Hello readers, Sophomore 27 marked the 100th chapter of “Rooming With My Best Friend” and as a celebration of that fact and to show our appreciation to Wasputz for the brilliant story and characters he has created, Big D and Andy have collaborated on this piece of reflective writing so that we can all relive some of the most memorable scenes from the past 100 chapters that have come together to make “Rooming With My Best Friend” so memorable in itself.

While the following did not actually take place, had the events really occurred they would have happened during Sophomore 27.


That night all Matt wanted to do was lie on his bed and study, which he did until Corey came in the door. Corey laughed once Kris told him how tired Matt was. Despite Kris being in the room Corey tried to get Matt going but it didn’t work, even though his great kisses and gentle touches usually had Matt ready. 

“I’ll leave you alone,” Corey said, standing. “I’ll tell Kris to ease off a little bit in the future.”

Matt smiled at him, “Don’t do that. Maybe my body will become something you’re proud of.”

Corey sat back down and ran his hand up Matt’s t-shirt. “Don’t even kid yourself. I have guys busting their asses daily hoping they can achieve what you have, a lean hot body that I love seeing each and every time we make love.”

Matt kissed him passionately. To Matt, he was still a skinny kid like he was when he arrived on campus. He knew his body was filling out yet was a work in progress where Corey and Kris were just tweaking their bodies to maximum hotness, with Colt catching up to them. “If I wasn’t about to crash, you and I would make hot love right here right now.”

“I’ll jack off with Colt and satisfy that need,” Corey said winking at Matt.

“Be my guest,” Matt said, hoping he would.

“I was only kidding. Besides, Colt saves all his sexual energy for Andrea.”

“I wasn’t though. Corey, I can see the bond forming between you and Colt…”

“Maybe one day we’ll be as tight as you and Kris. How did you guys get to be so tight anyways?”

“Well it was a dark and stormy might…” Matt began.

Kris interjected. “No it wasn’t! It was in our high school principal’s office.”

“I was being dramatic!” Matt laughed. “What happened was that as class ended I walked to my locker near the principal’s office and noticed Kris sitting there. He had a black eye and marks on his arm. I don’t know what compelled me to go over there but I did and sat next to him. Without any preamble, I asked. ‘Hey, are you okay?’”

Kris picked up the story, “So then I said, ’I really doubt it. My dad is gonna kill me if I get suspended. Worse could be if I get booted off the football team. I know my parents won’t be happy at all. They told me to watch my temper at all costs. Dude, I couldn’t.’”

”Then the door opened with the balding principal looking at us both,” Matt continued. “He wanted to speak with Kris.”

“Yeah, but Matt came to my defence,” Kris said proudly.

“What did he say?” Corey asked.

“I said, ‘Sir, I may be out of place but it wasn’t his fault. I saw the whole thing. He was standing up for a friend after they jumped him that was all. He was acting in pure self defense after he tried to talk to them.’”

“Then of course the principal wanted to hear my side of things so I elaborated, ‘Yes sir, I was. I know I shouldn’t have done it but I did. The kid they picked on was way smaller than this dude, they thought they could take me,” Kris replied.

Looking around the room Matt noticed that Colt had joined them, listening to their tale. Colt looked at them both and then focused on Matt. “You lied for him?”

Kris answered. “He helped me. Since then our bond became stronger. At Christmas he managed to get me to talk about Nathan and reveal that secret.”

“So it was smooth sailing from there?” Corey asked, wanting to hear more.

“Yeah, for the most part, although when Jacob left me I felt like I needed to experience the outside world more and even see some of the gay world, plus Kris had just been dumped by his girlfriend so for about a month we didn’t see each other.”

“It destroyed me. Not having Matt to turn to while he was discovering himself turned me in to a complete drunk. Then Matt came around and he said something to me I will never forget. ‘Listen to me, Kris. I love you! You are my best friend… sometimes my only friend. You know deep down it is true. I am not leaving your sight again, ever, until the Kris Stanton I know and love is back to himself.’ And he never did. That entire night he stayed with me, and with the help of my friends, I sobered up.”

“For the next four years were grew closer and closer,” Matt added, smiling at Kris.

“Until we had the major fight that almost broke us apart for good,” Kris sighed.

“Yeah, that wasn’t our best moment. We were upset about such minor issues.”

“What happened?” Colt asked. “You guys have never hit each other except that one time, right?”

“Back in high school we had a crazy fight and didn’t talk for months,” Kris said.

“For real?” Colt asked, genuinely surprised.

“Yep, and I can still remember it to this day,” Kris said, closing his eyes.

“Me too,” Matt agreed.


“Yeah and I couldn’t help myself by that point, ‘NO! DON’T YOU GO BLAMING THAT ON ME. YOU DRINK BECAUSE YOU’RE A PUSSY ASS MORON WHO CAN’T GET OVER THE FACT THAT YOUR BROTHER DIED.’ God, I feel awful just thinking about that.”

“What did you say to that, Kris?” Colt asked.

“I screamed at him, ‘DON’T YOU DARE MENTION NATHAN!’ I totally lost it then, I marched right across the room and slapped Matt so hard around the face he fell to the floor and hit his head on his desk chair.”

“Damn!” Colt exclaimed.

“I couldn’t believe it. I screamed at him and was crying pretty hard. I didn’t know what he might do next.”

“You think you had it bad? My hand stung like a bitch.” Kris smiled.

“You’re a fucker!” Matt joked.

“So what happened then?” Colt asked.

“I was mad as hell, I told Kris to get out and he said he was going and that I should lose his number because he never wanted to hear from me again.”

“Damn, Kris, that’s harsh.”

“That’s nothing compared to what the little shit did next,” Kris said, smiling as he remember it.


“He threw a stapler at my head and almost knocked me out. He missed but it pissed me off so bad. I completely lost my temper and went back up to him. I punched him so hard in the face I thought I might have broken something, and then I kneed him in the groin. It was like I was on adrenaline, it all just happened.” Kris explained.

“I just fell to the floor in agony, crying my eyes out, and then I said the worst thing I’ve ever said to anyone, the second it was out of my mouth I wished Kris had hit me harder,” Matt said.

“Why? What did you say?” Corey asked.


“Holy fuck, Matt,” Colt said, shocked. “I can’t believe you’d come out with something like that.”

“I’m not proud of it, but it was a natural reaction. I was being attacked and it was the only way I knew of defending myself.”

“Yeah, and it worked,” Kris said. “I was so shocked and angry I just knew I had to leave before I killed him. As I was walking out I wrote a message on the door of Matt’s room that really made me ashamed of myself the next time I saw it, ‘STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE, YOU FRUIT.’ How bad is that?”

“Bad, but then understandable too,” Colt said.

“I’ve got to agree there. I might not have a brother but that was low of Matt,” Corey said. He turned to Matt and pulled him in for a kiss. “I still love you though.”

“So yeah, for the next six months we didn’t speak to each other and tried to avoid each other. I think I can speak for both of us when I say we were really miserable for the most part and wanted to make up because we missed each other so bad, but we had too much pride to let ourselves do that, so it just went on and on and on,” Kris said.

“But eventually we came to our senses and the bond we had became even stronger to the point where we both know now that it will never be broken. We will always be best friends and we will always be there for each other,” Matt said smiling.

“How did you ever make up after that though? I mean those were some harsh words to forgive on both sides,” Colt asked.

“I guess we realized what we mean to each other and said how we really felt instead of bottling it up,” Kris said.

“Definitely, I said, ‘You’ve helped me more than I could ever put into words, Kris. You opened up a door for me to have friends and be a part of your crew, which is something I would have never had without you. I would probably have been some loner, sat alone in his room, studying or wallowing in his own self pity, a lot like I had been since our fight.’” Matt remembered.

Kris smiled, “It was heart warming but we realized we love each other. I could finally express my feelings. ‘And you’re the only one I really feel I can trust, and I don’t just mean with silly secrets, I mean with my life. I can open up to you when I don’t feel like I can to anyone else and know that you won’t think any less of me. Through the alcohol problems and things with Nathan, you were by my side and I can’t thank you enough, Matt.’”

“‘It’s funny. It feels like when we’re together we can face anything and beat it, yet when we’re alone we’re not strong enough. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I cried myself to sleep because you weren’t my best friend any more. I wanted to make everything right with you, to go back to how we were, but I just didn’t know what to say or if it would work’” Matt continued.

Kris looked into Matt’s eyes, “We apologized to each other and made sure we knew that all was forgiven but I still wanted to prove how much Matt meant to me so I reached into my pants pocket and pulled out the ‘N’ necklace that had been my brother’s. I had given it to Matt but when we had our fight he took it off. I kept it, hoping one day he’d wear it again to show how much he means to me.”

Matt smiled, “I took the necklace and slipped it over my head, and then I looked at Kris and said, ‘Of course I’ll wear it. When I have this around my neck I feel as if I’m carrying a part of you with me and when it dangles so close to my heart it feels like it’s symbolic because you’ll always have a place in my heart… brother.’”

“You’re not wearing it now,” Colt said. “In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear it.”

“I gave it back to Kris to give to Derek. I don’t need to wear it close to my heart any more because Kris will always have a place IN my heart and that will never change.” Matt said, placing his hand over his chest.

“Yep, and we sealed the deal with our first proper kiss,” Kris said, smiling. “I wanted to seal the friendship with something more than just a hug to prove to Matt how much I loved him.”

“You did that, brother, you did that.” Matt said.

At that moment there was a knock on the door and it slowly opened as Scott popped his head inside the room to see what the guys were up to. “Sorry to interrupt you guys but I had to get away from Garrett and his loud music, the one night he’s actually in our room and he’s making all sorts of noise.”

“That’s okay. We were just talking and reliving some pretty pivotal moments in our lives. Let’s go into the main room and continue this with a drink.” Kris said.

The boys agreed and moved to the main room, sitting on the two sofas while Kris went to the fridge and returned with five beers, handing one to each of his friends and then opening one for himself.

“Our lives have changed so much since we came to college,” Matt said. He reached over to grab a picture frame, “just look at this picture of our first day,”

Kris looked at it, “You’re not fucking kidding! I still remember our first day like it was yesterday.”

“Yeah, you were so excited, Kris. You said our dorm room looked like home but I just thought it was small.”

“That’s because you’re a spoiled mommy’s boy,” Kris smiled.

“Fuck off!” Matt laughed. “You were right though, when you said we’d survive.”

“Why wouldn’t we have? You were a miserable fucker that first day, though.”

“No I wasn’t!”

“Oh come on, Matt, it was outside sunny when we moved our things in but you stayed inside and went around arranging everything like you’ve got OCD/ Then when I started horsing around and rubbed that shaggy hair you had back then you looked at me like you wanted to kill me.”

“I was just nervous, I didn’t know what to expect. I was terrified that no one would accept me because I was gay and I’d end up shunned and alone while you went off to have the most amazing time for four years.”

“Yeah, but you knew I always had your back and I more than proved that.”

“You did, and I can’t thank you enough. I’ve never regretted coming here thanks to you. You’re the best friend anyone could ever hope for and I’ve made other awesome friends, met the most amazing boyfriend and got to suck all of your dicks too,” Matt said.

“Yeah and you’re fucking good at that,” Colt laughed.

“Best I’ve ever had,” Kris said.

“Definitely,” Scott smiled.

“And luckily this hot mouth is mine,” Corey said, leaning over to kiss Matt, slipping his tongue inside.

“Well thank you guys, you’re all pretty good yourself, but our time here hasn’t all been the best, do you remember the night Kris was beyond fucked?” Matt asked.

“You mean the night me and Jess had to get him in a headlock just to try to stop him from doing something stupid?”

“Yeah, it scared the crap out of me. He was so out of it.”

“He was stoned,” Scott chuckled.

“That was awful. He didn’t even recognize Scott and Jess. He thought they were two strangers who were attacking him. When he saw me he ran straight to me and started begging for my help. I was so scared,” Matt said, turning to Kris. “When you looked at me it was like you were possessed, your eyes just looked blank. I knew you’d taken something but I didn’t know what. I knew with the way you were freaking out that I needed to get everyone you didn’t recognise out of the room or you might have flipped.”

“Was I really that bad?” Kris asked.

“You didn’t even know where we were. You thought we were in your room at home.”


“I was glad you were so out of it because I was crying my eyes out. I just put my arms around you and held you as close as I could because I just wanted you to get better. Someone must have spiked your drink or something and I thought you might die if I didn’t take care of you.”

“That’s so sweet,” Colt said.

“Honestly bro, if you’d have been around for that you would have been the same as me. He thought Scott and Jess were trying to attack him and he wouldn’t relax because he thought they were going to come back and try to jump him. He was in attack mode himself and it took me having to lock the door and getting in to bed with him to just hold him all night to get him to calm down enough to go to sleep.”

“Yeah and while Matt was in bed with Kris all night, just holding him, I had to take care of myself in my own room,” Corey said, playfully rubbing his crotch.

“The bad thing is I don’t even remember that night, but when I woke up, having Matt by my side really meant a lot to me. I knew I would make it through college and I’d finally make my father proud. I let him down in high school so many times and Nathan let him down a whole lot too. When Nathan died, so did dad’s dream.”

“What dream was that?” Scott asked.

“He always wanted one of his sons to follow in his footsteps and come to this college, it’s been somewhat of a family tradition, but Nathan hated the idea and my grades were utter shit so it didn’t look likely. Then with Matt in my life I managed to pull my grades up enough to pass all my tests, graduate and come here,” Kris said with another smile.

“Your dad is more than proud of you now, Kris,” Matt said.

“Yeah, I guess he is,” Kris beamed.

“I wish I knew my father,” Corey sighed.

“Believe me, Corey, sometimes it isn’t great. I know my father and it hasn’t exactly been a great relationship,” Matt said. “I remember how awkward it was when he found me here on our way to a football game. He wanted to know who I was with, like he couldn’t believe I wasn’t alone.”

“Oh yeah, I remember that,” Corey said. “You introduced me as your boyfriend like you expected him to recoil in horror and run away.”

Matt laughed, “I guess in a way I did. I’m not ashamed of who or what I am and if he couldn’t accept me then I didn’t want him back in my life. He asked if my mom knew. Like I wouldn’t have told her!”

“He did give you some money though and you still get to see him every now and then, going out to eat together. That’s a lot more than what I get from my father,” Corey said.

“That’s true,” Kris said, “and you know if he had been an asshole to you I wouldn’t have let him spout off without giving him a piece of my mind. He’s lucky to have you as his son.”

“I was surprised you managed to hold your tongue when my dad was here,” Colt said, “the stupid homophobic bastard.”

“Not everyone can have good parents like Kris and Matt here,” Corey pointed out.

“My parents are great, but it seems like it’s just an act sometimes. You never see them get really mad and they never mention Nathan to anyone who doesn’t talk about him first,” Kris said.

“Scott, what are your parents like?” Matt asked. “We didn’t get to see them much on Parent’s Day.”

“Oh, they’re awesome, man. Dad and I are really open about everything. We can talk to each other about anything and he tells some of the best jokes I’ve ever heard. He was the one who got me to introduce myself to Juan and he doesn’t care if I want to walk around naked at home.”

“You don’t, do you?” Corey asked.

“No. Besides, I’m a good boy, not like Kris here.”

“You bitch! I’m a great kid!” Kris exclaimed.

“I know, I mean not once have any of us ever seen you lose your temper,” Matt said, trying to keep a straight face.

“Your temper is legendary, Kris. No one ever wants to piss you off,” Corey said.

“Ahh, just Kris being Kris,” Colt said, slapping Kris on the back.

“I thought he was going to kill Brennan when we were at yours, Colt,” Scott said.

Colt laughed, “Yeah, when he screamed, ‘Motherfucker!’ and got right in Brennan’s face after he whipped him with the towel?”

“That’s the one!” Scott chuckled. “Puffing up his macho chest and screaming, ‘Motherfucker, I’m gonna fuck your ass up!’”

Everyone in the room burst out laughing at Scott’s impression of Kris.

“Corey and I ran so fast to stop them from killing each other, especially when Brennan stood his ground. What was it he said, ‘Like I really give a fuck! That was for all the shit you did to me in the water.’?” Matt asked.

“Yep,” Scott said, “and then he told Brennan to go fuck me some more!”

“Oh yeah!” Corey shouted, remembering. “And then Brennan said, ‘Fuck you asshole! I bet you like Colt’s fucking dick up your ass!’ Damn, I can still remember the look of pure rage in Kris’s eyes.”

“Me too, man,” Colt said. “I thought Kris was gonna kill Brennan when he jumped at him and tackled him to the ground, getting his hands around Brennan’s throat.”

“Yeah and they were still arguing as Matt shouted at them to stop and we tried to pull Kris off Brennan,” Corey said.

“You got me to calm down though,” Kris said.

“Yeah, but that wasn’t the only time it’s happened, is it?” Scott asked.

“Hell no!” Corey said. “The fucker spit in my face when I was defending Matt when Kris attacked him.”

“I was beyond low when I did that, but really, dude, Matt started that fight, he threw the first punch, I just retaliated. And that slap you caught me with stung like a motherfucker!” Kris laughed.

“Like I said, you deserved that!” Corey laughed.

“And remember at the beginning of this semester when you were chasing Colt around this room, I think it was something to do with the water balloons and Colt accidentally ripped your shirt?” Scott asked.

“Yeah…” Kris said with a sigh.

“You had me pinned against the wall, bro. I thought you were gonna punch me,” Colt said.

“Really?” Scott asked. “I thought he was gonna fuck you.”

“Fuck off!” Kris laughed. “Wishful thinking more like, your perverted little ass would have loved to have seen that.”

“Matt was the one who pulled you off me then, too,” Colt said.

“Yeah, I know, if it wasn’t for Matt I’d probably have been thrown out of college, or thrown in jail for kicking the crap out of people. That’s why he’ll always be my best friend and why I need him by my side. He keeps me on the right path.”

“Yeah, and it’s a full time job!” Matt laughed.

“It’s funny really,” Colt said.

“What is?” Kris asked.

“Well, usually whenever we play around it ends one of two ways, either you blow up on my ass, or you end up with my dick in yours!” Colt said, trying not to laugh.

“Fucker!” Kris shouted, diving across the room to tackle Colt to the ground. He pulled up his shirt and tickled him until Colt begged him to stop.

“There were times his temper has come to the rescue though,” Scott said as Kris and Colt returned to their seats. “I think we all remember what happened with Lee.”

“Yeah,” Corey said. “I remember him hitting me. I was so pissed off that I pushed him away from me and said something like ‘You’re fucking pathetic! The worst part is you’re so jealous of me!’ but that just made him worse.”

“Oh hell yeah, I remember hearing him slap you,” Kris said.

“Come on, Kris, act it out with me,” Scott said, standing up and motioning for Kris to join him.

“‘What the fuck? Did you just slap Corey?’” Kris said.

Scott puffed out his chest, acting like the biggest badass ever, “‘Yeah, I slapped the faggot’s cock sucking face, bitch! Are you here to stop me?’”

“‘I am.’” Kris said, getting in Scott’s face. “‘You have a problem with those two you have a problem with me and a few others. You got that shit?!’”

Corey laughed, “That’s pretty good guys, except that this time Kris’s veins don’t look like they’re about to pop out of his neck!”

“‘You’re probably a faggot like those two are,’” Scott said, pointing a finger in Kris’s face.

“‘What did you just say?’”

“‘You heard me, faggot!’” Scott said, barely getting the words out of his mouth before he felt a soft slap from Kris. Playing along he dived to the floor and acted hurt.

Kris dived on stop of Scott and tickled him much like he had Colt just minutes earlier. “You want some more?!” Kris asked as Scott was convulsing with fits of laughter.

“I’d prefer you expel your energy in a different way,” Scott said, reaching down to cup Kris’s crotch and then pulling him in for a quick kiss.

Kris pulled back and playfully slapped Scott again. He helped Scott up and went over to the fridge to get five more beers, handing them out before sitting down. “You see, my temper can be good for some things.”

“Yeah, and there are other good qualities that help balance it out,” Colt said. “I’ve never met anyone who is able to strike up a conversation with anybody, even when they’ve just met, and get their whole life story out of them in no time quite like Kris.”

“Oh man, you should have seen him in Toronto when we were visiting Tanner,” Matt said. “We met these guys at a Jays game and Kris had them shirtless within minutes.”

“You really should be gay, Kris, if you can talk guys out of their clothes so easily,” Scott grinned.

“I can talk girls out of their clothes just as easily,” Kris smiled.

“You two need to get a room,” Colt laughed.

“I’ve got to thank Kris for getting me out of the dorm though and making me more outgoing. I might never have met you guys if not and might never have found my amazing boyfriend,” Matt said.

“Hell, if you hadn’t got with him, I certainly would have,” Scott said. “Corey’s hot as hell!”

“Let’s be thankful that Matt found me first then,” Corey smiled.

Scott threw a cushion at him but couldn’t hold back a laugh.

“I think we both lived up to our first deal, Matty,” Kris said. “I came in and told you that you were being really anti-social.”

“And I told you that maybe I liked it that way.”

“I hated that though. I was getting out and having a blast and I didn’t want you missing out on that. I was meeting all kinds of new and interesting people.”

“I know. I was happy and content to just keep things the way they were. I could have spent the full four years locked in that room and I would have been happy as long as my grades were good.” Matt said.

“I can’t think of anything worse,” Kris said. “You were still afraid people would treat you differently because you’re gay.”

“Yeah, I was. I’m not ashamed about being gay at all but I’m not the kind to go around announcing it to everyone, especially when I don’t know how they might react, I mean look at how people treated Stephan.”

“Yeah, but he just screamed out that he was different and seemed to live up to the stereotype like it’s what makes people gay,” Kris said.

“Yeah, Trevor tried doing that too, the idiot,” Scott said with a smile. “He didn’t get that being gay isn’t like some cult or religion where you all have to follow the same rules and guidelines and believe all the same things. Being gay doesn’t define who you are, sure it shapes who you are, but then so do so many other things, and I often think labeling people gives others the wrong impression right from the start.”

“That is so true,” Colt said. “Look at Matt and Corey, when I first met them I wouldn’t have guessed they were gay, but I liked them anyway, and when I did find out, it didn’t matter and they opened my eyes.”

“And your pants,” Scott chuckled.

“That was just Corey,” Matt laughed.

“Yeah, and then Kris got him out of those pants,” Corey smiled.

“Alright, that’s enough of that,” Kris said. “I helped Matt get out and be more sociable and Matt helped me with my studying.”

“He’s helped us all there,” Colt said. “Who knows where we’d be if he hadn’t?”

“Probably the same place as Jess,” Kris said.

“Between Scott’s legs?” Colt joked.

“Fuck you! I’m not some kind of whore, you know?” Scott said.

“Oh come on, Scott.” Colt said, “We love you, man, but you’ve probably had more people enter you than Disneyland.”

The entire room erupted in laughter.

“I did do more than just helping Matt get out of the room though,” Kris said after calming down. “I was the one who brought him and Corey together.

“No you weren’t,” Matt said. “I went into the bathroom at our old dorms and while I was washing my hands after doing my business I saw the cutest guy I’ve ever seen step out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around his waist with his hot body glistening with little drops of water.”

Corey smiled and pulled Matt in for a kiss. “I remember the look on your face. You couldn’t take your eyes off me. I said ‘Hey, what’s up?’ and you just said, ‘ummm… not much’. You looked like you were scared to talk to me.”

“I was, I was boning up and I didn’t want you to see!” Matt replied.

Corey laughed, “I told you ‘I think you’re cute too’ even though you hadn’t actually said it and then I introduced myself.”

“Yeah and then when we knew each other’s names you asked which room I was in and if you could stop by later. I said yes and you just sauntered off, so hot, and I stood there with a wet hand from the water that was still on your body and I didn’t want to do anything that might wash or rub it off,” Matt said, leaning in to kiss Corey.

“It was love at first sight, as lame as that shit sounds,” Kris said. “I remember us talking the night you met him. I said he was a really cool guy and you tried to casually agree, but it was so clear you had the hots for him.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t help my little dream, you said ‘he’s probably straight and has tons of girls after him’,” Matt said.

“You thought I was straight, Kris?” Corey asked.

“Well, you were ripped, you just looked manly,” Kris replied.

“Did you think he was cute?” Scott asked with one eyebrow raised.

“Yes! He’s always been a fucking hot stud.” Kris laughed.

“Correction,” Matt said, “he’s my fucking hot stud.”

“Yeah, and you couldn’t wait to get me into bed,” Corey smiled.

“What?” Matt asked. “If I recall correctly, it was you who wanted me to stay the night with you.”

“Yeah, and you agreed. You tried to hide your feelings but I knew you wanted me so bad,” Corey smiled. “I didn’t care that night if we fucked or if we just lay in each other’s arms, I just wanted to be with you.”

“I could tell that from the moment you started kissing me. You were really developing into a great kisser but you caught me a little off guard when you slipped your hand down the front of my shorts, not that I didn’t like it.”

“Didn’t like it?” Corey laughed. “Your hands went straight to my hot ass and had my boxer briefs down around my knees in seconds. Then we kissed and stripped each other naked.”

“Sex was so different with you, especially that first time. You were built so differently. I remember having to crawl on top of you because I was scared you were going to crush me.”

“Yeah right, you just wanted to rub that big dick of yours against mine and control the pace while I had my hands all over your ass.”

“You couldn’t wait to get my dick in your mouth. You didn’t act timid at all and just went for it with no objections from me. I couldn’t take it though and needed you too so I turned my body to suck your cock that was dripping like a faucet. We moaned with each other’s cocks in our mouths.”

“I’d never felt so close to you. I was so overwhelmed. Do you remember what I said to you?”

“Yes. You said, ‘Matt, I want you to be my first. Can I fuck… no, make hot love to you?’”

”I was so happy, but I was nervous as hell.”

“I know, but you did great. If I close my eyes I can still recall that first time like it was yesterday,” Matt said closing his eyes. “You grabbed my legs, threw them on your shoulders and pushed them forward just a little. I looked into your eyes and then you looked down and stuck your hard cock at my hole. It took a little while but then I felt the head enter past my sphincter and go into my ass. There was a little pain at first but nothing too bad. I rolled my eyes into the back of my head and felt your thick cock going deeper.”

“You moaned my name and I almost blew my load,” Corey said. “It felt so good I just had to kiss you.”

“It was amazing. When we stopped kissing I said, ‘Just fuck me now,’ loving how you felt inside me. You started slowly moving in and out. After a few thrusts, you slipped out and applied more lube, asking if I was okay.”

“You said, ‘never better’, and I felt exactly the same. I reinserted my hard cock and you pulled me closer while we stared deep into each other’s eyes. You reached down to jack off. We leaned over and pushed your ass higher off the bed with me kissing your neck while I slowly fucked you.”

“You felt so good inside me, I just wanted you to fuck me harder,” Matt said, his hand now running up and down Corey’s abs.

“I remember your screams, ‘OOO Corey, fuck me! Fuck my ass, you stud!’ and we couldn’t get enough of each other. Then you rolled on your side and slung your leg over mine. I was back inside you and nibbling on your ear as I was jacking you off. I came so hard inside you I thought the condom was going to break.”

”It felt so good, and then you jerked me off while you were kissing me. I exploded all over my stomach and then when we finally came down we kissed and caressed each other until we fell asleep in each other’s arms,” Matt said, leaning over to slip his tongue into Corey’s mouth.

“Fuck that was a hot story,” Scott said with a noticeable bulge in his pants.

“Too fucking right it was,” Kris said.

“I think we’d better take a break to calm ourselves down, besides, I need the toilet,” Colt said.

“Me too,” Corey agreed, adjusting the bulge in his own pants.

“Meet back here in five?” Scott asked.

With everyone in agreement Scott headed off to his own room with Colt racing with Corey to see who got to use their bathroom first. Matt and Kris looked at each other and smiled.


Thanks to Andy and Big 'D' for their hard work.  Hope you will enjoy this mini-series as the guys recall the highs and lows of 'Rooming with My Best Friend'.

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