“You know it’s funny to think that if we hadn’t have become such good friends
so quickly we might actually have become a couple, Scott,” Matt said, smiling.

“I know. I wanted that so bad too,” Scott laughed. “I can’t tell you how long
it took for me to stop being jealous of Corey getting to ride your big dick
every night, but now I have a nice hot cock of my own to ride with Brennan,
even if he doesn’t want to admit he has feelings for me.”

“I didn’t think you wanted to be in a relationship, though?” Matt asked.

“I don’t. I wouldn’t be able to fuck around with other people if we were a
couple,” Scott chuckled.

“If you came to some kind of understanding you could,” Corey smiled. “I can’t
tell you how hot our three-way with Colt was.”

“What?” Scott exclaimed. “When did that happen?”

“Not too long ago actually,” Corey said. “It was when Matt and Kris had their
fight and Matt was staying in my room. We were snuggled up and I just told him
to ‘slide it in me’, and he did. The friction of not using lube made the whole
thing so intense.”

“I was lying on my bed, facing away from them, when I heard them moaning. I
looked over to see Matt’s ass moving and asked, ‘Are y’all fucking over there?’
Matt said they were and my cock sprang to life, I mean I already had a semi,
but knowing they were fucking was just so hot. I couldn’t help myself. I got
out of bed and walked over to them with my cock throbbing and said, ‘what would
be nice is if I could get my dick sucked.’”

“God I wanted Colt’s cock so bad,” Matt said. “I pulled out of Corey and moved
on the bed. Corey got on his hands and knees with me behind him. I pushed my
hard cock back inside him and since Colt was standing right beside me I moved
my head and began licking his dripping cock while slowly fucking Corey.”

“Matt’s dick felt so good in my ass,” Corey continued, “but I could hear him
and Colt moaning so I managed to bend my body so I could lap at Colt’s low
hanging nuts. Matt moved his head and let me take over, swallowing Colt’s cock
as Matt really started to pound my ass. Him and Colt spit roasted me.”

“Fucking hot!” Scott said.

“Hell yeah it was,” Matt said. “Colt leaned over and kissed me on the lips,
slipping his tongue in my mouth, his cock deep in Corey’s throat. Colt was
moaning while I pumped my cock in Corey’s ass. With sweat running down my face,
Colt offered his wet cock back to me. I leaned down and took it in my mouth
again but could feel my nuts boiling. I pulled off his cock and out of Corey’s
hot ass. My cum blasted across Corey’s back with a loud groan of pleasure.”

“I don’t even know what came over me but I just needed Matt’s dick in my mouth
so I leaned over and licked his cock clean,” Colt said as his dick twitched.

“Holy fuck, dude!” Kris said, stroking himself through his pants.

“I sucked Corey’s cock too,” Colt smiled. “I’m not ashamed, even though the
fucker nearly came in my mouth.”

“You were damn good!” Corey laughed.

“So were you and Matt,” Colt said, looking over at Scott. “I sat down on my bed
and they got on their knees between my legs. Corey was tonguing my balls with
Matt working the head and shaft of my cock. It felt so fucking good when Matt
deep throated my cock, sucking it all down until it was pushing into his
throat. He made me cum so hard. I couldn’t believe it. Best fucking cock sucker

“Damn right he is,” Kris and Corey said at exactly the same time before they
started laughing.

“And here was me thinking I was the only one who got you to open up about sex,”
Scott laughed.

“Sex is a private thing, I don’t like discussing it too much, or having Kris
walk in when me and Corey are fucking,” Matt smiled.

“If I had my way I’d join in just like Colt did,” Kris grinned.

“I know you would, but it’s not happening!” Matt laughed.

“Okay, so sex is a private thing but who cares? We’re all friends here,” Scott
said. “We shouldn’t feel the need to keep secrets.”

“I agree,” Colt said. “None of us need to be embarrassed about the sex we have,
and you don’t have to worry about hiding things like you going to a sex shop or
having an active sex life with Corey, Matt, it’s all good with us.”

“Yeah, I don’t feel the need to hide my conquests from any of you. Hell, I
don’t feel like I need to cover up how much I love weed either,” Scott smiled.

“As long as you offer some our way every once in a while we won’t say a thing,”
Matt chuckled.

“I can do that, bro. After a friend back home, Daniel, got me to open up about
my sexuality and got me to relax, he introduced me to a great friend in Juan
and to another love of my life… weed!”

“It was Daniel who got you to open up too, Matt,” Kris smiled.

“What are you talking about?” Matt asked.

“Wasn’t that the name of the guy you met online? The guy you let take your

“Kris!” Matt exclaimed, embarrassed. “Okay guys, yes, it’s true, I did meet a
guy online, but he was a complete ass and he treated me like crap.”

“But you still let him fuck you?” Scott chuckled.

“Well, I was horny as hell and still wanted to experience sex with a guy, so
yes, I went to him and we fucked,” Matt said, smiling a little.

“MATT!” Colt and Corey shouted at the same time, both not believing that the
Matt they knew would do something like that.

“That’s my boy!” Scott laughed, holding up a beer as a toast.

“But your Daniel brought you out of your shell?” Kris asked, addressing Scott.

“Yeah, he really did. He made me realise that I didn’t need to be ashamed and I
should be proud of who I am. I’m Scott Trenton and I love sex!”

“Yeah, enough that you wouldn’t shut up until I told you how many times Corey
and I fucked on our Valentine’s getaway,” Matt said.

Corey smiled, “I was so sore after that weekend.”

“Yeah, it was special, but you know a moment I’ll always remember fondly?” Matt

“What?” The four others all asked together.

“The show Scott gave Corey for his birthday!”

“Oh that was hot as fuck!” Corey said. “I remember that so clearly, I ended up
so hard! Someone turned on some music and Scott walked up to me. I had no idea
what was going on at first, even when he pushed me down into a seat and started
singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me like he was Marilyn Monroe!”

“Yeah,” Scott smiled, getting up and standing on front of Corey. “I threw off
my track coat and pulled off my pants to reveal the thong I was wearing. I
could see some of the guys admiring me as I started to rub my body, especially
my ass, all over Corey. Like this…”

Corey laughed as Scott ground his briefs covered ass against his crotch.
“Honestly, if you’d have done that when we were alone I would have lost all
control. When you bent over and shook your ass in my face I wanted to rip that
thong off you so bad and just fuck your brains out.”

“Damn! I wish I’d have known that. Talk about a great birthday present!” Scott

“You know, as hot as you looked there, Scott,” Kris said as Scott moved off of
Corey. “I don’t think you’ve ever looked better than you did at the talent

“Oh yeah, I agree,” Matt said. “When you were on that stage and you lost your
shirt, doing that dance and showing off your body, I think half of the people
in that room, the guys included, wanted to fuck you senseless.”

“Yeah, well all of you have gotten at least a taste of my dick,” Scott smiled.

“I haven’t!” Colt protested.

“Okay, maybe not, but I got me some of yours,” Scott said.

All eyes turned to Scott as Colt asked, “What do you mean?”

“Okay, so you weren’t conscious or hard but I’ve still had your cock and balls
in my hands.”


“When I shaved off your pubes.”

“That was you?!” Colt exclaimed.

“Yeah, man, Juan dared me to, so I did it. Actually he wanted me to jerk you
off too and see if it would bother you but I didn’t, I just shaved your pubes
and left before you’d notice,” Scott smiled.

“That’s fucking ace, dude,” Kris said, standing up to high-five Scott.

“Just remember, paybacks are a bitch,” Colt said.

“As long as my dick ends up in your hands, I’ll gladly be your bitch,” Scott

Corey laughed, “I think one of the best days I’ve had here was the day is

“Oh hell yes,” Kris shouted. “That was fucking awesome.”

“You were so excited, Kris. You should have seen him guys, he asked me if it
has snowed and then he was all, ‘Fuck yeah it did! Looks like a foot out there
if not more! Get your shit on. We’re heading out in it!’” Matt said as he stood
up and jumped up and down as he mocked Kris’s excitement.

The guys all burst out laughing with how accurate Matt’s imitation of Kris was.

“I can’t help being excitable. You’re just a lame ass punk,” Kris said. “I
almost had to drag your ass out of bed to come with me.”

“I remember I was coming down to your room in my camo gear to see if you were
up yet and almost ran into you when I got to your door,” Colt laughed.

“You three and Jess were in the hall when I came out of my room,” Scott said.
“I was ready to go outside and have some fun but it was Kris who went around
knocking on everyone’s door to get them up and ask them if they wanted to come
with us.”

“Well, you know what I say, the more the merrier. I love being around people,
especially when we’re having fun,” Kris smiled.

“We know,” Matt said. “I went to get Corey and when I came back out you’d all
left us to go outside. I don’t know why I never thought you’d all to be waiting
to ambush us. We were barely out the door when you fuckers started pelting us
with snowballs.”

“Oh shut up you pussy!” Kris laughed.

“One of those snowballs hit me right in the head!” Matt exclaimed. “It hurt.”

Kris, Colt and Scott were laughing hard.

“We got our bearings pretty quickly though,” Corey said. “We grabbed a load of
our own snowballs and Matt caught Jess right in the face.”

“That snowball fight was so much fun. If it snows while we’re here again this
year we’re so getting out there and having another,” Kris grinned.

“Yeah, but try not to single out us gays this time,” Corey said.

“That would be hard,” Scott laughed. “There aren’t many of us left who haven’t
fooled around with another guy.”

“I think I had more fun when we called a truce on the fight though,” Corey

“When I got the beer boxes out of my car and we used them as sleighs to slide
down the hill near the soccer field?” Kris asked.

“Yeah man, that was awesome,” Corey said. “I’m glad we had those boxes, those
guys who were sliding down on the seat of their pants must have been frozen

“I watched Kris and Colt go down the hill and could tell they loved it but I
was a bit too scared to go down by myself,” Matt said.

“Like I said, you’re a pussy,” Kris smiled.

“Yeah, a pussy you’d like to fuck,” Scott laughed.

“I loved going down the hill with Corey on that big box though. Scott gave us a
push and with his big arms around me I felt so safe and just enjoyed a great
ride,” Matt said.

“After that all of you wanted to try going down together,” Corey said. “I think
it was Jess and Brennan who went first and then everyone was pairing off.”

“We tore those boxes to pieces but it was fun as fuck, man,” Kris said.

“It was, and I saw the look of lust in your eyes when we passed that snowman
with the built in hard on,” Scott laughed. “You wanted that snow dick in your
ass, didn’t you?”

Kris lunged across the room, tackling Scott and tickling him again, pulling his
shirt off. Scott was laughing and writhing around but with Kris topless to he
moved his hand up and pinched Kris’s nipple, causing him to yelp and jump away
from Scott.

“We’ve had some great times,” Corey smiled. “Do you know what else is one of
the other memorable moments from around that same time?”

“The ski trip?” Scott asked. “God I remember that, I relive it every other
night. Jess and I fucked a LOT that weekend.”

Corey laughed, “No, the little surprise we all got from Derek.”

“Oh yeah, I still can’t believe that,” Scott said.

“Me neither,” Colt added. “How is it possible that one guy happened to discover
all of us before we ever found each other?”

“I guess it was destiny,” Kris smiled. “He helped us when we needed it and now
we’re all here to help each other out.”

“And how did Rick keep quiet all those months when we first met, he had heard
about each of us from Derek. That’s a little spooky if you ask me,” Colt said.

“But it was cool of him to set up that surprise and get us all together for
it,” Corey said.

“I was shocked that he’d met you guys before but I think we all owe a lot to
him, I know I do and so does Kris. Derek saved Kris’s life,” Matt said.

“When?” Kris asked, confused.

“Shit! I wasn’t supposed to tell you about that,” Matt said.

“Tell me what, Matt?”

“Remember the car accident in high school when you were almost hit by that car
and ended up unconscious?”


“Well, if it wasn’t for Derek you might have actually been hit by that car. He
pushed you out of the way and let himself get hit by that car. Thankfully he
wasn’t badly hurt.”

“Fuck! Why didn’t he tell me? He could have died for me!” Kris said with a hint
of a tear in his eye.

“Derek saved my life too,” Corey said, “just not in a physical way. I don’t
speak of it often, in fact I think only Matt knows that when the people shunned
me at school, especially JJ, I had nowhere to turn. My mom and Larry weren’t
any help, if anything they just made me feel worse and I actually found myself
thinking that I maybe it was better if I was dead.”

“It was really that bad?” Kris asked.

“It was. I hated myself and my life and I thought there was nothing for me to
live for but then I met Derek and he talked me through things. He asked me what
would make me happy. I told him ‘I want to go to college and make some great
friends who won’t turn on me because I’m gay. Maybe have a boyfriend too.’”

“Well you’ve got all that, bro,” Kris smiled.

“I know I do, but I never believed I would, which is why I thought the only
future I had ahead of me was a sad one, but really I couldn’t be happier now,
and it’s largely thanks to Derek for picking my spirit up off the floor and
showing me that there is always hope in life. I have the body, the friends, the
boyfriend and the life that I always wanted,” Corey smiled.

“I met Derek at a time when Chase was really bugging me and I was starting to
hate him but he helped me to see that actually Chase just kind of looks up to
me and envies me in a way, even though he’s probably more gifted than I could
ever hope to be,” Colt said. “He told me some stories about you, Kris, although
I didn’t know it was you then.”

“What stories?” Kris asked.

“Something about how you dared your brother to get into a dunk tank and when
you dunked him you helped him out of the water. He said that’s what you call
brotherly love and that’s what Chase would be like with me. It took me a while
longer to realize he was right, but I do now and I love my little brother.”

“He helped me with my sexuality,” Scott said. “I was confused and he told me
that I should ‘just enjoy the fun of pussy and dick. One day you will find the
right person, it may be a guy, it may be a girl. But until that day, whatever
floats your boat will be known eventually.”

“Well you’re definitely enjoying pussy and dick,” Kris laughed.

“So are you!” Scott chuckled.

“Do you even know what you are, Kris?” Corey asked.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Kris asked, confused. “I’m just me.”

“He means sexually, Kris,” Matt laughed. “At one point you almost thought that
just talking about gay activities would make you gay and then we made that
silly bet you keep going on about where you wanted to fuck Corey if I fucked a

“What?” Corey exclaimed. “Kris wanted to fuck me?”

“Yeah he did,” Matt smiled. “It’s quite ironic that you were the first one of
us he actually did fuck.”

“Have you fucked all of us now, Kris?” Scott asked.

“Well, I haven’t fucked Matt, but he’s fucked me. I’ve been inside the rest of
you,” Kris said smiling.

“And have we all been inside you?” Scott asked.

“I haven’t,” Corey said. “Although I thought that was about to change when you
gave me your ‘I’m sorry’ blow job. My cock was rubbing against your ass and I
thought you were going to sit down on it.”

“Wishful thinking,” Kris smiled. “Maybe one day I’ll let you fuck me with your
fat cock.”

“So where do you stand exactly, Kris?” Scott asked. “I know I’m bi, Matt and
Corey are gay, and I’d say Colt is on the straight side of bi. What are you?”

“Seriously, I have no idea. I would say bi because I love women and pussy but
then I’ve loved being with you guys too and I have to say dick is quite
appealing too now,” Kris said, shaking his head like he couldn’t believe the
words leaving his mouth.

“I thought I was dreaming when you fucked me,” Corey said. “It was something I
never thought would happen.”

“I didn’t think I’d fuck a guy either, even if I was curious, but despite being
drunk I fucking loved it,” Kris smiled.

“We were sitting in our room when you came in drunk and flopped down on your
bed. After a little while you said you needed to get off so you pulled back
your sheet and started playing with your cock like me and Corey weren’t there,”
Matt said.

”When you said ‘you think you could help a buddy out over here?’ I thought
Matt’s head was about to explode!” Corey laughed.

”When you said it was okay if we did it, my heart was pounding so fast. I never
thought I’d actually jack Kris off, even when he offered to fuck around when we
were younger.”

“We showed him what pleasure a guy can give another,” Corey said.

“You certainly did,” Kris smiled, “and I’m glad Matt was the first guy to
actually suck my dick.”

”It was so unreal to actually be sucking your cock, Kris. I loved it. I’m sure
these guys will agree that you taste great. I almost didn’t let Corey take over
on your cock,” Matt laughed. “It was worth it though because I got my second
shock when I stood up and asked if you wanted to suck my dick. I thought you’d
tell me to fuck off but you just started sucking me.”

“I didn’t get what you guys got out of sucking a cock then, but I definitely do
now. It’s kind of exhilarating,” Kris said.

“I know Matt almost died when you said, ‘Bitch, who wants fucked? I might as
well see what all this shit is about.’ He never thought those words would come
out of your mouth and I know he was devastated that he wasn’t clean or you’d
have been fucking him,” Corey laughed.

”I wanted to fuck Matt too,” Kris said.

“Really?” Matt asked.

“Yeah bro, you’re my best friend, I always figured if I fucked a guy it would
be you, but I certainly didn’t mind fucking Corey’s hot ass,” Kris smiled.

Matt smiled, “well I enjoyed sharing Corey with you that night.”

“I enjoyed it too!” Corey laughed. “Matt ate my ass out to get me ready for
Kris’s dick. I got on the bed on my back and threw my legs in the air. Matt was
licking and fingering my ass. Kris moved so I could keep sucking his cock until
Matt had me ready.”

“Yeah, Kris put a condom on and I lubed them both up and moved to kiss Corey.
He groaned in my mouth when Kris entered his ass. Kris pushed Corey’s muscular
legs forward.”

“It was so hot,” Kris said.

“Not as hot as having Corey suck my dick while you were fucking him. I couldn’t
even concentrate on how good Corey was because I couldn’t believe I was
watching my fucking stud of a boyfriend get fucked by my hot best friend.”

“And then you traded places so Matt was fucking me while I blew Kris. Hottest
night of my life,” Corey said, rubbing his crotch.

“Was the first time you and Kris fucked as good as that, Colt?” Scott asked.

“Not really,” Colt said. “We were drunk and didn’t really know what we were
doing. Kris couldn’t take my dick for long before he made me stop. It felt
pretty good when he fucked me though, and when I let him do it again it was

“Tell us about that one,” Scott said, stroking his own bulge.

Colt turned to Kris, “do you have a problem with that?”

“No,” Kris said, “I won’t blow up on anyone for mentioning it.”

“Well, Matt and Corey went away camping. We were left in the dorm and ended up
blowing each other, which was amazing, but I guess we were worried about going
further so we decided to go camping in the hope we wouldn’t be tempted but we
ended up fucking anyway!” Colt laughed.

“Oh we did more than just fuck, bro, you came four times that night,” Kris

“We’d been talking about sex and Kris got hard. You know how Kris is when he’s
horny, so we agreed to blow each other, only Kris was doing such a good job I
told him if he let me blow in his mouth and he swallowed my load I’d let him
fuck me again.”

“You swallowed his load?” Matt asked.

“I really wanted to fuck him!” Kris laughed. “I don’t make a habit of it.”

“After I came down from an intense orgasm I noticed Kris staring at me,
stroking his cock and knew how bad he wanted to fuck me so I wanted to play
with his ass. I just sat back and didn’t move until he grabbed my leg and
dragged me into the middle of the tent so he could fuck me,” Colt said.

“We both wanted each other so bad,” Kris said, smiling.

“We did,” Colt grinned back. “Kris couldn’t get the condom on quick enough.”

“You’re hot, bro, I couldn’t wait to fuck you. When you were on your back with
your legs either side of me, looking in my eyes like you wanted me, damn, I
wanted you,” Kris breathed, leaning over to kiss Colt on the lips.

“And when you ran your hard cock against my hole I just wanted you to fuck me,”
Colt said, his cock throbbing in his pants as he kissed Kris back. “Kris had
the biggest smile on his face as he slid his dick into my ass and it stayed
there until he was all the way inside me. He pulled back until his dick
actually popped out of my ass. I didn’t know what he was doing, but he just
smiled and pushed back in until he bottomed out again, but then he pulled back
out and I couldn’t take it, I said, ‘Oh stop fucking teasing me, Kris, I need
you to fuck me’.”

“I had never been so turned on in my life,” Kris smiled. “I just shoved my dick
back inside him and gave him what he wanted, long dicking his hot ass.”

“Yeah, felt so fucking good. Then you grabbed my ankles and pulled them up
until you had be spread eagled beneath you, I saw how much that turned you on,”
Colt said, looking at Kris. “Every time you thrust into me my dick jerked up
and slapped back against my abs as you started really fucking your hot cock in
and out of my ass.”

“I loved it when I put your legs on my shoulders and pushed your legs back to
give me access to you hot ass. I pounded the hell out of you,” Kris smiled.

“My favourite part was when you took my legs off your shoulders and you leaned
down to kiss me. I can’t even describe what I felt. Having you inside me,
slowly fucking me, and kissing me so passionately, was one of the greatest
moments of my life.”

“Mine too,” Kris said, placing his hand on Colt’s thigh. “I loved kissing your
soft lips and then your neck while my throbbing cock was moving in and out of

“You kept hitting that spot inside me and I pretty much lost all control. When
you started jerking me I knew I was about to blow and it didn’t take long. I
exploded all over my body and my ass must have done a number on you ‘cause I
felt you cum inside me.”

“Hell yeah I did,” Kris smiled. “I couldn’t believe how much you loved having
my dick inside you. I wanted to know why it didn’t feel so good when you fucked
me on Spring Break.”

“That was just because I was taking your cherry, you loved it when I fucked you
that second time.”

“I did,” Kris laughed. “It took a while for you to get in my ass ‘cause I was
that tight, but once you got in and the pain went away it felt so good. I’ve
got to admit I love riding a cock. I’m getting fucked but I’m still kind of in

“Typical Kris,” Corey laughed as he and Matt stroked each other’s cocks while
listening to Kris and Colt talk.

“Oh please, he lost all control,” Colt laughed. “He sat down fully on my cock.
I stroked his dick until he started to relax.”

“I moved from my feet onto my knees and when I hit the floor Colt’s dick was
driven in as deep as it could go. Fuck that was intense. I started moving my
hips, going up and down on Colt’s cock as he ran his hands up and down my
thighs and stroked my hard cock.”

“I started pushing up into Kris’s ass and he started whimpering, leaning
forward until he had his hands either side of me. That position was perfect for
me to thrust up into his muscular ass, feeding him my dick. He was moaning
constantly, starting to really enjoy it when I hit his spot and he screamed

“While the pleasure was rushing through me Colt rolled us over. He leaned down
and started kissing my neck as I wrapped my legs around his waist, feeling his
dick move in and out of my ass. We started making out with my hands all over
his back and my dick sliding between our abs. It was so fucking incredible. My
cock exploded between us without me ever having to touch it.”

“I kept fucking him through his orgasm, kissing him, but his ass did a number
on me and I came so hard with my dick inside him.”

“We went to sleep then,” Colt said, “but I woke up with Kris’s hard cock poking
at my ass and something made me want him inside me so I told him he could fuck
me again if he wanted.”

“I quickly put on a condom and slipped back inside his ass. We were both sleepy
but we were cuddled together with me inside him and we just held each other as
I slowly fucked him, hell, who am I kidding? I made love to him. As I was
sliding my dick in and out of him I lowered my head and started kissing his
chest. When I caught his nipple he groaned so I started licking it.”

“Oh fuck, it felt so incredible. Kris’s dick felt so good in my ass, his tongue
was working my nipple and then he reached his hand down and started stroking my
cock. I don’t think I was even on this planet when I exploded and pretty much
passed out. That was probably the greatest fuck of my life.”

“I think it was mine too,” Kris said, leaning across to kiss Colt’s lips again.

Colt returned the kiss with passion, slipping his tongue into Kris’s mouth as
Kris’s hand reached into Colt’s pants to stroke his leaking cock. Kris pulled
back from the kiss and pulled Colt’s top off, leaning down to kiss his nipple.

“Fuck!” Scott exclaimed, “It’s so hot watching that.”

“Not as hot as watching Matt fuck Kris, though maybe I’m biased,” Corey said.

“Tell me about it,” Scott said while Kris and Colt continued to make out and
stroke each other.

“Matt and I were just about to fuck when Kris walked in the room and flopped
down on his bed, watching us. He asked me if Matt’s big dick actually felt good
in my ass and I just knew his real question was whether or not it would feel
good in his ass, so I convinced him to give it a try,” Corey said.

“I was reluctant to do it but Corey gave me the go ahead. I got the condoms
ready and Kris was rock hard,” Matt smiled, remembering, while still stroking
Corey’s cock. “He knelt on his bed presenting his hot muscular ass to me. I
couldn’t resist, I got down on my knees and buried my face in his ass, licking
and probing at his hole.”

“Matt lubed up his fingers and inserted one in Kris’s ass, eventually adding
another. Kris was moaning so loud. Matt slid on a condom, lubed himself up and
after a bit of trouble he sank his big dick inside Kris’s ass.”

“I couldn’t believe I was fucking Kris,” Matt said. “Corey’s dick was harder
than I’ve ever seen it. He watched me slowly push all eight inches of my hard
cock balls deep in Kris’s ass. I slowly fucked him with his tight ass gripping
my cock. I took it slow, grabbing his hips, picking up speed a little, moving
in and out of him easier. I pulled back too far and slipped out.”

“Before he could shove his dick back in me,” Kris said, no longer kissing Colt
but still stroking the hard cock that was now out of Colt’s pants, “I grabbed
Matt’s arm and pushed him onto the bed on his back so I could straddle his hot
body to ride his big dick.”

“Hottest thing I’ve ever fucking seen,” Corey said, squeezing Matt’s dick.

“I started riding Matt’s cock, forcing his dick deep inside me. Matt started
running his hands all over my body that looked amazing with the sweat running
down my abs while I continued to fuck myself on his big dick.”

“That’s when I came in the door and Kris jumped right up off Matt’s dick,” Colt
laughed. “He looked so scared but I had seen enough to know that I wanted to
watch Matt fucking Kris, and that’s exactly what happened. He lay down on the
bed and threw his legs in the air.”

“My cock was rock hard when Matt moved into position and put my legs on his
shoulders. I reached down and moved his dick so it was lined up with my ass and
then he slipped back inside me and started to fuck me again. It felt so good
and soon I was moaning for Matt to fuck me.”

“Kris’s feet were pressed against my chest and I fucked him at a nice pace,
moving easily inside him, really fucking his ass. Colt and Corey were stroking
their cocks as they watched us. Kris screamed for me to fuck the cum out of him
and that’s exactly what I did. His body tensed up and cum erupted out of his
cock. My cock slipped out so I threw off the condom and exploded all over his
abs. Corey was next and blew his load on Kris’s chest. Colt came all over Kris
as well. He was covered!”

“Fuck!” Scott exclaimed. “I can’t fucking believe I missed that. Then again, I
did get me some of Kris one-on-one.”

“So come on then,” Corey said, still stroking Matt, “tell us about that.”

“I was so horny,” Kris said. “I just wanted to fuck someone but Colt wasn’t up
for it. I was just about to settle for my hand when Scott knocked on the door
and I saw my opportunity. I leaned over and kissed him and he was soon kissing
me back. I asked him if I could fuck him and he jumped at the chance.”

“Too fucking right, I did!” Scott laughed. “You are so hot, Kris. We made out
for ages and then I used my lips and tongue to worship your hot body.”

“Scott did this amazing strip tease for me and when he took off his pants he
was wearing the most amazing briefs, even hotter than the ones he’s wearing
now,” Kris smiled. “He looked so sexy and I just needed to fuck him. I licked
all over his hot body and it was awesome sucking his uncut cock. I said I
wished I had foreskin and then Scott did the most amazing thing.”

“I docked him,” Scott smiled.

“What’s that?” Colt asked.

“When an uncut guy pulls his foreskin over the head of a cut guy’s cock,” Scott
smiled. “I think I speak for both of us when I say that was incredible.”

“Damn right!” Kris said. “After that I needed to pound you so hard. I took you
into my room and threw you on the bed sucking your dick some more until you
begged me to fuck you, and I didn't disappoint, did I?”

“Hell no! I got on my hands and knees on the bed, wiggling my ass at you and
you just stepped up and pushed your dick into me, you didn’t even go slowly, it
was fucking hot. You grabbed my hips and started fucking me. I couldn’t believe
it was happening because I never thought I’d get the chance to be with you.”

“I loved fucking your ass. I pumped my cock into you so hard, spanking your ass
and then pulling my dick out of you only to drive it back in.”

“You pulled me up so my back was against your chest, running your hands all
over my body and you asked me if I liked your hard dick inside me, while you
continued to fuck me. Then you pulled out and sat down on the bed because you
wanted me to ride you so I did.”

“And I remembered something I’d seen in a porno so I hooked my arms under your
legs and lifted you up until we were standing in the middle of the room, your
arms around my shoulders, with you completely off the floor, impaled on my dick
as you started pulling yourself up and down, fucking yourself on my hard on.”

“Then you lay me down on the bed and fucked me so hard. My ass was twitching
around your cock. You really fucking pounded me, Kris. It was the closest
anyone has ever come to actually fucking my brains out, and the fact that you
didn’t pull out and came inside me, even wearing a condom, was just too much.”

“You recovered pretty quickly,” Kris laughed, “enough to fuck my ass anyway.”

“Like I would have ever given up the chance to fuck you,” Scott smiled.

“You fingered my ass to get me good and ready and then you gave me your cock
like I wanted you to,” Kris said. “I loved making out with you as you worked
your cock into me. You didn’t move for a while but when I finally told you to
fuck me, you more than delivered. You pulled back and started to fuck me,
slowly, back and forth so I could feel every inch of you.”

“I had been waiting for it for so long I wanted to make the most of it,” Scott
said. “But it all got too much for me and I started pushing harder and deeper
into you, moving in and out of you faster and faster, making you moan as I fucked
you good.”

“It felt so fucking good, especially when you grabbed my ankles and fucked me
spread eagled. Your body has never looked better. You really fucked me hard and
then you pulled out and told me to get on my hands and knees, so I did, and you
fucked me even harder. I had to bury my head in the mattress to muffle my
screams. I have never been fucked that hard. You fucking drilled me and it felt

“Then in what seems to be a pattern for you, you wanted to ride me,” Scott
smiled. “Your body looked so hot riding me, your abs tensed up and got me so hot,
especially when you came all over me…” Scott said thinking for a moment. “Fuck
I’m horny. Fuck me, Kris.”

“What?” Kris asked.

“Fuck me, right here. Show these guys how you fucked me before. I want your dick
inside me so bad,” Scott said, losing his t-shirt and briefs, his dick rock hard
and leaking.

Kris looked at Colt, who smiled and said, “Go on, bro, fuck his ass.”

Kris stood up from his seat, quickly lost his pants and boxers and walked across
the room, taking Scott’s face into his hands and kissing him deeply.

Corey jumped up and ran into his bedroom, coming back seconds later with a condom
and some lube. He handed them to Kris, who pushed Scott down onto his back in the
middle of the living area, pouring lube onto Scott’s ass as Kris quickly slid the
condom over his own hard cock and pushed it into Scott’s ass.

They both moaned as Kris wasted no time in going to work on Scott’s ass, plunging
his dick in until he was balls deep and then pulling it back, picking up the pace
so that within a couple of minutes he was pounding Scott’s ass hard.

Colt lost his pants and boxers, throwing them to one side as he got down on his
knees next to Scott’s head. “Here you go, Scott. You said you hadn’t tasted my
dick yet, now’s your chance.”

Scott didn’t say anything he just moved his head, taking Colt’s throbbing cock
into his mouth and sucking it for all he was worth while Kris continued to drill
his ass.

Matt and Corey stripped each other off, kissing each other as they watched the
hot scene unfold in front of them. They stepped up and jerked each other’s cocks
as Scott continued to suck Colt’s cock while being fucked by Kris.

Another couple of minutes and it all became too much for Scott. Kris was stroking
Scott’s cock in time with the thrusts he was making in Scott’s ass when Scott’s
cock exploded, his ass clamping down on Kris’s dick and his mouth going wild on

Kris and Colt both pulled out of Scott at the same time, with Kris ripping off
his condom. With just two strokes each they both came all over Scott’s body, just
as Matt and Corey shot their loads all over Kris’s back.

Exhausted they all sank to the floor of the living area, trying to catch their