, I buried my head in your ass. As my tongue explored you, you began moaning
and panting and then you turned your head and said, ‘Just fuck me, Matt. I’m so ready!’”

“Fuck…” Scott breathed, watching the two as Matt ran his hand up and down Corey’s hard cock
that was still encased in his pants.

”You got the lube and poured it all over your hard cock, slipping your fingers inside me. It
was so good feeling you enter me bare. I screamed out ‘OOOO fuck!’ and you lowered your head
to kiss my spine. You were so gentle and went really slow but it still hurt like a bitch.”

”I know, babe, but my movements were small while you adjusted to having me in you. My cock
felt so good deep inside you. You started moaning but in a way I knew you were being
pleasured. I leaned forward and wrapped my hands around your chest and I whispered into your
ear, ‘I love you so much.’”

“‘I… love you too, Matt! This is fucking hot as hell!’ I said, and then you kissed all over my
back, shoulders and neck while steadily making love to me. I still remember the words we said
to each other as if I had them recorded.”

”‘Do you like my raw cock in you?’” Matt said, seductively.

“That’s exactly it! I said, ‘Fuck yeah, Matt. Feels so fucking hot! Do you like fucking my ass

“‘God, I love it.’”

“‘Let’s flip over so I can see your cute face while you fuck my hole,’ oh God, I was so
desperate to look at you when you made love to me.”

“We changed to missionary with your legs high in the air, resting on my shoulders. I lubed up
a little more and pushed back inside you as you let out a sigh feeling me going deep. I
pressed your legs forward and found your mouth. We kissed with you grabbing my ass and pulling
me deeper. Your cock was hard as a rock like never before when we fucked. I wrapped my hand
around your thick cut cock while I pushed in and out. We were moaning with each thrust. It
wasn’t long before you erupted and shot your load up on to your chest and your ass tightened
and sent me over the edge. My load was pumped deep into your ass while I found your mouth with

“I could feel you blasting in me. I didn’t want you to ever pull your dick out of me, it felt
so good. I wanted your load in me, just like I do every time you fuck me now. It feels so good
swimming inside me.”

”I feel the same way, babe,” Matt said. “After we went for something to eat and we went back
to the room I just knew I had to have you. When we were sucking each other off and you asked
if you could fuck me, it just had to happen. I felt like I would die if it didn’t.”

”I rimmed your hot ass and got you good and ready, then I lubed us both up and you looked
mesmerised when my thick dick entered you. You had a look of complete ecstasy on your face.”

“That’s because that’s what I was feeling,” Matt said. “I could feel your heat as you pushed
deeper into me. You leaned forward and found my waiting mouth. My hands moved up and down your
sides while taking your slow deep thrusts. It was so easy to get lost in the moment with my
dear boyfriend fucking me so beautifully.”

“Alright guys,” Scott said, breaking up the memories. “Either you’re going to have to stop or
we’re going to have to see a re-enactment because I’m hard as a fucking rock here.”

“How do you think we feel?” Matt asked.

“We need to do something to get our minds off that. Think of something bad again!” Kris said,
repositioning his hard cock.

“What about when Jacob kissed Matt on Spring Break?” Scott asked.

Matt shifted uncomfortably. “That was awful. I didn’t know what to do so I just tried to be
nice and hoped he’d move on, I never expected him to grab my arm, pull me down and kiss me
right on the lips.”
“Yeah and just as Corey was walking up, the shit could have really hit the fan then,” Scott
laughed. “When he grabbed you by the arm and dragged you off I thought you were history,

“So did I, especially when Jacob shouted, ‘Thanks for the kiss!’” Matt said.

“I was mad and crazy jealous, but when we went to the beach house and saw you and Brennan
compare dicks I felt any anger leave me and blowing you in front of everyone was amazing,”
Corey smiled.

“Why the fuck wasn’t I there for that?” Scott asked. “Okay, tell me exactly what happened.”

“I was just helping Noah clear up the mess the other guys had made when I felt a hand grab my
shoulder and turned around to see Brennan standing there telling me we needed to compare out
cocks. I thought he was joking but then everyone else joined in and wanted me to do it,” Matt

“‘Yeah, let’s see who is the biggest,’ I think it was Jess calling that,” Corey said.

“After a little more encouragement I pulled down my shorts and showed Brennan my cock. He
dropped his board shorts to display his very nice uncut cock and low hanging balls. He reached
over and grabbed me with Corey and the others watching intensely. I looked down to see him
holding both of our nice big cocks and I said ‘I’d say it’s a draw.’”

“Then Brennan said the best thing he’s ever said,” Corey said smiling, “‘We need to get hard
and really see,’ and I said, ‘Matt, come over here and let me get that love stick hard. Show
Brennan my lover boy has the biggest dick here.’”

“Then Kris told Jess to get on Brennan’s cock to get it good and hard,” Colt said. “Jess
stood, smiled and walked over and put one hot kiss on Brennan’s lips with his hand moving down
to grab Brennan’s cock.”

”With my shorts on the floor, Corey dropped to his knees and began licking my cock with Jess
doing the same to Brennan. Corey opened his mouth and took my cock in it. With Corey giving me
head, I really didn’t mind showing the others that much what a gay couple did, plus it felt
great. Jess opened his mouth and slid on Brennan’s cock. Kris moved closer with both of us
getting hard. He moved Corey and Jess away to see us both raging hard.” Matt continued.
“Brennan moved next to me for Kris’s inspection.”

“I said it was ‘Too close to call in my book’ so Noah handed me a long handled spoon and I
used it to measure them. I measured Brennan and made a mark with my fingernail before moving
to Matt’s,” Kris smiled.

“I looked down and saw by the smallest of margins I was the winner and announced as such.
Corey kissed me on the lips,” Matt said.

“Then Bryson decided to speak up,” Colt said. “‘The three of you need to finish Matt off and
make him shoot,’”

”Jess, Brennan and Corey dropped down and began servicing my cock. Corey was first and was
pushed off by Brennan. Brennan went at my hard cock with great vigor and had me moaning. I
looked around to see the others jacking off while watching. Never in my wildest dream could I
have imagined the scene that was happening right before my eyes. I was ready to bust after
Jess was licking my head and sucking it. Corey took back over and was drenched in my cum. The
release was strong, powerful and noisy. Corey stood with my load dripping down his neck and
chest to kiss me. One by one the others released their loads with the stench of cum filling
the room,” Matt said, reach down to reposition his hard cock.

“That was fucking hot,” Scott said, “but what was hotter, that blowjob or our little four-way
fun with Garrett in the hotel room?”

“Both were good,” Corey said.

“Hell yeah they were,” Matt said, “We returned to our room and were no more in the door when
Scott stripped off his clothes.”

“‘Are we doing this shit or what?’ I asked, grabbing my cock like this,” Scott said grabbing
his big bulge.

“I checked with Corey that we were okay to do it and we all stripped out of our clothes. I
kissed Corey on the lips and moved over to get on my knees in front of Garrett. I reached up
and stroked his uncut cock while Scott moved to take care of Corey. I stuck out my tongue and
licked under the hooded meat of Garrett. Looking up, it was easy to see how much he was
enjoying it. My mouth took as much of his hardening cock and I could,” Matt said.

“Garrett was moaning while you were sucking his cock,” Scott said. “You had your mouth full
while I was going down on Corey’s thick cock. I was watching you and you continued to lick,
suck and mouth Garrett’s throbbing hot cock and you loved it. He had his hand on your head but
wasn’t forcing you.”

“I could see Corey face fucking Scott while I continued to suck Garrett until he stopped me
and got down on his knees. Corey kissed me with Scott sucking him. Garrett licked my cock
before starting to suck it. Corey moved down and went down on Scott while Garrett had me
moaning with his warm mouth.”

”While Matt was getting sucked, Scott was ramming his cock hard into my waiting mouth. Our
room was filled with lots of moaning with us fully into the moment until Scott spoke,’” Corey

“‘All I know is my ass is getting fucked,’” Scott said. “Garrett was well up for it.”

“Were you with that massive cock of his?” Colt asked.

“Fuck yeah! I couldn’t wait!” Scott laughed.

“Scott and I switched and it wasn’t long before Garrett was reaching for some condoms with
Scott on their bed on his knees. Corey found our lube to get us ready as well. Scott let out a
deep moan with Garrett going deep in his hot ass while I entered Corey. ‘Fuck me, Garrett!
Fuck my ass!’ Scott screamed.”

Scott chuckled, “those two were making love but with more vigor while me and Garrett were
going at it hot and heavy. I tried watching them fuck for a minute but Garrett’s cock just
felt too good. I moved Garrett and began riding him.”

“We moved to witness that spectacle. It was nothing but hot to see Scott ride Garrett’s big
cock. He was like a wild man and was using every move he knew. Soon, he was moaning and
shooting his cum all over Garrett. I had to pull out of Corey in a hurry. My cum plastered his
back,” Matt added.

”Matt got me off in no time and Garrett finally exploded and sent his milky cum all over
Scott’s face,” Corey laughed.

“Now that there was fucking hot as hell!” Scott stated.
“I’ll be honest, being able to help Garrett come out of the closet and accept himself for who
he is one of the major highlights for me so far,” Matt smiled.

“You do have a way of helping people, Matt,” Kris said. “You can also be a total asshole!”

“What?” Matt asked, confused.

“You remember your all time favourite prank you played on me,” Kris said, turning to the other
guys, “I walked upstairs in Matt’s house and heard the bed shaking in his room. I left a note
under the door telling him to call me when he was finished but I noticed the door was open
slightly and curiosity got the better of me so I pushed it open a bit more. There was Matt in
pure pleasure but I was in total shock because it wasn’t Jacob on top of him it was Tanner.”

“Kris kicked the door open and screamed, ‘WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?’ and I just calmly
said, ‘What does it look like?’” Matt laughed.

“It properly looked like Tanner was fucking you. He just kept moving like he was drilling your
ass and you just said, ‘Oh brother, I wanted to experience another guy. Is that so wrong? Me
and Jacob weren’t doing too well lately and I wanted some attention’. How you said all that
with a straight face and how Tanner didn’t crack up, I’ll never know!” Kris laughed.

“He told me later it was weird as hell but was worth it to see the reaction on your face,”
Matt laughed, with the whole room joining in. “And I got you again using Jacob. I really am
the Master.”

Corey playfully tapped Matt on the head. “Don’t get too big for your boots. We brought the
Master down a few pegs last semester. Remember when Kris and I got you thinking that I wanted
to break up with you?”

“Yeah, you bastards, it was April first and I didn’t even suspect a thing because you’d been
off with me for a few days. I opened the door and you, Kris and Colt were in the room joking
around but as soon as you saw me you went really quiet and I knew something was wrong. Then
Kris got up and said, ‘Corey, I guess we’ll see ya, Good luck,” and I started to panic,
especially when they left us alone.”

“I said, ‘Matt can we talk?’” Corey continued. “I looked at him, trying to draw him to my big
blue eyes so he’d let his guard down and then I said, ‘I’m thinking our relationship has run
its course’.”

“I was stunned to say the least and took a seat in my desk chair.” Matt said. “I covered my
face with tears welling up in my eyes. I heard Corey get up and then I felt his hands removing
mine from my face. I looked up with tears streaming down my cheeks to see a massive smile on
Corey’s face.”

“APRIL FOOLS!” Corey, Colt and Kris all screamed.

“I almost killed all three of you for that one!” Matt laughed. “It was just cruel!”

“Oh, grow a set, bitch,” Kris laughed. “Everyone is fair game on April first.”

“I’ll remember that one,” Matt smiled.

“Kris has always been a blast, that’s why we’ve been such great friends,” Colt said.

“You’ve been more than just great friends,” Scott corrected with a smile.

“Okay, yeah, we’re great friends who love fucking each other, I’m not ashamed to admit that,”
Colt said.

“Me neither,” Kris smiled.

“It’s amazing because when we first met you, Colt, you weren’t exactly happy to be around a
couple of gay guys,” Corey said.

“I didn’t have that much exposure to gay guys. I thought they all followed the stereotypical
view.” Colt said.

“Yeah, we gathered that,” Matt smiled. “When I first met you I thought you were just some dumb
country boy but you seemed nice enough so I gave you the benefit of the doubt.”

“Thanks a lot!” Colt laughed.

“Hey, like you said, we opened your eyes, and you opened mine. You’re a great guy and a great
friend Colt, but it took time,” Matt said. “That first night we met you and Jess said, ‘You
guys do all know about Corey and Matt, right?’ and then told you we had been boyfriends, you
just couldn’t believe it.”

“I know! It was Corey mainly I couldn’t believe, and when he just proudly announced it I was
shocked. I was always made to believe all guy guys were small and effeminate, but there was
Corey, this big, bowed up guy who admitted to liking men, it threw my whole perception of gay
people out the window.”

“We’re glad to hear that,” Corey smiled.

“Yeah and Kris sounded like he’d kick my ass if I caused a problem,” Colt laughed.

“I would have too,” Kris laughed. “No one messes with my little Matty and gets away with it.”

“You guys certainly opened up my mind to the whole gay thing though,” Colt said.

“You’re not kidding, you and Kris have been fucking like rabbits!” Scott giggled.

“Fuck you! Sure we’ve fucked each other a couple of times, but we’re not at it all the time,
just when it feels right,” Colt said.

“No need to defend yourself, Colt, none of us have a problem with it,” Matt said, “if anything
it’s brought us closer because you can understand where we’re coming from a little better.”

“That might not have ever happened though if the fight we had turned out to be more serious
than it needed to have been,” Kris said.

“What fight?” Corey asked.

“Oh dude, you remember,” Kris said. “I was dating Liz and Colt was with Monica. Colt had
fucked Monica on your bed and you went mental on his ass and then while we were on a double
date all hell broke loose.”

“Oh yeah, now I remember, you were furious, you came into the room and you were so irate.”
Matt got up and stood in the middle of the room. Standing up straight and pushing out his
chest he looked at Kris and Colt and did his best impression of Kris. “‘I don’t care if that
motherfucker shows his face again around this room. Here I got him a girl, been nothing but
nice to him and made him part of our little group here. Then the bitch accuses me of flirting
with Monica.’”

The guys all burst out laughing. “You really called Colt a bitch?” Scott asked.

“Yeah I did!” Kris chuckled, “Hey, I’m not the brightest guy here but no way was I doing that
shit with Liz there with me,” Kris stated with conviction and took a breath. “It started with
a little argument but then Colt’s stupid fucking ass came storming into my room and started
pushing me and saying how he was going to fuck me up if I kept trying to move in on Monica. I
took it as long as I could and then laid into him.”

“And you two actually had a fight?” Scott asked, not remembering it.

“Yeah man, I caught Colt with a solid left hook,” Kris said.

“And I got in a couple of good body blows,” Colt quickly added.

“When he learned that Monica had been playing his ass we buried the hatchet and we’ve been
great friends ever since,” Kris smiled, putting an arm around Colt’s shoulder.

“So, come on guys, I’ve wanted to ask this all summer, but when I came to your tent when we
were at yours, Colt, looking for a condom, did you two get it on?” Scott asked, raising his

“Damn Scott! No, all we did was talk.” Colt said.

“Are you sure?” Corey asked. “You don’t need to lie to us. I mean we know you guys fucked on
Spring Break.”

“And again when we went camping at that park and it was just the four of us,” Matt added.

“Okay, okay, so we’ve fucked a couple of times, but we didn’t fuck that night at Colt’s, all
we did was talk about the times we had fucked,” Kris said.

“What exactly did you say?” Scott asked.

Kris and Colt looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

“There was some sexual tension in the air, I’ll admit that. Since we fucked on Spring Break
almost every time we were alone and horny we at least fooled around, but I just couldn’t do
that knowing my brother was in the next tent,” Colt said.

“Then we had the deepest, most meaningful conversation we’ve ever had,” Kris said. “Colt asked
me if I was hoping we’d fuck and I just had to be honest with him. I said, ‘You know what? I
don’t know. I’ve been thinking about us pretty much the entire time since the camping trip,
especially after we left college. You know I’ve been dating girls back home, fucking them, and
it’s amazing. Being with a girl again has made me realise how much I want to be with one and
have a relationship with one, it’s just right and it’s who I am. I could never imagine myself
dating a guy but I still have urges… Like right now. I see you sitting there and your dick’s
hard and I just wanna crawl over and grab it. I look at your face and I wanna kiss you, it’s
weird. I don’t wanna be with you but I do wanna fuck you.”

“Damn!” Scott said.

Kris chuckled, “It’s just the truth.”

“Kris told me about how he only found himself wanting to have sex with his friends and he
wasn’t just attracted to anyone, but I wanted to know where I came in to his life,” Colt said.

“Again I was honest, I said, ‘Well, Colt, other than Matt, you’re my best friend, at least
since starting college. I love you, not like that, but you know what I mean and I trust you
with my life. I never thought about having sex with you before Spring Break, but then when we
were both up for it I just went with it because I was doing it with you, and it was great.
When we’ve done it again, it’s been even better and I’ve loved it. But I think the reason why
I’ve loved it so much is because of who I’ve been doing it with… I can have sex with you and
not have to worry about what anyone might do or say afterward and it’s great. But then every
time I have sex with you, Colt, I find myself enjoying it even more. The next morning I end up
wanting to do it again as soon as possible and just keep doing it because it’s so good, but
then I start to feel shit again ‘cause even though I wanna keep fucking you, I don’t. Does
that make sense?’”

“‘Yeah, I think it does,’ I said. “‘I’ve been thinking about us since that camping trip too,
Kris. I try not to but I can’t help it. I’m so fucking confused and messed up, man, it’s
unbelievable. It’s like there are two different versions of me and they’re fighting each other
to see which one wins out…’ I was talking about still loving girls but also wanting Kris, it
proper fucked with my head until I came to terms with the fact that I could have both under
the right circumstances and it didn’t need to be a problem.” Colt said.

“You were a bit harsh though, dude,” Kris said.

“When?” Colt asked.

“When we were talking about why I didn’t want people to know we’d fucked again since Spring

“Oh you mean when I said, ‘You don’t want anyone else knowing that we fucked each other again
because you don’t want them knowing that you fucking loved it the second time around. You were
moaning, screaming, and when I had you on your back, fucking you deep, I made you cum without
you even touching yourself it was that good’?” Colt asked.

“HOLY FUCK!!” Scott screamed. “Did that really happen?”

“Fuck yeah it did!” Colt beamed. “If I hadn’t fucked him like that when we were camping none
of your sorry asses would have had a chance to tap Kris’s hot ass.”

“We decided to make an agreement after that because we didn’t just fuck once when we were
camping,” Kris said. “But I think we both knew we had to stop fucking like we had because if
we kept having sex it would become more than just fooling around.”

“Well it doesn’t have to,” Scott said.

“You weren’t there for the second time he fucked me that night,” Colt said. “I’d fucked Kris’s
ass after he’d fucked mine and we fell asleep in each other’s arms and then when we woke up in
the middle of the night Kris slid his dick back inside me and we made love. I guess it freaked
us out a bit.”

“We had to come to an agreement because like I said to Colt, ‘I’ve got all these urges I don’t
want to have and if we keep fucking each other, we’ll never get over them, and that scares me,
because while you’re one of my best friends, I don’t want you as a boyfriend.’”

“I agreed with that and the deal was done,” Colt said.

“It didn’t last very long though, did it?” Scott laughed

“Hey, I’ve still only had one dick in my ass, like I told Kris that night, his dick is the
only one I’ve been fucked by, okay so I’ve sucked Matt and Corey off now, and they’ve returned
the favour, but Kris is the only guy who has fucked my ass, and for now that’s how I want it
to stay,” Colt said.

“That’s a shame,” Scott said.

“Again, like I said to Kris, I’m not in to guys… I don’t look at any other guy outside of the
ones in this room and admire him or think about having sex with him,” Colt said.

“Not even Ted or Luke?” Kris asked. “You fucking worship those guys, dude.”

Colt laughed, “Okay, if they offered I’d probably fuck them just to say I had, and hell, okay,
Luke is hot as hell, but I’m just not attracted to guys. Kris just really fucked with my head
and I told him that, I said, ‘But damn, there’s just something about you that seems to drive
me mad, that makes me want you, to fuck you, to be fucked by you, and I can’t take it. I don’t
want to think or feel that way and I can’t have sex with you again because it’ll just make me
want to keep having sex with you and it’s not good for either of us.’”

“So we agreed not to fuck each other, or not often anyway,” Kris laughed, “and then we bumped
fists, turned off the lantern and went to sleep. We didn’t even jack off.”

“Damn! Things must have been serious!” Matt joked, barely able to dodge the cushion that flew
at his head courtesy of Kris.

“Hell, we did a lot more than jack off that night,” Corey smiled, leaning in to kiss Matt on
the lips.

“So did I man, I got fucked bareback for the first time by Brennan,” Scott smiled.

“Seriously, dude?” Colt asked.

“Yeah, man. The sex was incredible. Look, I really need a smoke, what do you say we go into
the bathroom so you guys don’t get your asses kicked by Rick, light up this bad boy,” Scott
said, pulling a joint from his pocket, “and I’ll tell you all about the sex I’ve had since
I’ve been here?”

“Works for me,” Kris smiled.

“Me too,” Colt said, grabbing his beer.

“That’s why you went back to your room, isn’t it?” Matt asked. “You wanted to get your weed.”

“Hell yeah, now stop talking and get moving,” Scott said as he followed his friends into the
bathroom and closed the door.