The five friends all crowded around in the bathroom with the door closed and the vent running.
Scott lit the joint and passed it around to each of his friends.

“I’ve had so much awesome sex since I’ve been here,” Scott said, reliving the memories in his
head. “Let’s see… I’ve had sex, and I mean full sex, with Matt, Juan, Jess, Garrett, Hayden,
Brennan and our big stud over here, Kris. Oh, and I’ve traded blow jobs with Corey a couple of
times. And that’s just mentioning the people you guys know by name!”

“You do get around, Scott,” Matt laughed.

“Yeah and I’d fuck every one of them again,” Scott smiled. “Do you remember when Hayden and I
fucked in the same room as you and Corey?”

“Oh yeah, that was hot!” Matt said, taking a hit from the joint.

“We were in Corey’s room, in couples, so it wasn’t a foursome, but it was still hot. Corey was
between Matt’s legs while I was sucking Hayden’s hot cock.”

“I almost couldn’t focus on what Corey was doing because I was too busy watching Scott suck
Hayden’s dick,” Matt laughed. “I pulled Corey up for a long kiss and was really into our
foreplay. I broke the kiss and kissed down his body. I found his hard thick cock to lick it up
and down. My tongue moved to his balls before circling around his head. I could see Hayden
licking around the foreskin of Scott’s hard thick seven inches while I started sucking Corey’s
cock with fervor. He grabbed my head and started face fucking me.”

”I didn’t get chance to do that for long though,” Corey said, dreamily. “You stopped me and
pulled me down saying, ‘I need fucked!’”

“Yeah and you gave it to me. You lubed us up and threw my legs high in the air. Slowly your
hard cock went deep in me. I pulled you down and caught a glimpse of Scott grabbing the lube.
‘Oh fuck me, Corey,’ I moaned and then I heard Scott scream, ‘Goddamn this is fucking hot as
hell!’ and I could see he was inside Hayden’s nice ass.”

”There was lots of moaning, groaning, lip smacking, dirty talk and heavy breathing while we
were fucking,” Corey said, holding the joint in one hand and rubbing his crotch with the
other. “Matt was really in to me fucking him and let me know how great it felt with each deep
push. Finally the excitement, the atmosphere and pleasure overwhelmed him and he shot a big
nut with me deep inside him. I pulled out and shot my load and then our lips met.”

”Yeah! I fucked the cum out of Hayden and then I pulled out and covered his sweaty face with
my cum,” Scott smiled. “That was some good sex. Hayden was always good, then again so was
everyone I’ve fucked.”

“What was Jess like?” Corey asked.

“Oh incredible,” Scott grinned. “The ski trip was awesome and we fucked so much, but I think
my favorite time with him was actually this summer. I was at home, alone, after having my ass
stood up twice on the same night, and Jess just showed up.”

“So you fucked him?” Colt laughed, feeling the weed taking effect as he stood in the crowded

“No! We talked and smoked for ages before anything happened.”

“And what did happen?” Corey asked, clearly wanting to hear the story.

“We were fooling around in the pool and were both hard. We had a little contest to see who
could strip the other out of his swimming shorts first and when I got Jess’s off he seemed
embarrassed for some reason, but I just walked up to him, looking into his eyes the whole
time, and took his cock in my hand. He didn’t really move but he started moaning and told me
how good it felt so I stepped closer and pressed my lips to his.

“Suddenly it was like he came to life, he grabbed my head in both hands and his tongue was in
my mouth, battling with mine. Our hands were all over each other as we kissed and then he
backed me up against the side of the pool and started sucking my cock, right there in the back

“Where anyone could have seen you?” Kris asked.

“Yeah, man, that’s what made it so hot. We were out in the open and he had my dick in his
mouth. He sucks cock so well he had me ready to cum within a couple of minutes so I pulled him
off and we ended up on the side of the pool rubbing our hard dicks against each other. It was
incredible. After a while we headed inside and showered together, getting ready for the fuck
we both wanted.”

“Hot!” Corey said, leaning back against the wall and rubbing the bulge in his pants.

“I was in the kitchen when Jess came out of the shower. He came up behind me and started
kissing my neck. It felt so weird with his beard but I just melted into his arms and we went
into my sitting room where I pushed him down into a chair,” Scott said.

“Wait?” Matt said. “Your sitting room, as in where your whole family sits to watch TV?”

“Yeah!” Scott exclaimed.

“Fuck!” Matt said, feeling his dick twitch as he leaned his body back into Corey’s.

“He was sitting in my dad’s favorite chair with his legs apart so I dropped down to my knees
and started sucking his hot cock. He was so hard. I pulled back and kissed up his sexy body
until I was straddling him with my legs over the arms of the chair. My ass was directly over
his cock, which was running up and down the crack of my ass. We applied the lube and he put a
condom on and then he fingered my ass to get me ready.

“I rubbed the tip of his cock against my ass, making us both moan. Jess had such a look of
lust in his eyes and he pulled me in for a hot kiss. When I pulled back I lowered my ass and
slowly his dick started to sink inside me. Jess smiled and grabbed my hips, with one upward
thrust he buried himself in me completely.

“I lifted myself up, lowering myself back down on his hard cock, fucking myself on his dick.
It felt so good inside me. I kept moving up and down on his dick, alternating between lifting
myself and driving my ass back down and just gently rocking and rotating my hips, grinding
against him while his dick was deep inside me and kept hitting my spot.

“Jess then started thrusting up into me, really pushing himself deep. At first he was long
dicking me, letting almost all of his cock pull out of me before he plunged it back in. Soon
though, he had a hold on my hips and he was drilling his dick up in to me, pounding my ass
hard, lifting me up with the force of his thrusts. I was screaming in ecstasy. It was amazing.

“Jess must have sensed that I was close because amazingly he picked up the pace of his fucking
that much more. I felt like I was about to pass out with the feelings coming from my ass. His
cock was like a jack hammer as it fucked me. Then he grabbed my hard cock that was rock hard
and had been throbbing and leaking all over him. It only took him a few strokes for me to cum
all over his body, screaming with each shot that fired out of my dick. I collapsed on to him
in exhaustion afterwards, but he kept thrusting up into me.

“When I came down from my orgasm I realised he hadn’t cum yet so I offered to take care of him
but he said he had a better idea. He said, ‘When you’re ready… I want you to take me upstairs…
lay me down on your parent’s bed… and fuck the cum out of me.”

“Fucking hot!” Corey breathed, wrapping his arms around Matt and reaching down, slipping his
hand inside Matt’s pants to rub his hard cock.

“And did you?” Kris asked, smoking and stroking himself through his pants.

“Of course I fucking did! It was so hot! We slept in each other’s arms that night and then I
fucked him again in the morning before he pretty much made love to me for well over an hour
and a half, without busting his nut,” Scott smiled.

“Fuck! Even by Colt’s standards, that’s impressive!” Kris laughed.

“Tell me about it,” Scott said. “That was such a hot experience, though maybe not quite as fun
as the night me, Brennan, Matt and Corey all fucked in the same room.”

“Oh you are damn right there,” Matt agreed, enjoying Corey’s hand as it worked his cock. “The
second we shut the door, with me locking it, Scott was out of his shirt with Brennan kissing
his neck. Corey pulled me close and I let his hands massage my ass under my jeans. I pulled
him by the neck for a kiss with our tongues battling. I quickly pulled Corey’s shirt off and
noticed Brennan and Scott looking at his amazing body. They smiled and walked over to Corey,
approaching him from either side. They both leaned in to kiss him on the lips and then bent
down to each take a nipple into their mouths.”

“Oh yeah, and while those two were working my chest, Matt dropped to his knees and worked on
undoing my pants, pulling them down along with my boxers until my thick, hard cock was
bouncing in the air in front of his face. My moans were filling the room as Matt leaned in and
licked a bead of precum from my cock.”

“I pulled off Brennan’s pants next with his big uncut cock slapping against his stomach and
then I pulled Scott’s down and he was wearing the most amazing brief,” Matt said.

“You mean these?” Scott asked, dropping his pants to reveal his tight briefs that hugged is
hard cock, a small patch of precum soaking through the material and showing off his muscular
swimmers body.

“Fuck! Would you look at that!” Kris exclaimed, squeezing his hard cock.

“Corey and Brennan had the same reaction, they dropped to their knees and all three of us
battled each other to be the one to pull Scott’s briefs down. When we finally got them off I
stood up, as did Brennan, but Corey stayed on his knees. He looked mesmerised as he looked at
all three of our cocks.”

“Then he said one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time,” Scott laughed. “He said,
‘Damn! Look at those hot cocks. This might sound strange but if Scott and Matt’s cocks could
have a baby, Brennan’s carrying it.’”

“You’re a fucking idiot, Corey,” Colt laughed.

“I dropped back down to my knees and took hold of Brennan and Scott’s hard cocks, pulling them
together so they were side by side. I smiled at Corey and we both leaned in, licking around
the two hot cocks together, before I turned Brennan to face me, sucking his hot cock, loving
the different feeling it caused in my mouth, especially with the size. Corey was sucking
Scott’s cock for a little while and then we switched with Corey easily swallowing Brennan’s
whole dick after practicing on my cock, which really seemed to get Brennan going because he
pulled Scott away from me and threw him onto Kris’s bed.”

“You fucked in my bed?” Kris asked.

“Hell yeah, we did. Someone needs to get laid in that thing once in a while,” Scott smiled.

“You cheeky fucker!” Kris laughed.

“I pushed Corey down onto my bed so he was in a sitting position and went down on him. When I
pushed him onto his back and lubed up his thick cock, I turned to see Scott riding Brennan’s
covered dick, with Brennan pulling apart Scott’s cheeks so we had a clear view of his big cock
sliding in and out of Scott’s hot hole.”

“Instead of fucking right then we just stroked out cocks, watching the scene in front of us as
Scott and Brennan were kissing passionately and really making out as Brennan continued to fuck
up into Scott’s ass with Scott driving himself down on the hard dick. Using some lube to get
his ass good and ready Matt got on the bed on all fours with me moving in behind him and
pushing my bare dick inside him. From our position we could watch what Brennan and Scott were
doing while still enjoying the pleasure of having sex with each other.”

“Corey’s dick felt so good inside me as he held onto my hips and started thrusting in to me.
Scott’s back was to us as he continued to fuck himself on Brennan’s cock but Brennan was
looking over Scott’s shoulder, his eyes focused directly on where Corey’s thick cock was
starting to drill my ass. He seemed more aggressive than usual but he wasn’t hurting me, he
was just really fucking me hard, his hips hitting against mine, our balls bouncing off each

“We were really getting in to it, with Matt pushing back against me as I drove my dick into
him hard, making him moan, when we saw Brennan almost throw Scott off him so Scott was on his
back. Brennan climbed on the bed and grabbed Scott’s legs, pushing them up until Scott was
almost bent in half, his feet actually touching the mattress on either side of his head, his
ass pointing straight at the ceiling. Brennan then stood so he was straddling Scott’s prone
body and aimed his dick down at Scott’s hot hole as it twitched.”

“Corey pulled out of me and we both turned to watch in awe as Brennan sank his cock deep
inside Scott’s upturned ass, pushing in until he was balls deep and his knees were bent. Scott
screamed out in pleasure. Brennan straightened his legs, which pulled his dick up, almost out
of Scott’s ass and then he bent his legs again, plunging his dick back inside Scott, going
faster and faster until he was really fucking him.”

“Holy shit! You can really get fucked like that?” Kris asked.

“Hell yeah, maybe I can show you one day?” Scott said.

“I might just take you up on that,” Kris smiled, rubbing his cock.

“I don’t think I had ever seen anything hotter,” Matt said. “Corey pushed me down so I was on
my back and shoved his dick back inside me, making me scream. I wrapped my arms around him as
he looked into my eyes with wild lust and started to pound my ass. He was fucking me so hard I
could barely hold on to him. He pushed my legs up to get better access to my ass, pushing
himself up into a press up position so he could really drill my ass with his thick cock,
grinding his hips against mine. His dick was moving smoother in my ass than it sometimes did
but I knew that was because he was so turned on he was leaking untold amounts of precum into
my ass which was acting as extra lube.
He continued to fuck me hard and deep, really pounding me, his hips slamming against mine.”

“Brennan suddenly pulled out of Scott’s ass and pushed him so he was flat on his back with his
head over the edge of the bed. He grabbed Scott’s ankles in his hands and moved them up so
Scott was spread eagled below him before driving his cock back in Scott’s already well fucked
ass,” Corey added.

“Corey suddenly pulled out of my ass and lay down on the bed. I got the hint without him
having to say a word and straddled him, sitting my ass down on his thick cock to start riding
him. From this position we could both easily turn our heads to see how hard Brennan was
fucking Scott, almost sending him flying off the bed. I was driving my ass down onto Corey’s
cock and he sank flat to his back, holding on to my hips so that he could shove his dick up
into me with all the force and strength he could muster, really bouncing me up and down on his
thick cock.”

“Oh fuck guys, it was so hot,” Scott said, stroking his cock through his briefs, still not
having pulled his pants back up. “I was the first to blow, without even touching myself,
firing off one hell of a load that shot so far out of my cock it coated my face and some even
landed in my open mouth.”

“Brennan quickly pulled out of Scott and ripped off his condom, moving to straddle Scott’s
chest, with a few strokes he took aim and shot his load all over Scott’s face, covering him
with even more cum,” Matt laughed. “I was close and I felt Corey’s grip on me tighten so I
knew he was too. We made eye contact and he had a really devious grin on his face. Suddenly I
knew what he wanted to do. I nodded and pulled myself off his cock with a pop. We both got up
off the bed and walked over to where Scott was still laying. We each grabbed our cocks and
frantically jerked, cumming at exactly the same time and flooding Scott’s face and mouth with
a third and fourth load.”

“So in other words, Scott, you’re a massive whore?!” Colt said laughing as he finished the

“I’m not that big a whore!” Scott laughed. “I won’t even tell you about the smoking hot high
school quarterback I fucked over the summer, but Juan used to fuck me so good when he was
really horny. Sometimes he would be so tender and gentle and would just take his time while he
was fucking me, almost as if he was afraid of hurting me, and then other times he would just
totally let go and fuck my brains out, pounding me into the mattress.”

“So come on then, if you’re talking about your conquests, tell us about Brennan fucking you
bare,” Corey said.

“We never planned on fucking bare,” Scott said, “We just couldn’t find any condoms. He’s so
good though, guys, he knew exactly what to do to my cock to drive me wild when he was blowing
me and when he fingered my ass I just kept begging him to fuck me, but he kept teasing me and
then made me suck his dick to get him nice and wet to fuck my ass.

“It got to the point where I couldn’t take it any more so I pinned Brennan to the floor and
lubed up his cock and sat down on it. It felt so good as it sank deep inside me. He bottomed
out and I had the whole of his huge uncut cock inside me, fucking me deep and raw. I started
moving faster, riding his cock, moving my hips back and forth and around in little circles,
driving his dick further inside me at all angles, rubbing my spot again and again.

“He planted his feet on the ground and gripped my hips even tighter, really pumping his cock
into my ass, actually lifting me up off the ground with a couple of really hard, deep thrusts.
Then he showed me the first of many new positions that totally blew my mind. He moved with his
dick never leaving my ass, until he was sat up. I wrapped my arms around his neck and then he
carefully moved until he was on his knees. I wrapped my legs around his waist and was
completely off the ground, impaled on his dick as he started rocking back and forth. Every
time he rocked backward his dick pulled out until only the head was left inside me and then
when he rocked forward he plunged the whole thing back inside me.”

“Jesus, We need to try that Corey,” Matt said, turning his head for a quick kiss as Corey
continued to rub his hard cock.

“You really should, it was amazing. Then he lay me down on my back on the ground and fucked me
hard. As he continued to drill my ass my entire body tensed up and started to spasm.
Everything was tingling, it was out of this world, better than any drug high,” Scott said. “It
was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had and my ass squeezed Brennan’s dick so good that he
exploded inside me.”

“Fuck that’s hot,” Corey said.

“Tell me about it, I know why you and Matt fuck bareback, feeling someone cum inside you is
beyond words, it’s got to be felt to be believed,” Scott said.

“So was that your best fuck?” Colt asked.

“No,” Scott said, not even having to think.

“Then who was?” Colt asked.

“Matt,” Scott smiled. “It was when he had broken up with Corey in the first semester. I had
wanted a piece of Matt from the moment I saw him and when these two broke up I saw my
opportunity, so I took it.”

“I wasn’t sure at first, not just because of Corey but because we were friends, but I couldn’t
think of a solid reason why we shouldn’t fuck,” Matt said. “Scott unbuttoned my jeans and
pushed them, along with my boxer briefs, to the floor. He smiled and grabbed my big cock,
licking up and down it with one hand holding my low hanging balls. He kissed me again and
returned to my cock. With one hand jacking me, his mouth covered my cock. His mouth felt so
good and was so wet. He pulled up and licked the head and underside of my rock hard cock. He
stopped and dropped only his jeans since he was going commando to free his straining cock. I
reached around and grabbed his cock while Scott returned to jacking and sucking my cock.”

”When I stopped we moved to Matt’s bed and he licked my chest and abs. He dropped down and
started slobbering on my veiny meat. He was sucking me and running his hands all over my body
and then he opened his throat and took all of me in his mouth. I nearly came right there!”
Scott laughed.

“We were both so horny and just wanted to fuck,” Matt said. “I pulled out my condoms and lube.
I wasn’t prepared for it but was too horny to stop. Scott unrolled the condom and lubed us up.
I was on my back ready to take him. He leaned over for a kiss. I felt his hard cock at my hole
and opened up to take him. He slid in me with a touch of pain. When he was deep in me he
really began fucking me. It felt so good to have him inside me. I moaned with each plunge.
Scott pinched my nipples and continued to fuck me with his nice cock. He pressed me forward
with my feet on his chest. He looked me deep in the eyes while fucking my ass. I was moaning
and breathing hard as ever.”

“I slapped Matt’s ass and rammed my cock in and out of him. He was almost screaming with
pleasure along with panting like a dog. Then I pulled out, pulled off the condom and told Matt
I wanted to get fucked.”

“I grabbed a condom and lube. I fingered his ass to loosen him up. He unrolled the condom
after I was rock hard again. He got on his knees to take me. I eyed on very hot ass and
slapped his ass with my cock. I stuck my throbbing cock at his hole. I pushed in and felt a
little enter before slipping out. I poured more lube on my cock and his ass. I pushed again
and slipped inside. I slowly went deeper and could feel his tight ass around my cock. With
half my cock in him, I slowly started fucking him.

”I continued to fuck him slowly and going deeper in him. He reached down and started jack his
cock while I methodically fucked him at a slow pace. I increased the pace and heard his deep
moans. It wasn’t too long before my cock was all the way in him. His ass was so tight but
getting a tad looser. I grabbed his waist and fucked him at a good pace. I kept it up until a
few minutes later when I felt his ass almost strangle my cock. He groaned loudly and busted
his load on my bed. He shot for what seemed like forever and covered my bed with his cum. I
waited until he finished and pulled out. After a few strokes, with Scott now on his stomach, I
came all over his chest. I spewed a good 5 shots across his chest. He grabbed my sensitive
cock and smeared the cum on his chest. He pulled me down for a hard passionate kiss.”

”Like this,” Scott said, pulling Matt in for a deep, passionate, tongue-filled kiss.

“Alright, that’s enough,” Corey said, pulling Matt away from the kiss and pulling him in for a
kiss of his own.

Corey then grabbed Scott and kissed him passionately, their tongues battling. When they pulled
apart from the kiss they headed back into the living area since they had finished smoking,
with Scott kicking off his pants to leave him in just his briefs and tee.

“So Colt’s the only guy here you haven’t done anything with?” Kris asked Scott.

“Yep, but maybe that will change soon,” Scott smiled.

“Don’t count on it,” Colt said, sticking out his tongue. “I have sucked every cock in this
room but yours though, Scott. I prefer to have my fun with a girl. Andrea is such a good
lover… What can I say? I prefer a beautiful pussy to a cock.”

“I can see the plus points of both,” Kris said.

“Just like me,” Scott agreed. “Both are hot, you really should fuck a girl one day, dude.”

“Yeah, you all keep telling me that. I might one day, just don’t push me in to anything,” Matt

“We won’t,” Scott laughed. “Sometimes I wish Trevor had at least tried a girl, he lets the
whole gay thing get to him far too much. This summer he really went off on one. I knew
something wasn’t right, so I asked him what was wrong and he told me to mind my own fucking

“That wasn’t normal. Usually he says something to me like ‘ya’ or he just walks past me
without saying anything after a hard day at work, he never snaps at me. He’s a really quiet
kid on the whole and outbursts like that just weren’t him so I was concerned. I asked him
again what was wrong but he kept saying it was nothing and told me to fuck off and leave him

“So what was wrong?” Kris asked.

“He was being sort of bullied by the high school quarterback about being gay,” Scott said.

“Hang on,” Colt interrupted. “Are you talking about the quarterback you fucked?”

“Hell yeah, I am. I got to fuck him because of his problem with Trevor. He was in the closet
and lashing out because of that. He was in incredible fuck. I’ve been texting him all semester
and I’m fucking him again over Christmas break!” Scott laughed. “He did make me and Trevor
closer though.”

“How so?” Corey asked.

“Randy, that’s the quarterback’s name, was being a complete asshole to Trevor and I went up to
him to stop him and when I said Trevor was my brother, Randy said, ‘Oh really? And what’s it
like having a gay boy for a little brother?’” Scott said.

“And what did you say to that?” Corey asked.

“‘Much better than having a dumbass little homophobe for a brother, but then I bet you don’t
like to let people know you had to repeat a grade because you’re too much of a moron to
realize that playing sports and having your tiny cock inside a slutty cheerleader isn’t enough
to get you by in the world. Even now I bet you’re struggling to process what I just said.’”

“Was his cock tiny?” Matt asked.

“Not at all, and it felt damn good in my ass,” Scott smiled. “Anyway, I turned around and
started walking away from Randy. When I reached Trevor I threw my arm around his shoulder and
made him turn around with me, heading down the street toward home. After a minute of walking
in silence he turned to me and said, ‘I can’t believe you just did that.’

“‘Why not?’ I asked, and he replied, ‘I don’t know. I just didn’t think you’d ever stick up
for me like that, especially to him.’ We talked a little more after that and I said, ‘You need
to stand up to him, bro, show him you’re not afraid.’

“He looked frightened but said, ‘Yeah well maybe you did that today. I just hope he doesn’t
take it out on me.’ I stopped myself from laughing and said, ‘If he does, you tell me. I’m not
having my little brother picked on by some idiot jock.’ Trevor didn’t speak so I turned to
look at him and I could see that there were tears in his eyes so I stopped him and asked him
what was wrong.”

“What was wrong with him?” Kris asked.

“Nothing really, he said, ‘I just… I never knew you really cared so much about me,’ through
his tears. I put my arm around him and said, ‘Oh course I do! You’re my little brother, I love
you.’ For some reason he thought I didn’t love him, the fool,” Scott smiled.

“Trevor is a great kid, he’s just been confused a lot I think,” Matt said.

“Oh, I agree, I love the little guy. He really appreciated you talking to him about sex at my
house, Matt. I wouldn’t have known what to say,” Scott said.

Kris and Colt burst out laughing. “You? Not talk about sex?” Colt asked.

“He’s my little brother. I don’t want him knowing all of my sexual exploits,” Scott said.

“Yeah, he’s too innocent for that,” Corey laughed.

“I miss my brother,” Kris said out of the blue, “Nathan was such a good guy and his life ended
far too early.”

“Yeah, but he’s still living through you, Kris,” Matt said. “Tell them about how he used to
read to you at night.”

“I must have been eight or nine,” Kris smiled. “He would come home and spend at least three
afternoons a week, just playing games on the computer, or he would tell me about his day or
crack jokes with me. He would always put a smile on my face. I even remember when I had a
strange nightmare one night, I can’t remember what it was but it scared me shitless. I got up
and went into Nathan’s room. He woke up and asked me what was wrong. When I told him I was
scared he told me to get in his bed and he held me all night. He made me feel safe. Whenever I
had a nightmare after that I always went to him. Eventually we started having the nightly
chats that I now have with Matt.”

“I had no idea that’s how our chats originated or why they were so important to you,” Matt
said. “I see now that even though you don’t talk about him much, your subconscious keeps him
alive through our chats.”

“Chase and I were quite close when we were little,” Colt said. “We always used to play with
each other, pulled pranks on each other, it’s great being similar in age, but then at the same
time as you grow up you kind of wish they’d leave you alone and live their own life, even
though you still love them to bits,”

“I’ve got to agree there,” Scott smiled.

Corey spoke up, “Sometimes I wish I had a brother. Before I met you guys it was so hard,
especially when I had no one to talk to.”

Kris turned to Corey and smiled, “Hey, like I said a few weeks ago, Tabor can be your adopted
little brother, I’m sure you’d both love that. And you have a great relationship with Heath
and Lane, that’s almost brotherly. But seriously, we may not be brothers by blood but I really
do consider the five of us brothers now, and I hope you do too, Corey. I love each one of

“We feel the same big guy,” Colt said. “We all feel so comfortable with each other.”

“Yeah,” Kris said, “you guys have no problem with me being naked anymore.”

“It’s not like we have much choice,” Scott laughed.

“I guess not, though each one of you has done a lot more than just look at my cock,” Kris
smiled, squeezing his crotch.

“True, but you get naked everywhere, it doesn’t matter who is around!” Colt said. “You loved
being naked at my place.”

“And mine,” Corey said. “Hell, you and Colt had a picture taken of the two of you naked with
your arms around each other.”

“We all had naked pictures taken,” Kris said. “Does it really bother you that I go around

“No!” Scott said. “We love it, we all think you’re hot as hell, even Colt.”

“I can’t argue with that,” Colt smiled. “Though sometimes living in this dorm is like living
in a nudist colony.”

“Well as long as it doesn’t bother any of you…” Kris said, pulling off his top and throwing it
across the room. “These pants are coming off soon too, I’m fucking rock hard with some of
these hot stories.”

“Can we talk about something else, then?” Colt asked.

“You said you were the master of pranks, Matt, what other pranks did you pull?” Scott asked.

“I’m not sure?” Matt said.

“How about the time you two dirty fuckers pissed on me,” Colt said.

“You pissed on him?” Scott asked in disgust.

“We were just messing around,” Kris said. “We quietly walked over and eased open the bathroom
door. Steam was filling the room. I moved over, yanked open the shower door and we both
started pissing all over Colt’s naked body.”

Scott laughed, “That’s fucking sick!”

“They thought it was fucking funny!” Colt exclaimed.

“Kris and I were about doubled over laughing with the look of utter shock on Colt’s face as
our piss covered his body,” Matt laughed. “He bolted from the shower and raced after us. He
caught me and tackled me to the ground, but I was laughing so hard I wasn’t bothered until I
felt a warm stream hit my shirt. Colt was pissing on me instead!”

“Then I tried to pull him up off Matt and the fucker pissed all over my legs,” Kris said.

“I was just getting you back. That shit should never happen again,” Colt said.

“You nearly drown my ass!” Matt laughed.

“Worst thing is it’s not the first time you pissed on me, Matt,” Colt said shaking his head.

“When else did I piss on you?”

“When you made that smart comment about the football team taking another ass kicking, Kris and
Corey here chased you into your room. When they caught you they kept tickling you and then I
joined in until you told us to stop or you’d piss yourself. I never fucking thought you would
but you did you nasty little fucker!” Colt laughed.

“We have had some amazing times,” Kris laughed.

“Yeah, we’ve had the greatest time, even with the fights that have happened. College has been
more than I could have ever dreamed it would be,” Matt said. “When the chips are down, we’re
always there for each other.”

“Yeah and even when we fuck up, like I did with that stupid fight last month, you guys were
still there for me. I meant everything I said guys when I said, ‘You are looking at the
biggest fuck up known to man. I compounded one mistake and continued to make mistake after
mistake. It wasn’t bad enough to start with my best friend but I let it spread to all three of
you before I was finished. I’m sorry I made your life a living hell… I beg for your
forgiveness’, and you all gave me it and I’m eternally thankful,” Kris said with a smile.

“I hate not living in the same room as you guys. I miss all these great bonding moments, don’t
I?” Scott asked.

“Maybe you do, but we’ve still got a great bond with you, bro,” Kris said. “You wouldn’t be
here with us now if you didn’t.”

“I guess that’s true,” Scott smiled.

“These guys are incredible though,” Colt said. “I think the moment that summed up how close we
all are has to be when I was embarrassed by my dad when he went off about Matt and Corey being
gay. I went into my room feeling like shit and these guys came and gave me a hug.”

“We were worried about you so we all went to check on you,” Kris stated. “The three of us
entered the room with Colt sitting on his bed, he was so pissed off so we wanted to show him
it was okay and we knew it wasn’t him talking, it as his father.”

“Your dad was right though, Kris,” Matt said. “He said, ‘if that ain’t true friendship, I
don’t know what is’.”

“You’re so fucking right,” Kris said. “Sure we do fight like hell sometimes but in the end we
all love each other like brothers do. We’re closer than anyone in a frat could ever be. Now if
anyone tries to mess with one of us they have the other four to mess with too.”

Kris stood up and held out his arms. Scott and Matt got up to hug him with Corey and Colt
joining for a group hug. When they pulled back Matt looked at Corey and saw tears in his eyes.

“Are you okay?” Matt asked.

“I’m fine. That night just reminded me of how much my parents have changed. You guys heard
what Larry said, ‘It’s been hard on Marie and me to accept Corey. We fought it like hell not
to accept it and we thought he would change but in the end with love him to death’.”

“We all have parents who may be drunks, homophobes or just plain idiots, and things might not
always be great, but deep down we know they love us,” Scott said.

“So true, and we have each other too. We have a bond that will last forever,” Kris said. “Even
after college, if we move away from each other, all any of you would have to do would be to
call and I would be there for you.”

“I agree,” Matt said, smiling.

“Me too,” Corey and Colt said at the same time.

”What’s ironic though,” Kris said, “is that, with the exception of me and Matt, the first true
friendship that formed here was between Matt and Scott, which is amazing considering I pretty
much had to drag Matt out of our room.”

“You wanted to show me who was the king of Street Fighter, my favourite game, and Scott
challenged me to a game immediately while Juan and Kris watched and talked,” Matt added.

“You let Scott win though,” Kris laughed.

“What?” Scott exclaimed. “I guess he held back because he didn’t want to whoop my ass and have
me hating him just after we met.”

“You were the first person to actually ask me if I was gay,” Matt remembered.

“Juan and I thought you were but we needed to be sure. Once that issue was dealt with we could
just get down to being ourselves,” Scott said.

“Yeah, and we’ve been great friends ever since,” Matt smiled. “You felt sorry for asking if I
was gay but I didn’t care because I’m not ashamed.”

“I’m glad I asked too because I got to have amazing sex with you!” Scott laughed.

Matt laughed too, “I know you were almost disappointed when we didn’t get together.”

“I was, I won’t lie, Matt, you’re the perfect kind of guy for me, but then Corey is the
perfect guy for you, so I can’t hold it against you. I know one day I will find either the guy
or girl who is right for me. I did think that might have been Hayden, but I was wrong.”

“Maybe Brennan is?” Kris asked.

“I don’t know,” Scott said. “I love the guy, he is so hot and we have such good sex, but I’m
not sure how deep it really goes. I know I’m bi and I will be happy with whoever I fall in
love with”

“That’s the best way to be,” Corey said. “I’m not sure these two will ever be in a
relationship with a guy,” pointing to Kris and Colt, “but I say whatever makes you happy is
what you need to do and anyone who can’t accept that isn’t worth knowing.”

“Too true,” Scott said, noticing that Kris and Colt said nothing. “You helped me so much
though Matt when we talked about me wanting to be with Hayden and not knowing if I was gay or

“That’s what friends do,” Matt smiled.

“Yeah, like when you and Kris comforted me when my dad called and told me that my mom could
have had breast cancer. I could barely hold myself together but you were there for me. I was
worried sick and had tests to do. I would have gone mad if I didn’t have you guys,” Scott
smiled. “You’re the best friends a guy could have, just look at what happened when Juan’s
grandmother died. We all went to the funeral to support him and it meant the world to him.”

“And we’d do the same for any of our friends,” Kris smiled, embracing his friends again.